Posted on August 9, 2010

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Clint Didier Money Bomb Radio Marathon Aug 10th 23:37:54
USA Today: "Rand Paul, libertarian? Not really..." by Rand Paul 23:25:16
Liberty Maven: Jack Conway Gets Dirty at Fancy Farm (Again) 22:41:25
Dr. Ron Paul Voted #1 Congressman on 19:58:52
Gary Johnson Forms Political Committee for Potential 2012 Run 22:12:51
Ron Paul on Larry King 1-3-08 (UNAIRED) 15:19:02
CNBC's Art Cashin on King World News: "This country is in very difficult straits." 15:14:52
Consolidation Thread: Matt Simmons is dead 10:50:57
Liberty Pulse Exclusive! Clint Didier Endorses Peter Schiff for US Senate 08:13:32
C4L Member & RP Repub Candidate Matt Brakey in NYT Article on Banning Red Light Cameras 00:19:46
Rand Paul Fancy Farm 2010 Speech 00:13:12
Clint Didier Moneybomb Aug 8, 9, 10 - TODAY! 10:08:23
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VIDEO: What Ever Happened to the Constitution? Andrew Napolitano 2012 23:52:19
Toxic and Infectious Wastes and Disease Spread on Farmlands: Death of Ohio's Largest Lake 22:51:10
The Drumbeats For War Grow Louder 22:39:17
Who deleted my comments ? 22:00:56
Mortgages, law and bankruptcy 21:11:21
I AM AMERICA 20:36:40
Doomed by the "Except for's" 20:20:54
Lol - Hey, what is "Hearth" Surgery? 20:06:48
Who is worst possible candidate to win the Republican nomination in 2012? 19:56:35
Breaking: John Bush and Chanda arrested at Obama protest in Austin 19:03:32
Jack Hunter: Lindsey Graham vs. Alvin Greene poll! 18:52:20
I was alone, But then I wasn't, but then I was 18:46:44
The Best Man 1964 18:36:56
I want to know what you think....... 18:36:20
Another article w/video of Conway that needs your comments for Rand! 18:03:49
Video: US Civil War: Fed vs. states 17:52:38
Missouri House representative accused of threatening rival's aide 17:44:19
Freedom watch today? 17:14:39
Matt Simmons apparently drowned at his home Sunday night 16:40:09
Dr. Steve Parent sighted on Huffington Post 16:12:41
Need Advice Please (random un-Paul related question) 15:46:47
An Empire, If You Can Keep It 15:39:22
Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, George Soros - Global New Deal (NWO ECONOMICS series) 15:34:48
Dr. Ron Paul in San Francisco 15:33:39
I saw this bumper sticker today... 15:26:29
What is Sharia law? 15:23:04
GQ hit piece on Rand Paul. Smear attempt backfires! 15:22:37
Ray Stevens - God Save Arizona 15:11:07
Defending Paul Washer... 15:08:12
The Constitution Does not Apply to You 15:07:54
Huffpost runs wild smear against Rand 15:04:10
Govt misuse of GPS overturns conviction 14:51:33
Watch the Freedom Action Conference for $29! 14:02:53
C4L Interviews Jim Rogers (Video) 13:29:47
Gen. David Petraeus Launching Media Campaign To Defend Afghan War 13:18:54
Prison Planet: Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama’s Political Dynasty Crashes And Burns 13:10:35
Libertarian Candidate Irvine on cutting budget and hair! 13:05:14
Link to full Schiff, McMahon, Simmons debate 12:45:55
Polio outbreak in Nepal - ALL cases are in vaccinated kids 12:25:13
Ron Paul: Feds aiding Taliban 12:11:04
"Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate" 12:10:50
I would suggest passing this to everyone you know. 12:04:40
Tomorrow is the MOST IMPORTANT phonebanking day! 11:38:21
Valedictorian wonders about her own indoctrination and the school system 11:24:35
Drivers regret Cash for Clunkers leases 11:00:30
Washington Wire Q & A: Gary Johnson 10:59:25
Wikileaks: The Pakistan Connection 10:56:14
Real News Network: MI5 HEAD TOLD BLAIR IRAQ NO THREAT 10:51:41
FHA Rolls Out Principal Reducing Refis for Underwater Borrowers 08:40:56
Huge Battle Looms Over Public Pensions - Who Will (Who Should) Foot the Bill? 08:11:37
Clint Didier Interviewed on Jerry Doyle Show 08:10:02
Whatever happened to "Liberty and Justice for All"? 08:09:37
Gary Johnson ‘flattered’ that Ron Paul mentions him for 2012 07:08:43
Freedom of speech 04:39:31
Meet Phil Moffett, KY candidate for Governor 01:54:50
video: Soddom and Gommorah, Red Sea crossing and more 01:13:01
In Port Chester, N.Y, 1 vote equals 6 votes! 00:50:17