Posted on August 28, 2010

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Ron Paul’s Shocking Message To The Tea Party 19:23:59
Dr. Ron Paul imparts some MUCH needed Wisdom at CFR's own SandBox: "A Tea Party Foreign Policy" 23:36:44
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Even if Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Hawaii, He is still NOT eligible to be President of the united States of America! .. 22:18:16
Americans again subjected to Beck pain 22:17:51
Can I get a little help over here please! 21:45:37
Israeli intelligence steps up its activity in the U.S. — and gets away with it. 21:13:42
Black Ops Insiders Reveal Secrets 20:50:32
Earl Blumenauer runs form the truth 20:12:44
Earl Blumenauer runs form the truth 20:12:40
Ron Paul gal selling her ankle on YouTube 20:05:32
RT- 'Bernanke bad for US, Fed head's plan kills recovery' 19:18:23
Lest We Forget -The Dark Side of the Human Psyche 18:36:07
My INCREDIBLE experience at the Glenn Beck rally 18:32:42
"I wanna know 18:20:48
July4Patriot interview tonight 18:06:19
AZ brief: judge made 'serious errors' in blocking SB 1070 17:56:53
Democrats Aiding and Abetting Right-Wing Hate-Fest 17:44:26
"Is anybody listening?" 17:35:15
The history of US intervention in Iran 16:43:21
"The Founding Fathers envisioned a robustly Christian yet religiously tolerant America" 14:39:59
Lemonade Diet - For simple natural health and energy! 14:35:07
Flashback [1989]: Tears for Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love 14:22:36
Gov. Brewer Condemns Report to UN Mentioning Ariz. Law 14:16:38
"How can 15 million people be out of work while Ben Bernanke still has his job?" 14:10:40
Scaring White People [with the Ground Zero Mosque] 14:06:03
Banks Flooding Consumers With 'Professional Cards' That Aren't Covered Under Reform 13:59:07
More than a 50% Potential for 'Double Dip' Recession 13:30:29
The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of 13:29:06
Here's why Ron Paul can win in 2012: 13:03:15
Infomercial call from Ron Paul... will it do more damage than good? 13:02:38
Beck & Palin: There They Go Again 12:34:31
Voting time in Sweden soon - funny video AD... 12:20:59
Man Arrested For Holding “Impeach Obama” Sign 12:18:22
Turn on to "The Jeff Davis Show" out of Austin cable access. 11:43:22
New Orleans' fragile recovery, 5 years after Katrina 11:28:12
The Friend's of the " Free Market " are it's Worst Enemy's. 10:30:28
Mississippi Middle School Decides Who Can Be Class President By Race! 10:29:51
532 Guard troops start deploying to Arizona border on Monday 09:42:46
The Case for Ben Bernanke as Mad Scientist 09:38:18
FYI-Concealed Carry 09:35:47
21 year old Elise Hall wins seat in Oklahoma state house. 09:22:15
Police and our "system" should take this advice 08:58:30
Why won't Obama try planner of USS Cole attack? 08:45:37
Sing Along 08:34:32
Please CONTRIBUTE: The List of Things Ron Paul & The r3VOLution made a Household-Name in America, since 2008 Pres.Campaign: 08:25:36
Jim DeMint: A Senator and His 'Disciples' (Wall St. Journal) 08:14:09
You'll Buy Gold Now and Like It! $6000 an ounce?? Hmmm 01:00:05
SHOW ME THE GOLD!!! New Video of Ron Paul Interview! 00:55:12
10,000 electronic voting machines torched in Texas 00:27:12
Glenn Beck Rally 00:17:43