Posted on September 23, 2010

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Shelly Roche: New COICA Bill Would End Free Speech Online 13:41:17
Conway announces Conway vs. Paul debate on Fox News 10/3 with Chris Wallace moderating. 11:27:44
Clay Shirky at TED: How cognitive surplus will change the world 09:10:15
US Government confesses to plans to terrify citizens 07:51:59
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Daily Show does it again - nails the "Pledge to Amerika" 23:21:26
Former NM Gov. Gary E. Johnson: The Our America Initiative 23:16:01
best book about banking/monetary system 22:49:18
Obama asks Wen for more action on yuan 22:40:23
Calling your senators is quick and easy 22:31:53
The Southern Avenger- Wither the Neocons? 22:22:09
DISCLOSE defeated! For now… 22:19:24
Want to see what your tax dollars are funding at Chrysler? 22:00:55
GOP, Democrats offer dueling governing plans 22:00:03
Frank the Carjacker, by Larken Rose 20:46:30
NEW RAND PAUL COMMERCIAL - Government is NOT our master! 19:38:32
Great letter to Robert Rubin on the Estate Tax 19:02:31
BREAKING: US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal 18:49:27
Faith in science: Retired NASA engineer explains why he doesn’t believe the official 9/11 report 18:26:19
Iranian President Speaking TRUTH about US Foreign Policy 18:09:33
Support USS Liberty Survivors by Joining This Facebook Page 17:22:18
Must Read: GQ Mag hit piece on Rand Paul: "Did Somebody Say Fringe?" + Rand kisses neoCONS' Ring? WTF? 17:21:04
Charlie Rose 60 min. interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran 17:16:12
Ahmedinejad breaks out 9/11 truth to United Nations 17:16:10
HeHeHeHe chuckle 16:54:24
Half of California voters want Pelosi replaced as House speaker 16:36:32
Glen Greenwald on the Tea Party 16:28:33
Let's just ignore Washington D.C. 15:42:48
TAX the LIEs - used to be: New financial reform direction that may be easier to swallow 15:41:08
Kochtapus gains on "richest" list 15:37:28
Candidate Greg Cowan (MO 4 CD) on The Republican "A Pledge to America" 15:33:41
MPAA Wants To Know If ACTA Can Be Used To Block Wikileaks? 15:31:49
The News that will not be reported, and even here will induce a hypnotic response 15:31:00
Humor- How to start your day out with a positive outlook 15:23:40
WWIII is over! 15:09:38
Warren Buffett: "We're still in a recession" 14:47:17
Handling a Recession Martin van Buren Style! 14:46:29
California Initiatives and No on Prop 19? 14:42:57
Gold Confirms Its Bull Market Uptrend Once More 14:37:07
Gerald Celente on The Gary Null show 20 sept 2010 14:32:38
Ron Paul "Let the Revolution Begin" 13:41:38
If you're feeling down... 13:39:52
" Somewhere in KENYA a Village is Missing Their IDIOT " 13:39:00
Lysander Spooner defends Intellectual Property as a Natural Right 13:37:10
CIA Kiddie Page-Spying Is A Good Thing 12:21:03
Gold Fight: rep. Anthony Whiner vs. Goldline 12:20:53
Fannie Mae Press Release - Just for Laughs 12:14:59
Sign the petition to urge Pelosi to debate John Dennis! 11:43:33
The UNSPOKEN reality... 11:39:39
Bill would let feds block copyright 'infringing' websites worldwide 11:29:20
flash mob / spontaneous dance, interesting idea... what do you think? 11:25:58
New York Post: U.S. $60 Trillion In Debt 11:19:58
Head of Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security still in hiding 11:16:31
Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says 11:15:52
Cyberware to detroy PHYSICAL targets 11:12:40
Israeli raid on Gaza aid flotilla broke law - UN probe 11:11:59
From beginning, Bush planned war with Iraq- Documents released 09/22 11:05:28
Fox News: Italy to abandon body scanners. 11:05:18
Urgent Appeal From Bob Schulz - Liberty Walk Scheduled Sunday, Oct 24th 1pm 10:43:07
Intellectual Property and Copyrights / Patents are Sacred? Bah! Humburg! 10:34:02
Glenn Beck vs. Rep. Anthony Weiner, Who's Right? An Insider's View Into the Gold Dealer Industry 10:02:32
China Halts Rare Earth Exports to Japan 09:46:18
Ron Paul 2012 Idea: Petition the Daily Show's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' to give Dr. Paul a speaking role. 09:15:27
O'Reilly vs Stewart 09:06:45
Taking it to the enemy... The Banksters & moneylenders! 09:04:13
Independents as upset as Republicans 08:55:31
Facebook Launches Competing Virtual Currency called "Credits" 08:13:34
How do you say "General Motors" in Chinese? 08:03:52
Man without Mortgage Loses Home in Foreclosure; Bank of American Filed Wrongful Foreclosure 07:32:29
Consumer czar Elizabeth Warren thinks that Banks are receptive to change 07:25:02
Maryland Congressman Calls For Schools To ‘Promote The Agenda’ Of Climate Change, Population Limitation 07:19:34
New Song about Freedom Mason Moore - This is Hell 04:18:36
Jump Start Ron's Campaign 01:26:24
Can a ETF COLLAPSE?? Very Scary!! Make sure you have physical! 00:09:00
Update: ☠ DISCLOSE Vote Defeated 59-39! 11:28:44