Posted on September 24, 2010

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Ron Paul, Jim DeMint to headline NKY fundraiser for Rand Paul 14:56:55
Latest Ad - Rand's Plan 13:31:04
CIA runs 3,000-strong covert army to hunt down al-Qaida in Pakistan 11:25:39
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GOLD and GATA's Bill Murphy on Canada's Business News Network 23:32:36
Hey where is the part feel good we will prevail thread? 23:25:30
Lovem' or Hatem', the Tea Party people are being takin seriously by the Demorats 22:07:33
Alex Jones Show FEMA Concentration Camps, How can anyone take this seriously? 22:04:49
Ahmadinejad Cutoff After Bringing Up 9/11 21:31:02
Ahmadinejad Speach to the UN 21:17:18
Any "New World Order" skeptics left? Here's your CIA confession. 20:21:16
Pres Ahmadinejad Interview with Larry King 19:37:23
Will space mission to Phobos "change everything?" 19:23:32
Rand Paul, here's some more money! 19:11:21
California Atty Gen tells GMAC to halt foreclosures 18:42:18
Jake Towne: Another Debate! 17:47:39
BP contractor announces they are done cleaning beaches. 17:43:47
Jon Stewart on "Pledge" from Republicans... 17:42:47
Poker Face Patriot Band in New York City! 17:33:14
I think the NWO needs a make-over 17:31:07
Pelosi hopes she won't get booted; tax cut before election 17:25:21
Shut Up! You're Disturbing the Elite! 17:23:42
RayStevens - The Global Warming Song 17:02:29
The Modern Witch Hunt: Herbal Medicine Is on the Verge of being Regulated out of the EU 16:46:39
Ridley Report- Bleish: I knew they were cops b/c they were violent 16:38:54
RT- Afghan CIA-trained 'kill squads' now busy in Pakistan? 16:30:12
There are some green shoots!!! Queen asks for poverty fund to heat palaces. 16:27:38
Bernanke on CSPAN today (9/24/10) @ 4:30 pm ET 15:54:13
Charles Lollar IS Steny Hoyer's challenger, USHOR Majority Leader 15:40:29
Stephen Colbert draws attention to self, then farmworkers during Hill appearance 15:37:46
FBI raids homes of several prominent members of Twin Cities antiwar movement 15:11:32
The Globalists (NWO) Plan for a Coming World Currency 14:34:40
Pakistan erupts after US jailing of 'daughter of the nation' Aafia Siddiqui (US Citizen) 14:33:45
Barney Frank Wants All Troops Home From Iraq: 'What The Hell Are They Doing There?' 14:24:53
What's the deal with Rand Paul's visit to Kristol? 14:13:49
The New GOP and Sex... ugh.. NO SEX outside of marriage 14:12:51
Video: TV News Anchors Scared After Interviewing Richard Gage, Architect for 9/11 Truth 14:02:11
This is kinda creepy 13:42:23
US Congress committee approves China sanctions bill 13:29:11
Delaware Sends “First Offense Warning” for Sign 13:21:55
Barack Slaps Down Mahmoud--"Hateful, Offensive" 13:12:51
Why are Gold and Silver going up? Permanent 0% on Road to Ruin... 13:12:27
POKER FACE plays a New York City show Saturday Sept. 25th @ 9 PM 13:01:42
RT- What awaits next Gaza Flotilla in November? 12:40:37
HUD IG Exposes More ACORN Fraud 12:39:33
RT- Ahmadinejad 9/11 jibe sparks US walkout at UN assembly 12:21:57
CSI populace mind manipulation 12:06:46
This is why Everyone needs to carry a Gun 12:01:16
Freddie Mac and Ally knew of faulty GMAC documents weeks before eviction moratorium-Could Affrect More than 23 States 11:40:45
US Judge Gives Pakistani Woman 86 Years in Attack 11:39:43
NJ Gov. Chris Christie smacks down heckler 11:10:28
Are military families pro war? 10:56:28
Little known republic in Louisiana celebrates 200 years 10:05:55
Shock Decision: University of Illinois Denies William Ayers Emeritus Status 09:42:50
U.S. Federal Judge Gives Final Approval for Historic Settlement on 1st Amendment 09:12:54
Gold and Silver up, up and away 08:54:48 The Hollow Man: Rand Paul’s Father Complex 08:34:25
New Dodd-Frank Requirement Issued for Making Home Affordable/HAMP 08:23:37
How Israel murdered an American citizen with impunity 08:17:52
Waiting for superman 08:00:10
Sheep getting carnivorous? 07:53:04
Poll: Dems disliked, but GOP just as bad 07:48:40
The 'Moneyless Man': Why I Live Without Money 07:40:09
Relax, the aliens are here to save us. Reuters says so, this is serious news... 07:34:14
Israeli Leaders Slam Bill Clinton Over Immigrant Comments 07:04:00
Pat Buchanan Asks: Do you want Equality -- or Freedom? 06:52:46
Herman Cain is contemplating 2012 run for president 06:51:17
GOLD over 1300US$ today... 05:52:47
UN to Israel: You can run, but you can't hide 05:20:36
"End the Fed" 1oz Silver Coins! 03:31:34
White House Announces 'Everything Great In Iraf' 00:18:58