Posted on August 27, 2010

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Jake Towne: Charlie Dent Paid $101,000 by Military-Industrial Complex 15:51:49
Gary Johnson: Legalize Marijuana to Stop the Drug Cartels 10:27:14
Gates Foundation Invests In Monsanto 10:18:27
Why Medication Can Be Dangerous to Your Health 09:10:57
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Ok ..Time to clear your head.... 23:19:49
Ron Paul as a Democrat? 22:24:17
Hard to argue with such Coherent Prohibitionists 22:12:40
The Alan Grayson thread 21:27:10
Kucinich: Afghanistan is 'spy versus spy carnival of corruption' 21:16:48
How religion placed in the founding of the United States 21:12:15
Help Defeat Barney Frank and Get Earl Sholley in Congress! 21:07:59
What Is Liberty? 20:55:54
The New World Order is already here. 20:54:02
Policy shift may allow some illegal immigrants to stay 20:45:13
Ex-Army analyst from OK arrested at Minn. airport 20:40:18
Man assaulted by security for "Impeach Obama" sign! 20:25:47
Why Do You Search for Truth? 20:10:09
George Carlin - Freedom of Choice 19:03:23
Peter Schiff - Bush's Stimulus Caused Our Problems, Obama's is Making it Worse! 18:33:11
The Ultimate Red Pill Will Break Your Trance! 18:26:59
All in the name of war, power, and greed 17:34:05
School's race rule prompts mom to pull kids out 17:15:37
DOD denies 4 states military ballot law waiver 17:07:09
Towne Cryers (ok...callers) Needed! 16:45:56
Unions come before child's life in public schools 16:38:29
Ridley Report- Liberty reps to attack licensing burden 16:38:07
Israel Orders Massive Military Fuel Stocks Far in Excess of That Required for Normal Operations 16:33:37
What liberals think of Paul's response to the Mosque 16:32:57
A Tea Party Foreign Policy 16:18:54
Behind enemy lines: living with the Taliban 16:02:05
EPA reviews allowing lead bullets in slaves hands... 15:57:52
Greenwald hits it out of the park again 15:54:04
The Ultimate Red Pill Will Break Your Trance! 15:33:54
Alex Snitker changed to "Other" in this poll after getting 14% 15:32:33
Going to the Glenn Beck rally this weekend? 15:30:43
Feds arrest 370 immigrants in raids in 10 states 15:05:07
The next man to die for the 9-11 lie? Or maybe we can save him... 14:52:01
Millions of American Taxpayers Make Money Off Federal Taxes 14:51:40
Iraq Sanctions and the NYC Imam 14:39:18
Fidel Castro: Osama bin Laden is a US agent 14:23:42
BuildingWhat?: Watch The Ad One Million New Yorkers Will See 14:03:07
A Tea Party Foreign Policy by RON PAUL 13:58:38
Feds to remove temporary cap from Gulf well 13:48:21
When will we say ENOUGH? 13:41:40
21-year-old youngest person elected to Anderson Commission 13:29:24
Paul Craig Roberts "Nazification of the United States" 13:25:10
warning glen beck and mlk 13:00:48
fannie mae, freddie mac, and the federal reserve 12:59:14
What are the advantages of using a coin dollar instead of a FRN dollar? 12:39:31
Recession may have pushed US birth rate to new low 12:33:49
Rasmussen: 62% Say Country Better Off If Most Members of Congress Defeated This November 12:28:11
Animal Deaths, Moon's Origin, Hollywood & UFOs. C2C 8/26/2010 12:17:06
Agenda 21 - your doom spelled out (repost of locked out thread) Updated 12:01:08
Rather than rail against the evironmentalist, why not argue in favor of their cause using Austrian Economics? 11:55:29
X-Ray Vans..Hide-n-Seek no longer any fun... :( 11:41:19
The Myth of Equality 11:31:38
Bernanke: The Fed 'will do all it can' to stimulate economic recovery 11:30:06
Strippers protest in front of church 11:23:03
On This Day, 82 Years Ago, Treaty Signed Renouncing Aggressive War, Remains Binding Today 11:14:42
Tourism revenue fell 40 percent in oily June; Baldwin coast lost $35.5 million 11:12:06
Massive Sun Storm to Hit Earth Like 100m Bombs 11:06:13
Poll: Is Bernanke Doing a Good Job? (Have at it folks! :) 10:56:38
Bernanke's remarks today 10:56:05
Second-quarter economic growth was revised to an anemic 1.6% 09:54:44 Poll: Is Fed Chairman Bernanke Doing a Good Job? 09:51:14
Treasury Makes Shocking Admission: Program for Struggling Homeowners Just a Ploy to Enrich Big Banks 08:52:36
Obama's next Big Bank Bailout 08:19:11
Well, isn't THIS r3volting?! (The Chicken Coop expands...) 08:08:58
Justice Sotomayor Predicts Wikileaks Case in Supreme Court 07:37:00
Report on Fannie, Freddie gives new theory for collapse 07:13:22
The Myth of Equality by Pat Buchanan 07:08:39
In Alaska, Libertarians weigh Murkowski run 07:03:28
Paul Krugman: This Is Not a Recovery 06:28:11
A new AJ site! 04:48:31
STOP! Is this a bad idea, or civil disobedience? 02:27:13
Building What? [edited] 01:34:06
I don't know whether to laugh or cry 00:10:38
Mentos Commercial + Ron Paul = Tea Mage's new track 00:04:14