Posted on September 3, 2010

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Video of LVRJ's Agent Who is Suing the Daily Paul 11:23:31
Interesting Timing on Lawsuit 12:05:45
Joe Arpaio: Why is the Obama Administration Suing an Outspoken Arizona Sheriff? 09:25:19
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Righthaven the smoke for the fire "The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" ACTA 22:31:44
Husband protects wife from crazy off-duty cop, cop gets paid vacation and no charges(Update!). 22:28:02
Ron Paul, whose lone voice was ignored in 2008 21:09:36
Who has "OUR" Gold? Ron Paul wants to know & is the US selling ours? 20:57:19
Don't ever count Michael Nystrom out! 20:44:25
WARNING: GOP 9/12 alert 20:36:59
A really excellent article against the idiocy of continuing war... 20:36:35
Activist, not Assivists 19:38:13
17-Year old Dead by 5 shots to the torso! Cops trigger happy had noise complaint. 19:15:50
What Did You Learn in School Today? 18:33:42
Yet ANOTHER Smoking Gun: The Fake Bin Laden 18:12:49
How Jackson's Veto of the Bank bill led to Big Government 18:03:21
Bernanke: Shut down banks if they threaten system 17:28:54
Haaretz: Simon Wiesenthal,[IN]Famous Nazi-hunter was a Mossad agent, new book reveals 17:21:29
Department of Justice removes red white and blue stars and stripes from it's web site 16:54:46
This is powerful!! Must watch... 16:40:33
Obama Unpopular Ahead of Midterms: Will the GOP Benefit? 16:26:13
Final Survival Preparations 15:59:34
Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be Part of the Herd 15:44:59
Gold Reserves & Money on CoastToCoast Radio 15:24:25
A message to Dr. Rand Paul as US Senate Candidate from Kentucky 15:23:33
Did NC governor suspend gun rights? 15:03:12
What do Paulites think of Joe Miller? 14:59:20
Peter Schiff on FOX News 09/02/10 14:46:55
Human trafficking ring in US busted 14:13:55
Sen. Diane Feinstein: Modern Jesse James. 13:53:50
How do you sign up? 13:49:11
Why Neocons Are Anti-America, Islamic Jihadist Lovers 13:42:12
Support The Daily Paul 13:37:22
What the Arizona Immigration Law was Really About 12:56:56
How Hyperinflationary Hell – and Commodity Heaven – Will Happen (Before the End of 2011!) 12:49:16
The hidden meanings in the new $100 bill 12:08:31
Help get rid of Pomeroy in ND! 12:04:33
SILVER just jumped...and Gold reversed? HUGE!!!! 11:28:44
Pastor/Business Owner Killed By Police in Spokane 10:33:54
The Summer of Recovery Is Over; The Fall of the Economy Is Here 10:12:38
Rep. Justin Amash sponsors bill requiring three-day waiting period 10:11:45
Feds Convict Texan for Selling a Gun to Illegal Alien With Texas Driver’s License 10:09:02
What is "non-fiat" money? 10:05:49
Boycott and contact the Las Vegas Review Journal Sponsors : list here 09:57:31
4409 -- Demolition Company: "WTC 7 Imploded" 09:46:46
Read your kids text books lately? 09:03:03
Full Text of Iraqi Constitution 08:50:16
It is possible to reform the Democratic Party 08:48:57
Fannie Mae Says Foreclosure Delays Represent a Breach by the Servicer 08:30:25
Jim DeMint Looks toward November, and Beyond 08:24:58
Rand Paul: Gov’t out of control, “day of reckoning” coming 08:08:35
Rand Paul regains lead in U.S. Senate race-up by 5% in cn|2 Poll 08:07:21
Fewer Young Voters See Themselves as Democrats-New York Times 07:49:13
Jim Bunning predicts Rand Paul will Win in Kentucky 07:35:26
Quiz Across America 07:16:57
Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse' 07:02:08
Bernanke: 'Too big to fail' must end 06:36:19
Whittling man fatally shot by police 6 times in the chest! 02:28:50
Floridians plan statewide protest against NBC Meet the Press 00:31:34
AJ should be fired up tomorrow 00:28:31
Snitker Strikes Back Against NBC Debate Snub 00:04:37