Posted on September 29, 2010

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NPR: Conway ad falsely represents Rand Paul 22:55:13
YouTube Pulls John Dennis's 'Pelosi Wicked Witch' Video on Copyright Infringement Claim! Political Pressure Suspected 09:57:10
Boycott corn? GM contamination of our rivers now. 08:16:19
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Elderly woman shoots boy: 2nd Amendment in effect 23:36:46
Ron Paul on Fox Business - Gold and the Federal Reserve 23:02:44
Tucked into the healthcare bill 22:42:24
British economist Philip Manduca tells it like it is: "America...what are you doing???"" 22:37:34
Help me ask Harry Reid and Sharron Angle if they will Audit the Fed on live TV! 22:36:11
Why is the DP running so slow today? 22:31:20
Ohio Tea party endorses Constitution Party candidate for AG 22:09:58
Congress refuses to vote on bills till after November election 21:51:17
"For Liberty" - Free Screening in Philly 10/18 7pm 21:25:58
Bend over, boys and girls! 21:03:20
Get Daily Paul Ranked 20:33:29
More Demeaning of Liberty then the FED! 19:41:11
Ayn Rand - Saving American Liberty 19:33:49
Iran launches new fleet of flying boats to their military. 18:09:28
(VIDEO) Union bosses go after Rand Paul. (POLL) 17:56:24
Does anyone here have a contact with the Ray MacBerry campaign? 17:33:08
Alex Snitker : The only Liberty Candidate for Florida in the US Senate Race 17:31:38
Sen. DeMint Warns of Possible Death for GOP 17:21:00
Got a Mortgage with Chase? Today could be your lucky day: JPMorgan Halts Some Foreclosures on Procedural Worries 17:20:11
Treason, High Crimes and misdemeanors! Do we need a list? 17:20:04
Breaking News: Metals Supply Pipeline Breaking down! 17:13:40
"Firing Squad" for Pennsylvania Homeland Security Director 17:09:37
Be very afraid, the "experts" are running the economy! Tom Woods 9/29/10 17:03:41
Need help answering a question about capitalism.... 16:49:16
Constitutionalists under seige -- Reality Report 16:45:37
A Night for Liberty with Jordan Page - Florida fundraiser for Snitker for Senate 16:41:55
Libertarian David Nolan demolishes McCain in Arizona Senate Debate 16:28:19
Song about Medical Marijuana in the Wild West 16:07:32
Pathetic plea for peace loving singers. Bad ones loved most of all. 15:38:14
How I Believe The Dollar Will Die 15:27:09
Economic Collapse Update: Acceleration In Autumn 15:23:49
Mortgage Gate Just Got Wierder! 15:17:13
Tell Your Liberal Friends to Take Biden's Advice: "Get Out" and "Look at the Alternatives": Green, Moderate, Progressive 15:15:19
What in the world are they spraying? 15:13:57
My Response to Rolling Stone hit piece on Teaparty (updated) 14:44:26
Pelosi and the culture of corruption 14:41:02
Army judge tells officer: Shut up and be punished! 14:40:49
Updated - Tens of thousands march in Europe: Global Currency Wars: 14:36:32
Constitutionalists Under Siege 14:20:09
Constitutionalists Under Siege 14:19:50
Constitutionalists Under Siege 14:19:37
RT- Monkeys hired to guard 2010 Commonwealth Games in India 14:11:35
Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Records Detailing 16 New Deaths Tied to Gardasil 13:56:32
Meredith Whitney - She Speaks Truth Regarding 'Cause' of Economic Crisis - She's Great! 13:52:34
Terrorist Threat Has Roots in U.S. Policy 13:49:49
FBI Investigates Obama Healthcare, Budget Advisor 13:31:28
RT- Austerity on Fire: Video of street battles in Spain as protests heat up 13:13:27
UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First 12:44:28
Suit filed over school search in Springfield MO. 12:36:14
RT- Keiser Report: Beef Jerky global currency 12:25:49
International Forecaster September 2010 (#9) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More 12:25:23
John Dennis: Another day. Another dollar. Another bailout! 12:09:52
Pennsylvania Liberty Conference October 8-9 2010 11:59:17
POLL: Alex Snitker / Naples News 11:51:22
The Battle Begins With Citibank... 11:05:06
RT- Pentagon's 'Burn a Book Day': War memoir destroyed as 'security threat' 11:00:55
U.S. to Israel: Halt West Bank Settlements 10:24:09
Free Land? 10:11:39
Afghan President In Tears Begging To Stop The Violence 09:55:25
PROMISES, PROMISES: Pelosi ethics pledge falters 09:46:23
Video - The SILVER Perspective 09:26:44
John Stossel: Some Americans Too Stupid To Vote 09:24:27
White House: Fox News 'Destructive', Olbermann & Maddow 'Invaluable' 09:13:00
A most credible UFO documentary. Implies the NWO has control of the technology! 08:20:20
New Bill Calls for Refinancing of 30 Million Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Mortgages 08:19:31
Dr. Rath Foundation : Tea Parties and World Federalists' strategy 08:10:25
To Save Our Economy from Destruction by Murray Rothbard (1995) 07:31:28
People dying from contact with Gulf water (BP murders with impunity, too!) 07:30:55
One Of The Most Important Videos You And Your Friends Can See! 07:30:21
Politics Versus Gold by Thomas Sowell 07:23:09
Congratulations, rational people! You stood down the alien invasion! 07:18:50
Savers told to stop moaning and start spending 06:51:43
WSJ/NBC Poll: Tea-party movement transforming GOP 06:31:08
International Monetary Fund Chief: Global Recovery Uncertain Due To Shaky Job Market 06:27:59
The ugly reality of lowering consumer debt by default 06:20:28
What is in your Medicine Cabinet? 04:03:23
!BREAKING! Democrat worried subpoenas will be issued in Obama eligibility 03:52:47
My Response to Rolling Stone hit piece on Teaparty 03:42:29
Please use this and send to all in your address book!! 01:14:04
I've got that impending doom feeling again 00:58:11
Jack Conway attacks Paul on Hardball with Chris Matthews 9/28/10 (VIDEO) 00:49:18
How much worse is it going to get in California? 00:23:25