Posted on August 23, 2010

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McCain Spent $20 Million to Win the Primary 22:21:14
Pac-Man Hacked onto Electronic Voting Machine 16:54:57
Muse Urges Its Fans To Take The Red Pill 15:14:32
Jack Conway Against Farmers Growing Hemp in Kentucky 12:43:20
Watch Ex Fed Gov Dr. Mishkin go from confident to squirmy in 2 minutes. 10:51:08
Ron Paul on Rand Paul "The Opposition Are Pretty Desperate" 10:33:00
Germany Slapping RFID Tags on its Populace 09:17:41
Entire Scott Horton Iran Debate 19:15:28
Ron Paul Press Release: Left and the Right Demagogue Mosque, Islam 10:22:00
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Sincere Constructive Criticism about Conspiracy Postings on DP 23:19:35
It's Not About Paper Money 23:02:28
Five peace activists blockaded six buses outside Fort Hood 22:57:36
The Uprising 22:52:33
Ron Paul Internet Site Problems? 22:24:48
You've been wondering what Islam says about terrorism? Read it here. 21:56:36
OK, you think you are AWAKE. 21:54:08
"Leaving America" by John Stossel, Where will you move? 21:44:40
Military ray gun to be tested on US inmates 21:41:37
Ron Paul 2012 - Let the Race Begin! - *New Independent Ron Paul Media Outlet* 21:09:17
No double dip: Its worse..... 20:30:51
On the Edge with Max Keiser… and Gerald Celente 20:12:37
FDIC saves Chicago's failed Shore Bank.. linked to Cap and Trade and Administration officals 20:12:06
Obama stem cell regulations temporarily blocked 20:09:47
One Downfall of Ron Paul being President 20:01:17
Is the Tea Party movement superceeding the RP movement? 19:56:57
Cops cuff man who exposed holes in 'perfect' voting machines 19:44:21
Great Tea Party Video 19:23:04
My email of inquiry to Washington State Secretary of State concerning Diebold 19:06:26
KC high school students Built Car that Get 400 MPG 18:51:01
Why Opponents of the Non-Ground-Zero Non-Mosque Are Tools For Al-Qaeda 18:21:58
Get ready for Huckabee 17:41:44
Canadian company plans to make car bodies from hemp. 17:12:30
20 killed in US drone strike in Pakistan 17:07:32
TSA=Pervert's "Dream Job" 16:50:04
Mississippi Shrimpers Refuse to Trawl, Fearing Oil, Dispersants 16:11:40
Cop harasses videographer, 15:51:04 seeks to combine conservative news and activism 15:45:01
It's the Beginning of the End for the American Empire 15:35:47
How was traffic today? 15:30:14
How We Got Where We Are - Few People Know 15:27:15
Lt. Col. Robert Bowman Interview, on U.S. Becoming a Fascist Dictatorship 15:26:24
What You Will Not Hear About Iraq 15:02:30
I'm Speechless 14:53:14
Randy Brogdon 14:03:13
How Hyperinflation Will Happen 14:02:03
Cops Gone Wild!!! 13:59:00
Israeli Official Warns: ‘We’re Preparing for War’ 13:58:27
Ron v Rand 13:48:47
Official from The Fed Declares Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act a "Failure" 13:14:58
The Tea Party Movement and Naive People 12:57:21
American hero's identified and blasted by New Yorker Magazine 12:12:28
_ 11:58:05
Students, Welcome to College; Velcro Parents, Go Home 10:38:43
Rand Paul ‘Obama Needs To Mind His Own Business, Keep His Nose Out of Kentucky’ 10:26:08
10th Amendment Rally in Albany, NY August 7 Report 10:25:39
Who Owns The Federal Reserve? 10:10:31
Charlie "Love Police" Vietch 09:53:44
Rasmussen: Tea Party Sweeping US, Anger at GOP 09:52:53
Tea Party Movement to Overtake GOP, claims Dick Armey 09:50:05
Politico is saying Money Blast for Rand fell short 09:22:21
Why paul4won is suddenly illiterate, I will explain once! 09:12:20
Justice Department Seeks Ebonics Experts 08:33:35
Ron Paul: Stop Demagoguing the Mosque 07:36:35
The Republican divide: K Street vs. Tea Partiers 07:11:17
The Artificiality of Corporations 06:31:39
Moving to Chicago... 01:15:20
VIDEO - Ron Paul Critics Irritate Me 00:15:59
Mexican Police to patrol NY city? LOL 00:02:49
Von Mises Opposed to Free Trade 00:00:18