Posted on September 18, 2010

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♥ Patriots Help Liberty Candidate Jake Towne Get Into A Key Debate! ♥ 14:48:08
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FireFighters for 911 Truth - Finally 23:35:50
E Foods Direct 23:24:40
240 Minutes to Victory... A plan to spread the R3VOLution message! 22:56:01
Who else is kickin back with beverage thinking about life right now? 22:41:57
Gerald Celente: US Economy = Depression 22:25:47
Daily Paulers Are A Bunch Of Old Fogie, Fiber-Eating, Scarf Knitters! 21:52:29
I'm a Ron Paul supporter and I believe the government should raise taxes... 21:45:22
CDC allegedly falsifies reports--ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine 21:42:00
Ron Paul "This Is Much Bigger Than The Great Depression!" 21:15:48
Real World Solutions to Economic Tyranny 20:25:57
"Snooping on Teens Reduces Their American Individualism" 19:41:31
Why did our government get involved in the bailouts when the Federal Reserve could've done it in secret? 19:24:13
Today's Iraq is Exactly What Israeli Right-Wing Has Wanted, Motive for Mossad and 911 18:29:10
Ron Paul: Elizabeth Warren Appointment is Outrageous 18:25:59
Rand and Palin on Freedom Watch 18:23:26
Wikileaks and Hacktivist Culture 17:28:22
BREAKING VIDEO!!! FOX NEWS Discusses MERS – Could 62 Million Homes be Foreclosure Proof? 17:06:38
Scary: Group Working to Redesign the Dollar: Hidden Purpose and Obama and FDR on the Bills! 15:50:44
Dream From Our Forefathers 15:35:17
Truth about CORN SUGAR 15:19:33
Wreckless (1935) 15:02:38
New Fiat Cash coming to a wallet near you! 15:02:15
A Formidable Team Recommendation 14:03:33
Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal 14:03:02
Household Net Worth Plunges By Most Since Q4 2008, As Government Borrowing Surges 14:01:29
Peter Schiff on FOX News 09/17/10 13:48:55
DeMint: Country Suited to Tea Party Candidates Like Rand Paul 13:41:13
Unapologetic DeMint Savoring Revolution within GOP 13:39:58
SEC Opposes Audit of SEC 13:34:38
BJ Lawson just got new endorsement and is polling high! 13:33:09
Central Banks Dump $57 Billion Of US Agency Debt 13:32:54
This Is What Scares People About State's Rights 13:25:07
Post Election Analysis Wisconsin 13:21:05
Obama’s Ocean Policy Initiative: Washington’s latest power grab 12:51:30
How Can We End The Fed ? 12:27:18
Ever read this !! 11:39:13
Freedom Watch 9/18/2010 11:06:10
Weekend Watching: King Corn 11:03:32
RT-Celente: US jobs emigrated to China & Latin America 11:01:09
The Forgotten Man - A powerful painting that speaks volumes! 10:40:06
What does the value of the Dow Jones represent? 10:39:35
How Karl Rove Changed His Mind On Christene O'Donnell 10:04:30
Surprising News About Rand 10:00:53
All America Should Read This (Arizona Law) 09:38:54
Dr. Ron Paul rare Friday Update: Are Consumers Finally Winning in Washington? 09:38:28
A graph that every taxpayer ought to see. 08:15:57
Torture is Terrorism 08:04:28
Understanding the Tea Party Revolt! 08:00:02
"We're an Empire Now, and When We Act, We Create Our Own Reality." - Bush Senior Advisor 06:48:26
If you want to understand politics, just remember high school 02:41:06
Afghanistan Solution: Partitition The Place 02:01:24
Clinton extended on Daily Show 01:59:58
Two-wheeled road trip 00:51:49