Posted on September 12, 2010

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WSJ Author Claims Fed Needs More Power! 20:20:58
A second look at Detroit...through our eyes. 19:48:35
John Dennis Campaign Video: Pelosi as Wicked Witch of the West 16:46:40
Jake Towne Vs The Republocrats Round 1: Debate Monday Sep 13! 21:15:23
FDA Has Gone Nuts: Walnuts are Drugs 20:41:14
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Free energy -- zero point energy 23:11:48
Who Knows How to Set Up A Pledge Site for Justin Amash? 23:05:45
What does the black and yellow "Daily Anarchist" flag mean? 23:02:03
** A.C.T.I.O.N Needed Against Food Bill - Please Help Keep A Hold On S.510 Bill ** 22:51:33
4409 -- Should we Torture the 9/11 22:49:00
In Del., GOP comes out swinging against tea party 22:47:32
September 11 Revisited 22:21:27
My speech at a 2nd Amendment event in Michigan 19:31:05
Court Supports State Secrets 18:29:39
The Problem is Empire, not Islam 18:20:19
The answer for sheeple: Being lazy is 'a disease' 18:11:52
Global bankers agree new capital reserve rules 17:50:36
Rand Paul and Ron Paul: How far did the apple fall from the tree? 16:56:48
At Least 17 Republicans in 2012 Presidential Election Field 16:51:12
Ron Paul: The Time Has Come Parts 6 and 7 16:45:35
I was just polled 16:24:40
VIDEO: Chief and 3 cops ambush Pastor guns at the ready UPDATE: No Protection Gov. Fails again 15:31:24
GOP tries to take out tea party backed candidate 15:26:20
Stephen Hawking Explains How God Is NOT Necessary 14:21:36
Dennis Kucinich Calls for 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation On 9/11/10 13:16:08
Bill Gates Wants Death Panels: Dying People VS Teachers 13:06:07
At Least 17 Republicans in 2012 Presidential Election Field (Check this out) 11:04:55
The History of Caucasians? 10:32:53
Why in 08 Ron Paul WON Jefferson County, Iowa! 10:00:22
Book your book-burning now: 9-11-11 burning of the 9-11 Commission Report 08:58:49
Has the First Amendment Become a "National Security Threat"? 08:27:54
Burn Quran - It did happen. 03:23:19
BREAKING----San Bruno,CA --WARZONE! 7 dead 9 missing 53 homes incinerated--MAJOR GAS LINE EXPLOSION!! 03:04:36
To rob a country, own a bank 01:53:53
Toddler homeschooling curriculum... 01:10:47
All 435 In Congress Will Be Complicit In The Obama Birth Certificate/Eligibility Issue 00:31:22
The R3VOLUTION Continues: An Open Letter to all Republicans From Clint Didier 00:11:39