Posted on September 30, 2010

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Federal Reserve 'Will Be Gone' In 25 Years, Predicts Black Swan Author 19:54:55
Rasmussen Poll 09/30: Rand Paul Leads By 11% In KY-SEN 15:38:20
Copyright Question: What if football plays were copyrighted? 13:50:30
Conway Fearmongers Kentucky Seniors in New Anti-Rand Ad 13:51:16
Ron Paul at 7%, 5th place, in new Gallup 2012 Poll 10:21:37
Urban Gardening in Detroit 08:30:39
Doug Wead: Democrats, Republicans and Ron Paul 07:51:29
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US Mint raises premiums on Silver Eagles again 23:08:06
This is Not Onion News and it's Not a Saturday Night Live Skit! 23:04:44
YAL-Madison crashes Obama Rally 22:45:16
Buying precious metals - need advice 22:30:31
Prudential Profits From Dead Soldiers, With Help From Taxpayers 22:05:20
Can the Tea Party govern? 21:48:47
Jordan Page Interview Fri. Oct 1 Sneak Preview of his new album! 19:55:36
BP and Fed re-educating Louisiana 8th graders about oil spill 19:52:20
DU-The greatest threat to the oath keepers? 17:51:03
Wheels off Liberty 17:42:58
New Documentary Exposes How 'Banksters' Continue To Steal Our Money 17:39:29
Police Riot In The Streets Of Ecuador 17:27:03
Interview with Two Zombies {and Jake Towne} 17:19:45
Assassinating Americans, Secretly by Jacob Hornberger 16:50:38
Barney Frank Running Scared, popularity at under 50% 16:36:53
Poll Bomb for Tim Hampton 16:27:26
Judicial Watch denied access to Fannie/Freddie political activity documents 16:18:38
Rand Paul hit piece for fund raising 16:02:55
Florida coach suspended for taking in homeless player 15:52:28
Ron Johnson's TV ad 15:18:06
US Is 'Practically Owned' by China: Analyst 15:15:24
How Not to be Depressed About 911 Truth 15:03:06
RT- WikiLeaks & Alex Jones 14:59:22
I think it is time Mr. Nystrom 14:52:06
Moody's Zandi: Crisis Could Delay Foreclosures for a Decade 14:45:37
FOUR Military Suicides In One Weekend At Fort Hood 14:42:53
RT- Pakistan shuts route for Afghan supplies 14:30:52
Which book to recommend? 14:22:34
U.S. Warned To Respect Illegal Immigrants’ Rights 14:18:19
The FED Cannot Keep Stocks Up 13:50:20
Video: Irish Govt Admits Country is Screwed, Borrowing now at 32% of GDP 13:48:13
DP Poll 13:47:41
Broke News: Wanted! Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff. Alias: Chief White Horse. 13:44:52
What do you get when you mix hope with change ? 13:31:33
Massive Movements in Silver 13:29:57
listen to this very educational audio from Mike Church... 12:56:41
BJ Lawson Guest on Keiser Report №82: Markets! Finance! Scandal! 12:55:02
The Truth About Terrorism - James Corbett 12:41:56
Look at the Life Changing Law Congress is Working On 12:34:44
BREAKING: Scientists overcome hurdles to stem cell alternatives 12:29:01
Bernanke/others on CSPAN Now 12:14:28
"You Send Another Goon To My Daughters House Again & I'll Take You Out!" Carl Palidino 11:52:26
Big government salary survey 11:25:34
The Los Angeles Times news is decieving and insighting racial divides. 11:23:47
Should we make a Forum for the Mortgage Crisis and Self-Help for Daily Paulers? 11:14:19
The Mortgage Paper Crisis: It Was NOT A Few Bad Loans 11:05:35
U.S. Military On 18 Hour Alert For Domestic Deployment? 10:48:13
Bakery Declines Order for Rainbow Cupcakes, Sparking City Inquiry 10:28:50
Waxman says Net Neutrality bill is DEAD! 10:26:27
URGENT! Vote for New York in this poll! (ONLY MINUTES REMAIN) 10:17:14
U.S. to force China to increase purchasing power of yuan 10:03:13
Wake up and Stop the coming US Internet Censorship 09:36:10
Democrats, Republicans and Ron Paul - from Doug Wead 09:32:54
China under attack by cyberwarfare? 09:32:22
Let's get Judge Napolitano, John Stossel on XM Radio 09:27:12
Obama tax hikes 09:11:38
A little "gold nugget" in Kitco's news this morning... 09:04:15
US Sanctions Backfire: Iran Now Exporting Gasoline & Working With China 07:52:11
Horizontal Gas Fracture Extraction is Destroying Pennsylvania Farmlands for Generations to Come 07:21:56
The Fed Is Sucking Billions Out Of The Private Sector, And Some People Think It's A Good Thing 07:15:13
HR 1326 Ron voted No 07:14:44
Obamacare in Action: McDonald's May Drop Health Insurance-McDonald's now DENIES this 07:00:23
Kansas City Fed Chief Proclaims OPPOSITION to Quantitative Easing at Tea Party Meeting 06:40:46
Good movie-Formosa Betrayed 06:24:46
An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the Senate Judiciary Committee 04:35:29
Is The Federal Reserve Note Legal Tender? 03:21:53
Daily Kos email to defeat Rand, other tea party candidates 02:25:24
Is David Nolan the next Ron Paul? 02:13:50
New Video: On Recent Gulf Deaths due to Staph Infections: I Try to Wake Up Sheeple 01:45:36
AJ: Is Glenn Beck for real? 00:49:29