Posted on August 29, 2010

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The Moneyless Man: How Did Mark Boyle Spend A Year Without Spending A Dollar? 07:40:36
Inflation Deflation Debate Rages on: 2010 Economic Collapse 01:05:01
Gene Simmons Says The Fed Should Be Eliminated 22:47:45
Dr. Ron Paul: Dollar Would Be Stronger Without the Fed 16:30:06
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What Does Viktor Bout Know? 23:02:11
Principles over Parties - Ron Paul and John Dennis - Sat. Sept. 4th 21:49:54
Economists agree: Stimulus created nearly 3 million jobs 21:32:42
Housing Secretary: Homebuyer tax credit on the table due to 'concern' for industry 20:51:52
Inflation is taxation without representation 20:45:52
For Iraq war veterans, 'invisible wounds' that never heal 20:24:48
Rep. Johnson violated rules, steered scholarships to relatives 20:22:40
Romney/Palin - Beck's "Divine Destiny?" 20:03:06
Ernest Hancock-Arizona Breakfast Club - 08/07/10 19:27:23
Breaking News: Bernanke Can’t Get It Up 19:16:52
The 410,000 victims of 9-11 that get no help at all 18:54:48
The Jefferson Party 18:45:34
Vaccine Zombie Video 18:41:43
2 governors, 2 crooks. What's wrong with Illinois? 18:22:24
Sharron Angle now leads Reid 46-43 in poll. 18:10:14
Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof because of faulty title recording by banks? 18:05:54
US wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq 18:02:25
Alex Snitker on Immigration, Sounds more like GOP Conservative than Libertarian Party of Florida Senate Candidate 17:52:36
rEVOLution is alive and well 17:00:17
Ron Paul will be on Alex Jones Sunday edition re-run 16:30:06
Did anyone watch The Mclaughlin Group this morning? 15:30:01
Denver Cops Assault Dog Walker 14:32:21
Updated: Patriots Call to Action, NBC Blocks Snitker From Debate, Campaign To Launch Counterattack 13:50:05
Debt collection - What is the power of the debt collector? 13:37:35
Glenn Beck Continues to Thwart All Efforts to Affect Real Change 12:46:19
Obama announces 2 new programs planned to help Homeowners 12:35:24
'Burn Witch, Burn!' 12:32:47
I wonder if Ron Paul sees what's going on. 12:31:41
Vaccine Zombie Song 12:05:38
The Ron Paul Movement vs. The Tea Party (Revisited) 11:33:58
Anbody see this? 11:00:33
Communities Rising to educate Obama during scheduled visit 10:23:51
Steve Forbes on Overseas Wars, the Coming Gold Standard and the Rise of 'Citizen Agitation' 09:35:14
Congress may sneak through Internet ‘kill switch’ in defense bill 06:53:32
The GOP's internal warfare 04:43:19
Portable Scanners, Crime Predicting Technology, School Cell Phone Searches & Free Gmail Phone Calls 04:28:18
The GOP's internal warfare 03:22:09
What is the best way to get a good "credit score" without using the credit system. 03:22:08
Ex-CONTROL Agent Don Adams Reveals Evidence of Multiple Rainbows! 02:30:21
They can spy on us but not protect us. 00:15:22
Looks as if we just moved to "Stage II" 00:11:18