Posted on September 2, 2010

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There's a bank run going on in Afghanistan. Afghanistan wants the US to bail out the bank. 21:26:56
Morning Buzz Lindsey Graham Interview (2010-09-02) with Jack Hunter aka Southern Avenger! 16:51:53
Man Files Suit For Being Tazed 4 Times In His Own Home 13:36:10
Ron Paul on Uncertainty in Middle East, Sep 1, 2010 09:17:00
Ft. Worth, TX: Nullify Now with Woods, Medina, Brogdon & More - Saturday 9/4 09:11:00
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Focus and Shoot - Avoiding wedge issues 23:20:50
NAACP has a new site for tracking tea parties 23:19:35
Impeach Obama sign wave - San Diego 8/28/10 22:53:43
The October surprise, "Last Shoe" thread. 22:24:55
You tell me which one of these guys I should fear... 21:40:51
A simple solution for the world economy. 21:15:21
Just a question... Where have all the Gold and Silver bashers gone? 20:22:52
Righthaven: Obama Ties To Copyright War Deepen 20:15:46
Righthaven needs to be stopped and shut down 20:05:54
Nullify Now Conference in Fort Worth and the Constitution Party 20:02:50
Question: Why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on? 19:25:15
Great Anti-War Song 18:46:43
What would our economy look like if we followed the constitution? 18:41:45
Righthaven: A Blitzkrieg War on Internet Speech 18:11:06
Jake Towne: Campaign Featured in the Reading Eagle! 17:57:09
Jim Rogers Answers, "Is Gold in a Bubble?" 17:12:41
Keiser Report №74: Journalist being sued by Bilderberg Group 17:06:36
IS government planing on inspecting your kitchen at home? 16:53:13
Selling War 16:00:10
The Southern Avenger - Is Glenn Beck Killing the Tea Party? 15:22:02
Arizona's Anti-Immigration Firebrands: Fueled by Out-of-Staters 15:12:11
Kind of embarrassed to ask this,I need a computer Guru to help me? 15:10:32
Oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico 14:19:45
Soldier Appearing in Controversial Video Speaks Out 14:13:16
Can somebody Finally CLEAR THIS UP! Jobs claims? 14:02:01
I made the paper 13:41:49
2008 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kubby Running for City Council in Lake Tahoe, CA! 13:29:22
DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification 13:28:00
New Footage of WTC 7 12:52:51
The most important information that Everyone needs to enforce!!!! 12:47:57
The U.S. Justice Department sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio 12:47:21
Any coin buffs? What makes silver from one year more desireable than silver from another year? 12:38:15
The Obamacare Class Action. 12:23:43
Haley Barbour throwing his hat in the ring? 12:12:44
Breaking News : Another Rig Explodes in the Gulf 11:48:30
Israel link to 9/11 terrorism 11:31:01
FAILED STRATEGY: Taking over the Republican Party ... 11:29:44
Gold an silver continue their climb... 11:13:46
Traffic ticket VS. Life of an 11-year old Girl: Ticket Wins! 11:12:36
Did NIST Edit WTC 7 Footage To Hide Evidence Of Implosion? 11:03:35
German Soldiers in Afghanistan Wear Protest on Their Sleeve 10:24:11
WSJ is liveblogging Fed Chief Ben Bernanke's testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission 10:08:58
Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick is NOT a fan of the Constitution 10:08:14
NY Bankruptcy Court Rules Trucker may Claim his Peterbilt Cab with Sleeper as exempt "Homestead" 09:45:08
sunny check your voicemail. 08:57:24
Lawsuit? - This is why I keep hounding people to do this! 08:31:40
Mortgage Loan Modifications Surpass One Million Mark for 2010 08:26:03
Gold Silver - Dip Buying Pattern Change 08:01:53
Bank Run 2011? 08:00:21
Lawmakers frustrated by Internet "kill switch" reports 07:31:54
The Fed approves Chinese investment in Morgan Stanley 07:24:04
W.H. Economic Adviser Romer calls for Washington to ’spend more and tax less’ in farewell speech 07:07:47
Democrats, Republicans in gubernatorial races run on strict anti-immigrant platforms 06:59:54
NAACP launches ‘coalition watchdog’ site to ‘monitor’ Tea Party ‘racists’ 06:46:37
"Putting a Mosque Next to WTC-7 Is...BLASPHEMY!" 05:11:29
Government Think Tank Calls For Infiltrating Conspiracy Websites 05:11:08
How Hyperinflation Will Happen 02:19:53
Washington Times: "Obama should be impeached" 02:09:13
Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians 01:59:18
Billionaire FL Dem Loser Blames And Sues Media For Loss 01:36:02
July4Patriot is FREE! 01:19:38
Finally, Some News About Jane Burgermeister Post Aug 12th Court Appearance 00:58:24
Case Dismissed! Sovereign Citizen Makes Judge Walk 00:30:30
promoting police brutality 00:01:38