Posted on August 6, 2010

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Clint Didier's new attack ad against Dino Rossi--Its heating up! 19:14:35
Ann Coulter to Headline HomoCon for Gay Conservatives (Not a joke) 18:10:40
TEA PARTY- Black conservatives get together to enlighten the media 13:44:55
Romney: "The Federal Reserve is Audited" 11:10:21
Liberty Double Dose: Ron Paul and Clint Didier Interview 10:28:24
Rand Paul's General Election Platform: Email to supporters - IT'S GREAT! 19:41:07
Video: Judge Napolitano: The Plain Truth - The Government Lies to You!! Freedom Watch 17:36:16
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Ready For Primetime! Napolitano's Freedom Watch To Air Daily on Fox Biz 23:24:36
Little North Korean Girl Amazing At Guitar 23:16:25
"Paul and Conway Rally Troops on Eve of Fancy Farm Picnic" -- if you can make it, go! 23:00:24
Japan: America’s Lost Decade, Important Video Released by NIA 23:00:04
The Sunset Of The State 22:58:45
Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids 22:38:35
MSNBC: Tea Party Is Cancer Of The GOP 22:38:21
New video from InflationUS - Japan: America's Lost Decade 22:22:15
I propose Dept of Defense name change 22:21:39
9/11 Truth Billboard goes up in San Luis Obispo, CA 22:17:15
Clint Didier Sacks Dino Rossi with "Not Really" TV Commercial 21:07:39
New NRSC ad supporting Rand against Jack Conway -- incident of Jack swearing at last year's Fancy Farm led to 'Conway Rule' 20:38:10
54% of “political class” think Federal Government should have Unlimited Power 20:16:36
MSNBC: Cenk's Message To Obama 19:52:46
Values Voter Summit 2010 - UPDATED! 19:48:32
Ron Paul: Arrest and Deport Illegal Immigrants 19:29:43
Music Video - General Steele - Amerikkka's Skemin' 18:36:54
The Challenge: Undoctrination and Unity Begin With You. 18:32:45
"Time for a Divorce - Why gov. should get out of the marriage biz" 18:09:51
Ridley Report- Romney: Don't abolish Federal Reserve 17:56:27
Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate 17:55:58
20 states file response in health care overhaul lawsuit 17:52:42
How To Call For Peter Schiff 17:21:48
Could legal California pot send Canadian profits up in smoke? 17:16:20
Vince McMahon sick of Senate smackdowns against wife's Senate campaign 16:47:36
Freedom Watch W/Judge Napolitano Guest Suggestion = Mario Apuzzo Vote Now!!! 16:46:49
UK: Many earn more in benefits than average worker 16:30:49
Really Good Alternative Movies 16:07:38
Your Choice: Thomas Jefferson or the Status Quo by Tom Woods 15:49:44
Pentagon wants WikiLeaks to plug gap/ US govt asks WikiLeaks to return documents 15:21:32
How 'Star Trek' Civil Rights Icon Influenced & Inspired 14:59:56
Harry Reid's spin on his ancestor 14:56:55
How Gov't Screws Job-Seekers 14:45:18
Dr. Paul Discusses Peter Schiff's Important Primary! 14:31:48
Obama Wants Mob Banker To Fill His Old Senate Seat 14:26:38
Jake Towne: T-Shirt Fundraiser and Special Debate Announcement 14:20:26
Leading Liberty Candidates 14:06:11
What collapsing empire looks like By Glenn Greenwald 13:52:57
Video: NYC Restaurant uses only produce grown on own roof 13:45:31
"America cannot afford to continue nation building in Afghanistan"- Gary Johnson 13:41:22
Tom Woods Teaching Online Class this Fall re: The New Deal 13:32:50
ABC News Report - The Truth About Fluoride 13:30:00
The Mosque at Ground Zero by Pat Buchanan 13:24:52
War, Economics, And The Brilliance Of James Madison 13:18:54
IMF document illustrates plan to raise Global Currency 13:17:13
US Government’s Secret Plan to Destroy the Dollar 13:13:17
Wall Street bill sweeps away stray remnant of 1933 Glass-Steagall Act 13:05:05
Japanese tanker "incident" last week was a terrorist attack 13:02:42
Senate Dem leaders want to Repeal $600 Tax provision in Healthcare law 13:01:48
Ban This!!! 12:45:15
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) Wants Pfc. Bradley Manning Executed for Treason 12:16:23
Don't Lose Sleep over Deflation 12:13:14
Medicare fund will last extra 12 years - maybe 12:06:47
CNN now makes the distinction between a COLB and a BC 12:02:47
Companies hire at slow pace for 3rd straight month 12:00:07
are you required to submit info on atf form 4473 when buying a gun?? 11:54:43
No Newscaster for You ... 11:51:28
Peter Schiff on GOLD 11:45:48
11 Reasons Why the Federal Reserve is Bad 11:30:02
Iraq: We’re ‘Withdrawing’ – But Not Leaving 11:29:50
First lady under fire for her glitzy Spanish vacation 11:27:36
Is America Boiling Over? Interesting Read... 11:22:26
Carnival Game: Shooting Obama? 11:15:31
Black Conservatives Rebut Tea Party Racism Claims 11:10:54
Reid v Angle Update 11:09:36
Mexico looks to legalisation as drug war murders hit 28,000 11:01:15
Massive Censorship Of Digg Uncovered 10:58:08
A letter from the GOOD doctor. 10:56:03
Mark Dice: Youtube Subscriptions Show People's Stupidity (2009) 10:55:35
Pennsylvania Liberty Conference this Oct 8-9 with Sheriff Mack 10:52:14
Pennsylvania Liberty Conference 10:39:26
Chinese missile could shift Pacific power balance 10:38:12
Disappointing NFP: Private Up Just 71k On Consensus Of 90k, Total Down -131K on Consensus -64K 10:11:56
IED Attacks in Afghanistan 2004-2009 08:08:01
Schiff and John Dennis need to use a "voice blast" 07:29:18
A NEW war-tax on oil 07:12:43
Birthday Money Bomb for Liberty Candidate Alex Snitker! 07:12:31
Rapid Surge Of Police States World Wide - Prepping For World Currency Rollout? 06:18:55
CA county pays judges 50K in extra pay. Judges rule for the counties. 04:15:59
RP talks about secession and the need for open debate. 03:08:24
PLEASE, Facebook And Tweet This Story ASAP! 03:06:34
Scott Horton of KUCR Debate over War with Iran 02:33:46
Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted 02:15:00
Romney: "Federal Reserve is audited" (Ridley interview) 01:04:27
The Sunset of the State 00:55:43
Arcade Fire's "Rococo" Is A Wake-Up Call to the Obama Generation (?) 00:46:09
James Madison on war and loss of liberty (1795) 00:34:14