Posted on August 4, 2010

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John Dennis: Defeat Nancy Pelosi Money Blast Today 05:18:02
Requiring politicians to telecommute is an idea whose time has come. The movement now has legs and a website! 20:21:23
rEVOLution: We Are Winning Elections! 19:08:07
Gold and Silver are still money somewhere. 14:53:33
Liberty Double Dose Rand Paul and Peter Schiff Exclusive Interview 14:46:55
Iran Propaganda Debunked in Under 7 Minutes - Scott Horton who is AntiWar Radio. 12:45:41
Nullification! Missouri Voters Reject Federal Healthcare Madate 11:02:30
REALITY REPORT #56 - Rangel's National Slavery Bill Exposed 10:25:00
“Who Is Jake Towne?” Top Story on WFMZ-TV 09:14:37
Justin Amash Wins! 01:53:32
Attention Floridians! Florida Liberty Summit with Dr. Ron Paul Aug. 13-15 in Orlando! 01:32:09
Digg! The I Support Rand Paul & Ron Paul Birthday Blast - August 19/20 14:46:55
10th Amendment Rally with Sheriff Richard Mack on August 7 in Albany, NY 01:34:41
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An analysis of "Lee Rogers" strange behavior post co-intel call-out 23:56:09
Soetoro owes Kagan, BIG TIME ! 23:34:13
Feds Caught Storing Nude Body Scan Images at Florida Courthouse Security Checkpoint 22:27:51
Missouri vote puts health care back in crosshairs 22:03:42
Police raid organic food store in California with guns drawn 21:57:31
Brit4RonPaul leaves girlfriend. Quits job. Moves away. Validation required. 21:51:49
UK: WWII covered-up UFO documents released 21:46:43
Marriage Has Been Perverted!!! 21:23:21
It is NOT just career politicians we're after... 21:08:02
Brother Could You Spare Some Time? 19:48:16
WOW! A truthful candidate 19:37:06
Rand Paul article on AOL, that once again paints him as uncaring. 18:52:43
Gerald Celente: Revolt is Ready to Happen 18:26:11
Peter Schiff: If We Phone Bank And Work Hard 6 More Days, We Can Win The Election! 18:25:16
Giuliani daughter arrested for shoplifting in NYC 17:59:43
Bizarre Tripple Suns Showup In China? 17:42:14
A possible solution for America's troubles Video 17:31:33
The new healthcare flow chart....what a mess 17:19:23
Rep. Paul explains vote on ‘crush videos’ 17:14:30
Judge overturns California's ban on same-sex marriage 17:02:51
Has Rand Paul endorsed Peter Schiff? 16:53:31
Truth About Fluoride Hits MSM in Australia 16:46:05
Ron Paul needs to come out swinging. 16:44:26
Special Report: The End of OZ 16:34:27
In DC, no such thing as too poor for pot 16:28:42
What Would a Foreign Policy For Peace Look Like? 16:27:21
If you are in the middle of restructuring your mortgage…Please read 16:24:52
Black members of tea party dispute racist claims 16:23:22
Ridley Report launches podcast 16:14:34
Video: Better than Alvin Greene, running for TN Governor! ! 16:06:45
1-vote Margin for Tea Partier in Michigan 15:49:56
Ridley Report- Restricting access creates riveting "periphery" 15:28:43
ooops ... double post 15:17:24
Our book, America's Youth vs. Big Government, is now on Amazon! 15:16:30
Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny 15:09:35
How Marijuana Could Split the Tea Party 15:09:28
Ron and Rand Paul Demand Drag Queen RuPaul Change His Name 15:09:09
Harley Davidson could leave After 107 years in Milwaukee 15:03:46
'Ayatollah, leave those kids alone' – Pink Floyd get an Iranian twist 14:59:49
Rasmussen Employment Index Slips To Lowest Level Since January (Video) 14:53:17
War Warning from Madison, 4th US President 14:43:35
Homeschooler *RED ALERT!* (also for those who simply support the right to do so) Oppose Elena Kagan's internationalism! 14:42:43
Deflation Threats Are Best Contrarian Indicator 14:41:04
How Marijuana Could Split the Tea Party 14:39:17
Feinstein & Schumer bill to protect journalists denies shield to Wikileaks & Non-Traditional Press 14:37:11
Martin Weiss Interviews Peter Schiff 13:50:09
Another incumbent down as Michigan Rep. loses 13:30:31
Oops! Obama mama passport 'destroyed'! 13:19:22
Rand Paul on Fox News Sean Hannity DNC Attacks the Tea Party 13:11:42
Amazing Affidavit To Gov. Sanford by Joseph Rorie declaring himself a "State Citizen" vs. "US Citizen" 12:52:53
Girl, 16, dies during restraint at hospital 12:52:22
Cancer Cells Use Fructose to Grow:... 12:46:37
An Exclusive! Clint Didier Endorses Peter Schiff for US Senate 12:41:22
Escaping the Sovereign Debt Trap: The Remarkable Model of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia 12:39:40
Deflation Threats Are Best Contrarian Indicator 12:33:29
Dems get pre-recess victory as Senate breaks Medicaid funding impasse 12:30:22
Truth About the 14th Amendment by Thomas J. DiLorenzo 12:19:48
Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images 12:10:05
Mind Blowing Speech Made By Robert Welch in 1974 – Insiders Will Try To Destroy America 12:02:08
Intel Experts Warn Obama Israel May Bomb Iran This Month 11:44:04
Neocons Promoting Genocide. 11:09:07
Missouri primary election Aug 3,2010 11:05:43
I've got a crazy theory 10:56:41
Big brother surveillance has grown since Bush era 10:00:42
Resolution Passed to Ban Lindsey Graham in the Greenville County GOP, SC 02AUG10 09:57:34
Possible Assasination Attempt on President of Iran? 09:57:09
Marc Faber: Fed to Create Final Crisis that Wipes Out Entire System 09:44:44
∞ I had some things to say... 09:32:23
Conn. Shooting: Racial Bias Caused Gunman To Snap, Family Says 09:15:08
HELP: Shady HR Practices at Work 09:13:43
Human Events on Justin Amash's Victory 08:56:22
Why do people love war so much? 08:49:02
Federal Judge had no Jurisdiction to Rule on AZ law. 08:23:47
Fannie, Freddie, Big Banks Helping Lawyers Make Millions Pushing Families Out Of Their Homes 07:54:34
More And More Employers Turning From Furloughs To Outright Pay Cuts 07:46:12
Why Must The Media Keep Trotting Out Greenspan And His Economic Lunacy? 07:39:56
GOP senators list what they say are the 100 Worst Stimulus Projects 07:35:27
Barney Frank's Selective Libertarianism 07:26:49
"The Future Recession In An Ongoing Depression" Must Read Report 07:18:27
Covering up Fannie’s Crimes 07:14:45
Welcome to the Second Great Depression 07:13:46
Ron Paul Tries to Prevent War with Red China 07:13:06
R E N A I S S A N C E 06:51:58
Lawsuit challenges airport full-body scanners 06:11:14
Gisele: Breastfeeding Should Be Mandatory Super Model Says There Should Be Worldwide Law 05:01:03
"If I was President"--- HAITI --- A NEW liberty Nation to be born?? 03:55:55
HR5741 03:20:59
Schiff for Senate phone banking SURGE!Momentum is GROWING! 02:50:38
BREAKING: BP Static Kill worked 11:18PM Pacific 02:19:23
Illegal invasion forces lawful citizens into involuntary servitude -Slavery 02:13:25
Liberty Minded Candidate wins GOP primary in Michigan, and his name is NOT Amash 01:43:47
I have a question?? The Dollar Falling?>>>>> UPDATE 01:36:46
Rand Paul getting flamed over at Newsvine 01:22:31
Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution 00:49:25
Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine... Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy 00:35:19
Is the Gulf Floor About to Explode? 00:26:17
Antiwar Radio's Scott Horton on Iran at UC Irvine Debate 00:04:08