Posted on August 5, 2010

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The Southern Avenger - Meet Clint Didier 23:34:20
Third Largest Wheat Exporter Bans Exports Due to Drought 22:35:36
Jake Towne: The Economy in Pictures 16:12:27
40.8 Million Americans on Food Stamps, Up 20% 08:25:52
Dr. Ron Paul on Gay Marriage Legislation 06:03:21
Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime? 01:39:22
Houston TV on Ron & Rand: "After 22 Years in Congress, Ron Paul Still Sticking to his Guns" 22:22:50
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The Southern Avenger - Jack Hunter Story on Clint Didier 23:42:29
Pop trivia quiz, 23:24:13
It seems that rather than look inside ourselves, we have to blame someone else! 22:59:52
Post Office Loses $3.5 Billion 22:37:20
Have You Heard Of Andrew Gause? 22:30:45
Activism Idea: Petition to return airport security to pre-911 22:16:43
IMF document illustrates plan to raise global currency 22:16:39
I guess the point is, Amnesty doesn't work 22:15:24
End of the Internet As We Know it 21:56:09
Trick Science: Unlocking The Genetic Secrets Of Autism Propaganda 21:51:38
Schiff Defeats McMahon and Simmons in US Senate Poll 21:29:33
Valedictorian Exposes Education Sham 21:16:14
Where do you guys buy your survival stuff 21:09:57
Food wars begin: Russia halts all grain exports due to drought 21:07:21
What is Happening to the Daily Paul? 20:40:24
Name ID More Important than Money Bombs 19:56:41
Jhantoo 19:31:24
What does net nuetrality mean? 19:13:09
New Addition to the Ron Paul Family 18:49:38
Am I barking up the WRONG tree? 18:35:30
Investigative jounalism 18:34:41
Another reason why a third party is doomed to failure 18:22:16
Jack Hunter will be on Savage Nation in a few minutes 6:14 now 18:16:03
#1 trending search term on Google Trends today 18:05:52
Political differences split fife-and-drum duo / Maddow show (Bruning for Sheriff)! 18:03:20
James Madison: “What Part Of Few And Defined Don’t You Get?” 16:48:56
TRUTH Radio...REAL Christian Constitutionalist Conservatism! 15:41:13
Will Voters Believe the Biggest Lie in Politics? 15:29:35
2 school buses involved in Accident; 2 dead dozens hurt in crash in Mo. 14:53:03
Mike Lawson watch this, you will like it 14:38:22
Kucinich Legislation Ends the Extrajudicial Killing of U.S. Citizens 14:25:27
Bloomberg: Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows 14:22:40
I just saw anti New World Order "graffitti" at my workplace.. 14:02:57
Is Washington technologically obsolete. video 13:43:46
The Psychology of Conspiracy Denial 13:28:55
Peter Schiff is reading!!! 13:23:11
Chossudovsky on Iran: US winks Israel bites 13:08:22
New Important Video Blog From Peter Schiff! 13:02:35
21st Century GI and Veterans Bill Of Rights; "Operation Recovery" 12:50:49
The Rand Paul Song 12:40:50
Is it a "religous" thread? 12:40:13
Breaking: Feds To Announce Terror Charges vs. Somali-Americans 12:39:17
Wall Street's Big Win - Matt Taibbi 12:04:05
Ron Paul & Clint Didier discuss Foreign Policy & Sound Money 11:44:11
My son's Birth Certificate was issued by the American Bank Note Company! 11:37:54
What would happen, if anything, to a state that... 11:26:25
QE II Locked and Loaded - Home Refi or Debt Forgive 11:25:38
New Message From Peter Schiff 11:25:02
Arizona should ignore lower court 11:11:13
The US isn't leaving Iraq 11:10:20
Obama's August Surprise to Help Dems in November 10:12:48
Justice Brennan's Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies 10:08:31
Message from Greg Cowan , Canidate for US congress (MO 4th CD) 08:51:55
Sexual Statism 07:38:35
Antiwar conservatives get a chance to win back the grassroots Right -- but it won't be easy 07:36:06
--> Spam Attack and Email Notifications <-- 07:12:14
Summertime Tales of National Bankruptcy 06:37:44
'Fed Will Print and Print and Print Until the Final Crisis,' says Marc Faber 06:21:34
The Eternal Class Struggle by Ludwig von Mises 06:16:59
The Ron Paul Curriculum: A New Way to Educate Americans Free of Charge by Gary North 06:15:20
Be Part Of One OF The Biggest Grassroots Efforts In Senate Race! 04:57:03
The REAL reason we attacked Iraq... 01:48:22
Giuliani's Daughter Arrested at Sepora for Stealing Cosmetics 00:42:02
Ron Paul does online show with Clint Didier 00:26:38
Emergency! Help Stop Elena Kagan’s Nomination! Up For Vote Today! 13:22:47