Posted on September 21, 2010

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EFF: Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in "Online Infringement" Bill - S.3804 22:08:14
Jim Rickards on King World News: Financial Gold War 15:46:23
Lindsey Graham says U.S. must prepare to attack Iran 07:41:25
Are You Freaking Kidding Me?? FDA Outlaws Labeling Non-GMO Foods! 08:47:21
Rand Paul on Cavuto / FOX 00:11:35
Ron Paul on Elizabeth Warren: Credit Czar or Bankster Puppet? 00:09:35
Ron Paul: "This Is Much Bigger Than The Great Depression!" 00:10:01
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Libertarian Party Monday Message: Candidates, Campaigns, Polls, Fundraising 23:55:58
Should Ron Paul Challenge Boehner for House Speaker? 23:46:38
Exxon and other giants to construct containment system and 'strike force' 22:56:40
New tea party: energy, money and detente with GOP 22:40:32
Ec. ad. L. Summers to step down as unemployment rises in 27 states & foreclosures hit record 22:35:37
Police: Gun-carrying couple stops beating 22:28:47
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Exclusive Interview 22:16:23
Prepare To Be Betrayed: Lew Rockwell On the Tea Party 21:51:40
People in economic distress should “suck it in and cope.” 21:48:09
Poll finds voters' mood on economy is grim -- for both parties 21:43:25
No scope for more Obama stimulus post November 21:37:35
Insurgents: GOP Continues to Fight Us 21:03:35
Mumia Abu-Jamal: Israel is the Root of the Problems 20:37:52
Christians for 911 Truth: Here and Growing 20:27:26
The Morning Call: Letter In Support Of Jake Towne & More... 20:21:54
Health care law making us muddle-minded 20:06:35
Top economic adviser to leave White House 20:04:46
On loyalty to Israel... 19:58:43
Richard Dreyfus on Teaching our Children about the ideas of America 19:50:49
The First Signs of the Upcoming Food Crisis in Mainstream Media. Hope you all prepared... 19:43:38
Russian Bankers Get Austrian Schooled - MUST SEE VIDEO 19:38:22
The Rich Get Richer... 19:25:27
Will this finally topple the Pope? 19:22:40
Dollar slammed after Fed says it could do more 19:21:12
Fox Business Text Poll just ended. "Ron Paul for President." 57% said YES! 19:20:41
Is joining "THE BLAZE" a way to educate? 18:26:28
Critical DISCLOSE vote this Thursday Sept. 23 18:18:35
Sen. Feingold (D-Wisc) down double-digits to GOP newcomer 18:10:40
URGENT: Pennsylvania Terror Watch List 17:42:40
Working Stiffed: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 17:25:44
Take 6:33 16:57:17
"What have we done?" -Ahmadinejad 16:54:32
8 City Officials Arrested Yay! 16:46:58
Canidate Ray Kish needs financial Support in MO state dist 119 16:30:47
Video: Anti-Obama song 16:14:39
U.S. household wealth fell by another $1.5 trillion in the second quarter 16:01:52
FOX: Top (anti-states rights) Republican Blasts Holder Over Medical Marijuana 15:27:34
Senate Fails to Repeal Dont Ask-Don't Tell Anti-Gay Policy 15:21:12
Where Can I Get Ron Paul Revolution 2012 Banners???? 14:59:02
UK: Viagra goes over-the-counter & increases longevity 14:49:19
No Farmin For You! 14:05:54
FBI says it supplied fake bomb in Chicago plot 13:40:27
MUST WATCH: The Curious Case For $936 Ounce Silver. 13:24:03
Obamas Illegal Immigrant Auntie Z Speaks 13:09:34
Happy Peace Day! 12:58:47
Liberty Bell Free Speech Upheld - United States of America v. Michael Marcavage 12:33:28
Jade is the new tulip in China 12:15:07
Welcome to the "Largest Seizure Of Private Property Ever Attempted By Banks And Government" 12:08:07
Breaking News:Vatican Bank being investigated 11:25:26
Alan Grayson on "Largest Seizure Of Private Property Ever Attempted By Banks And Government" 11:16:32
Israel: No choice but to attack Iran 11:04:27
★ U.S. $123bn Arms Deal With Persian Gulf States! ★ 10:43:24
Illegal!:Building sand castles on FL beaches 10:32:54
RT- Ahmadinejad aims to change World Order 10:30:17
Terrorist? 10:13:15
Obama goes to church to hear a Muslim speaker! Say what? 09:58:16
The Southern Avenger- The Tea Party's Witching Hour? 09:52:55
Vaccine Proponents Conflicts of Interest 09:20:07
Effective tax rates over 100% coming soon! 09:15:49
Conspiracy Alert: OJ is guilty! But not of murder! The Overlooked Suspect. 08:44:56
Sign a petition that asks Pelosi-John Dennis TV-debate! 08:30:25
AquaBounty Technologies ;sounds wonderful dosen't it? 08:29:42
Gold and silver are sounding the alarm 07:39:56
U.K. Proposal Would have All Employers First Send Paychecks to the Govt. then to Employees 07:37:02
GOP confronts sore-loser syndrome 07:35:24
Sen Shelby: Bernanke backs privatizing Fannie und Freddie 07:34:44
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: The IMF itself has become the problem as Europe's woes return 07:34:01
And the beat goes on ..... 04:49:09
Gold and Silver Are Sounding The Alarm 02:03:15
This Isn't the Tea Party I Signed Up For...I'm a Lost Libertarian Once Again 01:54:30
[Youtube] YAL-Madison Constitution Day 01:03:02