Posted on August 26, 2010

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10am: Bernanke is "going to need a miracle." 23:55:35
The Southern Avenger- Amen to the Imam 22:48:56
Banks Back Switch to Renminbi for Trade 21:44:36
Unbelievable NPR Story! FED 20:47:53
The Southern Avenger: Iraq and the Big Picture 12:25:26
Rand Paul Maintains Opposition to Federal War on Drugs, Wasteful Agriculture Subsidies 12:12:07
Coming Soon to a Store Near You: Frankenfish! (But will you know?) 12:00:39
Jake Towne: Where’s John Callahan on the Wars? 11:29:25
Dr. Ron Paul Calls for Audit of US Gold Reserves 23:21:39
John Dennis & Ron Paul in SF - Sat, September 4 - Principles Over Parties Rally 11:40:09
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Hospital withholds food, water from Christian pastor 23:41:11
Can someone educate me on buying silver 22:46:06
I need a building permit 22:44:28
Son of Hamas Founder says U.S. Being Duped by "Peaceful Muslims" 22:09:26
Barney Frank's Democratic Primary Opponent Wants to Impeach Obama and Abolish the Fed! 21:56:48
Power shortages in Iraq tell story of a ruined country, a failed superpower 21:32:17
Ex-FBI Agent Don Adams Reveals Evidence of Multiple Shooters in JFK Assassination 21:17:03
Chuck Baldwin: We need a revolution, not a movement 20:33:40
Don't quit your job working for G. Edward Griffin... 20:19:28
Bloomberg In Favor of Guns for Tax Collection. 20:19:26
Public Pensions Will Cost Taxpayers At Least $1 Trillion 20:18:42
Galileo died as a man of faith, says priest 20:07:34
Glenn Beck: "Come, bring your family" 20:05:17
Corexit found in Orange Beach Waters 19:48:49
Ron Paul: Dollar Would Be Stronger Without the Fed (Fox Business 8/26/10) 19:17:51
Tea Party Blogger Warns Glenn Beck Rally Visitors to Stay out of Some DC Neighborhoods 18:28:41
U.S. banks lobby The Fed on debit card fee limits 18:26:33
Gary Clift on the Libertarian Counterpoint 17:59:02
Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking 17:12:32
Stocks slip as caution about the economy returns 16:17:10
One in 10 Americans with a mortgage may face foreclosure 16:12:43
World Trade Center deal may hasten rebuilding 16:08:01
Reid In Retreat 15:02:28
The 10,000 game! 14:50:26
Solutions for intenet devolution into "dark web of hate speech" 14:01:22
Huge cache of military weapons Found on the Arizona border.. 13:56:19
Barney Frank to Head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? 13:48:04
Finland Suspends H1N1 Vaccine 13:44:14
The Fed Continues to Fight Transparency 13:43:54
Memo to Establishment Candidates: Don't be sore losers 13:42:57
On This Day, 90 Years Ago, U.S. Women Won Right to Vote 12:48:26
Campaing For Liberty 12:08:25
Alaska's Joe Miller Declares US Has 'Gone Bankrupt' 11:15:27
Texas fights global-warming power grab 11:07:58
MSM Does Not Cover This - The Daily Paul Does 11:02:48
Jim Traficant Forces Himself Onto Ballot but Still Faces Troubles! 11:00:59
RP's safety and security should become a top priority! 10:49:47
The First Victims of Health Care Reform 10:37:02
Migrants turn to the sea to enter US illegally 10:31:37
Ron Paul Email on Cap n Tax Scheme 10:26:04
URGENT: Senate To Sneak Through Internet Kill Switch Bill 10:15:04
TIME: How the Stimulus Is Changing America 10:03:53
Spaniards rethink Afghanistan after fatal shooting 09:48:58
"Priceless" Commercial for Dr. Paul 09:48:52
Political earthquake shakes GOP 09:42:41
Fed tries to Delay Release of Bailout Documents... 09:34:07
Mississippi oysters safe to eat, experts say! 09:22:10
China No longer interested in Owning America 08:33:07
Seven ETFs To Invest Like Peter Schiff 08:10:19
Want Ron Paul to Win Iowa and New Hampshire? Here’s how. 08:06:05
Eight Credit-Repair tips after Bankruptcy 07:57:55
Jim Traficant May Get Another Shot at Congress 07:34:13
Will Gold & Silver prices ever fall to past levels? 07:23:34
H.R. 604 and H. R. 1207 threads now retired. 07:04:19
Ron Paul Endorses John Koster for Congress 06:32:50
Interest Rates: The Zero Percent Solution 06:24:29
Governor Chris Christie: GOP Darling 06:23:27
Consumers Paying Credit Card Debt Instead of Mortgage 06:21:40
'Quantitative Easing': What Does It Really Mean for Investors? 06:18:06
Fed in Emergency Bid to Put Bailout Ruling on Hold 04:37:00
9/11 Families Rally in Favor of Mosque 03:10:12
Traficant Is Back On The Scene. 03:05:11
Ron Paul bei FOX: Die Wahrheit über die FED 02:14:38
Ground Zero Mosque Piece I wrote to be published in the YAL Foreign Policy Handbook 01:47:18
A Gulf Science Blackout 01:08:40
Anti-Jack Conway ad from CrossroadsGPS (VIDEO) 00:53:19