Posted on September 20, 2010

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Obama Supporter Slams President at Town Hall: 22:09:40
The Great Glenn Beck Texas Mistake 21:43:53
Feds confiscating samples and preventing research all over Gulf 21:38:42
Jim Rickards- Gold Standard is Plan B and Revalue Gold at $5000 21:35:45
The Curious Case For $936 Ounce Silver 21:09:14
Help! is it time to buy yet? 20:57:33
The Bailout, Toxic Assets, Freddie, Fannie and it's all about to hit the fan! 20:46:25
The moment JFK woke up. Or not. 20:36:06
Invited to a Party - Encounter with Police 20:27:43
James Turk: US Dollar Will End Up in Fiat Currency Graveyard 19:46:20
Jake Towne: Political Economic Suppression 18:07:56
Polls Show Both Parties Are Deeply Unpopular With An Electorate Looking For Something New And Different 17:22:09
More Music on Youtube 17:05:57
Pennsylvania's homeland security chief goes in hiding 16:21:58
Karl Denninger BANS Me 16:13:32
Debunking The Great Myth Of US Consumer Deleveraging, Or Why The US Economy Will End Not With A Whimper But A Bang 16:04:48
Obama Challenges the Tea Party 14:55:39
Obama: Much more work needed to fix the economy 14:46:33
The WRONG Revolution 14:45:11
KUHNER: President's socialist takeover must be stopped 14:37:20
Average American Works 231 Days Just To Support Government 14:21:49
And Justice For All 14:18:03
Police who planted guns & drugs in people's cars find 'nothing suspicious' in activists fiery death 14:03:22
Recession pain still real, despite end, Obama says 13:57:17
Fidel on guns 13:50:36
Something Truly Amazing Happened To Me Yesterday 13:48:56
MLK Antiwar Speech, Little-Known, Magnificent! 13:45:07
The recession is over, economists say, but the pain isn't 13:41:50
Rubio calls election 'referendum on national identity' at tea party rally 13:39:40
Meet the man that believes that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao did not go far enough. 13:21:00
I couldn't revive the "Anything Goes " thread 13:16:22
How Much Is an Iraqi Life Worth? 13:07:27
Time To Celebrate! The Recession Is Officially Over!! 12:45:47
Good News, The Recession is over!! 12:42:38
It's 'Official'! The recession, Iraq war, and oil spill are OVER!! Happy Days are Here Again! 12:42:12
Black Vandy Law Professor's Quote on Obama and Race Relations 12:28:54
(Help!) A plea for assistance by the DP community... 12:21:06
Sen. Jim DeMint warns of GOP Death 12:16:37
THE HILL: Ron Paul won't rule out 2012 presidential run 12:06:10
Environmentalism In Action -video- 12:03:45
UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First 11:55:17
Ron Paul: Turn Off the Printing Presses, Allow the People to Keep What They Earn 11:28:35
Ron Paul Celebrates Constitution Day with Mike Church 11:28:07
RT- For Sale: Welcome to United States of Tent Cities 11:26:13
September 20th - Proverbs 20:10-11 10:54:19
Latest Real Estate Time Bomb: Title of Foreclosed Properties Clouded 10:32:27
Grocery Store Wars (Star Wars spoof) 10:23:53
EFF Takes on Democratic Underground Case Against Righthaven 10:17:49
Global Warming Alarmist Calls For Eco-Gulags To Re-Educate Climate Deniers 09:48:09
What Newt Gingrich did to Ron Paul: worth remembering 09:37:52
GMAC Mortgage Halts Home Foreclosures in 23 States including Fla. and N.Y. 09:22:24
I hope this goes viral. 08:59:20
Again ! Who is telling the truth? Update 08:53:19
Huckabee: Obama Treats Muslims Better Than Jews, Christians 08:27:38
I have a question 08:13:33
A reasonable post about the 9/11 conspiracy theory... 02:32:01
Got some new vids also read my criminal complaint against the Chief of Police 02:11:11
Texas Sues to Block Bizarre "Global Warming" EPA Rules 01:13:32
Obama Leaves "By their Creator" Out of Declaration of Independence at Hispanic Caucus Speech 01:07:26
The Tea Party is a Cargo Cult where people pray to totems for wealth 00:09:21
A Rundown of the Last 100 Years 00:09:16
Art imitates life? 00:00:16