Posted on September 22, 2010

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legalizeliberty: Morning Call Let Jake Towne Debate! 17:27:58
Glen Greenwald on Democracy Now 11:49:25
How much does the head of the NY Library make? 11:21:06
Video: Copying Is Not Theft 10:31:59
Bob Woodward book details Obama battles with advisers over exit plan for Afghan war 05:49:07
Video: Neocon Warmonger Destroyed by MSNBC Dylan Ratigan and Glenn Greenwald 12:20:40
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Gold - $1292 22:46:55
Daily Caller: Did Ron Paul admit that he is running for President in 2012? [VIDEO] 20:47:51
U.S. Senate Candidate Alex Snitker (FL Libertarian) To Host Weekly Radio Show 20:38:15
'Yobs' take over as UK police give up control of streets 19:45:36
2 VIDEOS - Mike Maloney Austrian Schools Arrogant Bankers 19:09:23
CBS report on Tea Party Express Co opting Tea Party 19:00:14
Constitution Party asks members to dump NRA 18:56:40
Ron Paul to Appear at Inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriot Convention 18:54:36
Reid has scheduled a cloture vote on S. 3628, the DISCLOSE Act 18:49:15
✈ Let's fly a "RUN RON RUN" BLIMP over Rand's victory party! 18:38:42
Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant? 18:21:44
Grade the "Pledge to America" Unveiled by Republicans 18:07:21
$10 oil? Mike Maloney schools bankers on deflation 17:59:25
UCC 1-308 when signing divorce papers? Good idea? 16:48:46
U.S. Defence Spending Set for Downward Course 16:34:14
Emanuel Likely to Leave White House for Mayoral Bid 16:28:42
More Forensic Evidence of Gold & Silver Price Manipulation 16:19:47
Ron Paul SIGNS 16:00:02
Neocons Remain Wary of Rand Paul 15:55:26
TYT-Beer Industry Vs Marijuana Legalization 15:55:22
What your cell phone could be telling the government 15:03:34
Murray Rothbard: Copying IS theft. 14:48:22
Jake Towne: Letters to the Editor over Debate Barring 14:32:44
Dylan Ratigan on Larry Summers and the Obama economic team 14:18:27
Polish Prosecutors To Probe CIA Prison Acts 13:51:50
Tyranny Response Team Crashes Parade 13:40:28
Uncle Sam in vegas 13:00:08
Ron Paul should be HOUSE SPEAKER if Republicans win the House 12:55:39
"Ron Paul CRIES For Help!" [ECONOMIC COLLAPSE] 12:46:18
RT- Keiser Report: World War III is over! (Updated) 12:41:44
Currency Crisis has begun.. 12:40:51
"All Hale Liberty" 12:35:28
CIA Afghan paramilitary force hunts militants 12:34:36
Fiscal House of Horrors … in 3D! 12:21:29
JFK Murder Plot "Deathbed Confession" Aired On National Radio, Former CIA agent names the men who killed Kennedy 12:18:51
INCOMING!! HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). 12:03:30
Banking System Collpase, on the Edge of The Precipice, Basel III 12:00:35
Supreme Court Justice Scalia Takes On Women's Rights 11:59:07
Health law kicks into 2nd gear; does it help me? 11:46:50
Homeland Security Targets Activists 11:39:58
Kiplinger: Who'll Face Obama in 2012? [Ron Paul is on the list] 11:23:16
Witness Against Torture, Jeremy Varon, interviewed by Scott H. 11:21:25
DC police lose woman's car after Obama speech 11:16:21
States’ rights should be encouraged, not punished by Gary Johnson 11:12:57
RT- CrossTalk on Iran: Strike 3 - US out! 10:45:16
Christine O'Donnell, Tea Party Delaware Senate hopeful, will not do any more national TV interviews 10:23:07
Carl Paladino: Andrew Cuomo has no 'cojones', is riding 'daddy's coattails' 10:16:12
Treasury official in charge of 'remarkably successful' TARP program says leaving post 09:47:16
"Smoking gun" for E.T.? 09:13:53
The Fed pledges More Economic Aid--Inflation Risk Notwithstanding 09:12:50
Idaho Rloveution: Sound Money Legislation 09:11:24
Israel's nuclear whistleblower and political prisoner receives human rights medal. 09:10:42
One man's mistake could open door for thousands of homeowners to challenge foreclosures 09:02:56
Library of Gulf News that is not BP approved (in other words, what is really happening) 08:56:38
Alternative Universe - "TSA Training Film" WARNING ADULT CONTENT 08:34:59
DeMint: Tea Party slate will get Republicans to a Senate majority 07:43:31
Dollar sinks and gold soars as Fed signals it wants to stoke inflation 07:17:40
Peter Schiff: Obama Is Bought and Paid for by Wall Street 07:03:58
CIA Accidentally Overthrows Costa Rica 05:13:35
Gay Czar? didnt know this 01:14:50
Russia today, tomorrow the world 00:52:23
Tracking Technology tonight on CoastToCoast radio 00:41:26
Start collecting spent political signs, sign materials 00:32:07