Posted on August 20, 2010

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Rand Paul Clarifies Marijuana Stance 15:21:43
CLINT DIDIER just pulled a RON PAUL!... 14:13:29
THIS is what we're up against! DSCC planning a $1.3 MILLION ad buy against Rand! 11:50:23
Video: Will Ron Paul Run in 2012? Highlights Daily Paul Post on the Issue 14:32:50
Movement in Senate races largely favor Republican candidates like Rand Paul 06:18:43
I Support Rand Paul Money Bomb Raises Over $250,000! Happy Birthday Ron Paul! 15:21:49
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Health Care: Fail! 23:26:31
Questionable poll shows Conway ahead by 0.5% 23:26:26
MUST READ!: Canada's anti-freedom forces strike again! 23:17:21
Awesome News about Iran 22:57:44
8 banks fail today 08/20/10 22:37:43
Evidence of massive voter fraud in Washington State 21:44:33
Ron Paul: Left and the Right Demagogue Mosque, Islam 21:24:03
Fed admits the fish they are testing are not from oiled areas. 21:23:31
An Urgent Request From Jane Burgermeister - US Exercises NLE 09 20:50:30
The Johny Carson Swami skit explains Ron Paul's thought process 20:44:30
Did Ron Paul endorse John Koster (R) in Washington State? 20:25:34
Cliktivism is ruining leftist activism"Could this happen to the right?" 18:22:54
I have started telling everything is a conspiracy theory 17:58:17
GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman opposes ban on open carry of guns in California 17:46:49
The Social Security Trust Fund Has Lost Track Of $25 Billion 17:40:17
Will Mitt Never Quit? 17:32:59
"Last" Combat Brigade Out as Obama Sends 3rd Armored Cav In with Wounded, Ft. Hood Soldiers Protest 17:32:14
Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Afghan War 17:13:47
Jon Stewart Revelation? 16:59:07
The Real Reason for Germany's Industrial Expansion? 16:36:04
Man forced to have RFID implants, no one will remove them 16:02:21
"PROGRESSIVE" Christians now ripping on the Tea Party's intolerance for Muslims (and amnesty) 16:01:29
America: a walking dead-zombie country, an interview with Max Keiser 15:56:13
MSM slings "smiling women in their underwear" at Rand Paul 15:37:53
FCC Chiefs: Google's Plan Would End the Open Internet 14:56:03
Ron Paul's Old Limo is Being Converted to Longest Ever Ride 14:49:01
Justin Raimondo: "The country Needs Ron Paul." 14:10:54
Home Mortgage Affirmative Action 12:25:00
White House Defends Lackluster Foreclosure Programs 12:11:51
Could a State Defense Force Clean up the Federal Mess 12:08:34
Nearly 6 in 10 oppose war in Afghanistan 11:40:19
Kenya says Obama aunt was not in danger 11:26:33
Police State EU: Children Policing The Public 10:52:43
Ron Paul's Old Limo is Being Converted to Longest-Ever Ride 10:37:05
Gerald Celente on tech ticker: And Now We're Headed For... 10:31:06
States are broke. Sell roads, parks and universities 10:24:29
Why Iran's Jews are Better Off Than Gaza's Palestinians 10:07:33
America's civilian militias: Growing numbers of Americans are preparing for a war against their government 10:06:05
Gerald Celente: Obama is a "Con-man", The Recession is Heading Toward Depression 09:31:16
Ron Paul on Goldseek Radio: Washington is Destined to Destroy the Dollar 08:52:26
No-tech, free water purification 08:31:19
Is It Time for the RP people to reach out and educate the Tea Parties? 08:29:19
Four Major Banks Could Be Hit with $180B in GSE Loan Buybacks 08:23:18
Happy Birthday Doc! 08:10:34
Opposition to Afghanistan conflict not just a liberal issue anymore 07:52:46
Why Greece is reportedly in a financial "Death Spiral." 07:46:48
Exclusive Newsmax Interview: Rand Paul: Obama's Elitism on Display in Mosque Debate 07:43:27
Jim Rogers: China Must Devalue the Yuan 07:38:17
The Anti-Fed Revolution 07:05:39
"... and justice for..." um... You? No... Me?... Not so much? These folks? No, no, no... 07:00:03
America Assures Israel That Iran's Nuke 'Dash' Will Take At Least A Year 06:39:03
The Anti-Fed Revolution 05:50:21
Fidel Castro Fascinated by Bilderberg Club 04:25:57
Anyone think US Dollar coins are great because they are debt free? 02:34:28
Obama Inherits Bush Spiritual Advisor 01:34:49
Should the US default on the national debt? 00:52:41
Death By Government by R J Rummel 00:19:11
Is there room here on the Daily Paul for Oath Keepers? 00:15:57