Posted on September 19, 2010

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Tuesday on KNPR: Righthaven Revisited Noon ET / 9am PT 22:43:38
Boston Constitution Day Celebration 9/20 22:44:04
Rand Paul: I Don't See Things In Terms Of Party AT ALL! 17:36:24
The Bill of Rights 17:21:53
The Constitution of the United States of America 17:22:53
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You're not going to believe this, then again you might ? 23:50:48
Joe Miller on Fox News Sunday, "Debt Unconstitutional". 23:35:39
Rand Paul On Fox: Drugs Should Be Illegal (Video) 23:31:42
What's happening with gold, and ‎"architectural sympathy" 21:39:47
Olmert: To further peace, US will give citizenship to 100,000 Palestinian refugees 20:53:29
What not to say to a cop 20:25:33
Please read the words of this DP 'Infiltrator' 19:01:02
Pennsylvania Homeland Security Targeted Tea Parties 18:34:07
Herbs to be banned in EU as of 4/1/2011...coming soon to US 18:09:06
"Climate Change" replaced with unpronounceable symbol - Gore says. 17:31:45
Common Law Right to Travel 16:38:56
Jake Towne: Response to Morning Call’s Skewed Poll 15:42:45
SA@TAC - Constitution Day Interview with Kevin Gutzman 14:45:41
I Don't See Things In Terms Of Party AT ALL! Rand Paul 14:38:02
Rand Paul Speaking At The Brushy Fork Debates in Vine Grove Kentucky 14:36:41
Dr. Rand Paul on Wave 3 Louisville 9-16-2010 14:33:36
The war socialism of the American right 14:23:21
Swedish National/State/Local Election Tonight: Sept. 19, 2010 14:18:13
Libertarian US Senate candidate Alex Snitker at Constitution Day Tea Party Rally 14:16:34
Libertarian US Senate candidate Alex Snitker turned away from Miami debate 14:07:47
Reality check: Iran is not a nuclear threat 14:07:44
I listened to NPR's report from the Values Voters convention yesterday, & it made me hurl! 14:03:33
A Free Market in Gasoline by Ron Paul 13:51:47
Israelis Kill 91 Year Old and Grandson in Gaza, CUT THEM OFF! 13:51:19
Bill Clinton: Tea Party is 'general revolt against bigness' 12:14:23
The Infinite Depths of Darkness can be Sliced Light! 11:10:11
Star Trek 9/11 Parody 10:35:55
The New American Century 09:50:43
Momentum Gathers For A New, Massive Bailout Of Homeowners 09:29:43
Christine O'Donnell: 'I Dabbled in Witchcraft' More Controlled Media Insanity 09:09:46
58% Of Americans Want A Third Party 09:00:31
Obama: Black lawmakers must rally voters back home 08:31:46
States working harder to collect online sales taxes 08:23:48
Machan on the US Tea Party, Its Influence and What the Future May Hold 08:18:51
Report: 5 GIs charged over killing Afghans 'for sport 04:55:32
"Mr Obama... 02:49:48
2012 is the year for Ron Paul 02:05:21
Chemicals found in NE Pennsylvania water wells 01:13:54
Getting Milked: No Real Farms, No Real Food 00:42:20
Youtube: The curious case for $936 ounce silver 00:38:19