Posted on September 11, 2010

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Ron Paul: The Time Has Come 20:22:29
Freedom Watch 9/11/2010 11:47:56
Liberty Valedictorian Joins YAL 20:27:29
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Don Fitzgerald for Jefferson County, Kentucky Sheriff 2010 22:46:27
On 911: Jim Hoffman's Hypothetical Demolition Scenario 22:01:34
I believe my computer has been taken over. 20:24:37
Owners of the ground zero mosque 20:24:00
Something that is really weird! 20:04:03
Obama Administration Moves to Block the Sale of M1s to Law-abiding Americans 19:48:37
Youtube video: G Edward Griffin 1968 presentation called "The Grand Design" 19:40:31
US Poverty on track to post record gain [2009 census figures released next week] 19:25:15
Mike Adams: FDA censorship of nutritional science threatens health of all Americans 18:59:14
Regulators using egg recall to push support for tyrannical 'food safety' bill S.510 18:54:18
Jim Traficant changed burdon of proof from tax payer to the IRS in 1998 18:26:37
"Burning of John Maynard Keynes Book Causes Uproar" 18:18:44
Ron Paul Republicans: Behind enemy lines [American Conservative Mag] 18:07:20
Jim Traficant's website is starting to look really good 18:07:07
Ron Paul: The Time Has Come Part 4 17:52:17
Why I'm No Longer A Neoconservative 17:49:54
Pilots for 911 truth: Impossible speeds and flight patterns 17:43:17
How RP republicans can win over the Tea Party! And it's easy! 17:29:49
*How to escalate violence and control the masses into accepting inevitable conflict and war: 16:33:55
A Great Read: America’s Torture Doctrine 16:10:30
'Widespread signs' economy is slowing 16:04:19
Ridley Report- Tepid Tea Party frustrates early activists 15:55:37
Secret Police tapes demanding Quotas 15:48:56
Is a Blimp in the cards this time? 15:43:41
Poverty is on track for a record increase on President Barack Obama's watch 15:43:37
MSNBC: Why Legalize Marijuana? 15:39:44
Remembering our friend who was killed on 9/11 14:36:27
Unofficial Problem Bank list grows to 850 institutions 14:13:49
No planes... 14:12:27
Guide to the Most Crucial Bank Meeting You Never Heard Of 14:04:52
RT- 9/11 'first responders' abandoned by govt 14:01:35
Dick Armey suggests DeMint for 2012 13:56:32
The 911 Truth movement is gaining credibilty and momentum! 13:28:36
Quran Burning Story: This Is How The Media Embarrass Themselves 13:27:54
TV program hack 13:20:17
Nine years, two wars, hundreds of thousands dead – and nothing learnt 13:18:43
Steele mum for now on seeking another term as RNC chairman 13:14:55
Corbett Report 911 Truth Documentary: Released 9-4-10 13:12:53
Obama: U.S. not at war with Islam; 'sorry band of men' hit us on 9/11 13:12:09
Hijacking, Self-Defense, Big Government, Pilot & Senate Candidate Speaks Out 12:59:04
Top 9/11 Truth Websites 12:39:24
Would Tom Woods go to "my" Church? 12:32:42
Guardians of the Republic (If Everyone Cared) 12:22:27
Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award 12:09:00
Thousands in Afghanistan protest now-suspended plan to burn Koran 11:46:38
Jake Towne: Remembering 9/11 11:46:07
9/11 Truth Written into Script for "Rescue Me" TV Show 11:25:31
CSPAN: Judge Andrew Napolitano, Bush and Cheney 'Should Have Been Indicted' 11:15:08
Exclusive footage: 9/11 responders demand justice 10:53:41
Who Runs the U.S. Media 10:52:59
Guessing GB will be stocking up on vapo-rub...seeing as how it's 9/11 and all... 10:30:56
Where are the chemtrails? 09:02:56
Ron Paul: The Time Has Come Part 3 03:50:49
The 9/11 Time Discrepancy Oddity: Distress Signals Indicated Planes Crashed Minutes BEFORE Flights 11 and 175 Hit the WTC 02:00:43
SC Governor Mark Sanford Presented with Tom Woods’ Nullification 01:46:17
Weekend Must See: PBS.Frontline - Law & DIS-Order (Aug. 25, 2010) 01:31:57
Mike Adams: Australia Bans Flu Vaccines in Children after Vomiting, Fevers, Seizures 00:07:35
The new C-Note 00:01:24