Posted on September 10, 2010

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DP Sponsor Ready Made Resources - Mountain House Food Sale, 25% off 16:39:12
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"Prince of Pot" Mark Emery just sentenced 23:07:47
Airport `Naked Image' Scanners May Get "Privacy Upgrades." LOL. 22:50:08
US Mint Running Out of Silver (and Excuses) 22:37:15
Putting Our Decentralization Principles Into Practice: A Serious Discussion 22:29:40
Ground Zero EMT: We Were Told Building 7 Was to Be "Pulled" UPDATED 21:04:02
Ron Paul: The Time Has Come Part 2 21:02:33
The Daily Paul on CHROME 20:36:39
My fav song, a gift for you free people out there! 20:36:24
Obama: Voter anger could hurt Dems in elections 20:19:13
Homeland Security protects us from handsome Canadians 20:10:20
Absolutely Bizaere Allegations from Ron Paul 19:04:22
The world held its breath when Pastor Terry Jones vowed put a match to a bonfire of Korans... 18:58:03
Marc Emery Gets Five Years 18:40:35
Obama as Deer-In-Headlights by Kunstler 18:38:49
Funniest Political Speech, this campaign speech is HILARIOUS! 18:00:45
Conversation with God about gold and silver. 17:44:58
*** Congressman Ron Paul Hints At 2012 Presidential Campaign *** 16:42:27
First Medal of Honor for Living Soldier Since 9/11 16:06:43
How Easy To Sell Another War To The American Sheeple 15:56:35
In The Crosshairs--Home Grown Terror. 15:31:22
Here's a thought as we all make intellectual war on one another 15:29:08
Jane Burgermeister Is Free From Court Guardianship Which Threatened Her Freedom 14:40:10
►Koran Burn Pastor issues 2 Hour Deadline / U.S. MSM Censuring 14:39:24
The Lunacy of Paul Krugman Saying America Will Wish It Was Japan 14:39:06
How to be successful by using the Government model of business. 14:28:14
Mexico denies Hillary Clinton's 'insurgency' comparison 14:26:18
How to make money the bailout way 14:24:45
Video: Adrian Murray 'Tell these people not only no you can't but like hell you will!' 14:07:30
How and Why >>> S510 Is a Dangerous Bill<<< 13:19:32
9/11 Truth Crashes Koran Burning News Conference: Sign seen by the entire world... 13:11:23
Infamous Kansas Church Will Burn Koran And U.S. Flag 12:57:35
Pentagon trying to block Afghan War book 12:43:57
B.J. Lawson 46.5%, David Price 46.1%!!! Money Bomb Sept. 17!!! 12:27:50
Tea Party Billionaire' Fires Back 12:06:57
A real American Hero: IRS agent Sherry Peel Jackson 12:00:06
Alex Snitker says "I am not quitting" to the TeaBaggers who wear the R 11:58:54
Obama says voters may blame him for economy 11:58:53
75 Billion Dollar Parasite! 11:43:53
TYT- Playboy for Blind People 11:37:20
NY Man Defends Home from MS-13 with AK47. Arrested, but no charges filed. 11:33:24
9/11 Commissioners and Government experts say Govt story smells 11:04:41
Court Upholds Warrantless GPS Spying 10:55:44
Michel Chossudovsky: 9/11 Analysis 10:46:49
The Southern Avenger- Did the Terrorists Win On 911? 10:39:20
Coming soon to a theater near you- Impeach Congress 2012 10:31:05
Justin Raimondo: The ‘Meaning’ of 9/11 10:27:24
CENSORSHIP in Amerika 10:15:53
PAY INCREASE for Congress? 10:15:04
Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw ‘Offenses Against Religion’ 10:11:41
WND on Ron Paul: There he goes, again 10:04:56
Army: 12 soldiers killed Afghans mutiliated corpses 10:01:11
Video NULLIFY NOW! song by Steve Dore 09:34:52
SERIOUS trouble is imminent! 09:30:17
Report: US must deal with domestic radical problem 09:13:15
Soldier who took body parts from Afghan corpses is a local boy: His family speaks... 08:57:09
Schooling: The Hidden Agenda 08:21:06
**Restart Meetup Groups for RON PAUL 2012** 08:19:36
Swiss Police Can't Catch Retiree With Gun. 08:14:45
IMF sells 10 tonnes of gold to Bangladesh 07:17:33
California to vote on legalizing marijuana 07:09:47
The Bonfire of the Qurans 06:49:10
Tea Party is Storming the Castle in Delaware 06:27:30
Down With OTP 02:18:55
Ron Paul: The Time Has Come Part 1 00:57:23
Dp Community,I would like to ask for a hand finding the most unbelievable 00:26:14
Backyard Beekeeping (Video Library) 00:24:44