Posted on September 4, 2010

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Jake Towne on Comcast 21:05:18
Sharron Angle Sued By Righthaven as Online Shakedown Continues 17:22:36
Freedom Watch - The Empire Of America 9/4/2010 12:35:07
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Al Gore Declares World Soap Day 23:19:17
Malaysian gold and silver coinage update-Ron Paul and Peter Schiff mentioned 22:28:25
POLICE BRUTALITY: Canadians Upset About Seattle Cop Killing Native Wood Carver 19:11:49
5 Doomsday Scenarios for the U.S. Economy 16:23:49
Remembering the 911 Demolitions -ON TV 15:58:13
Freedom Watch Sept. 4th, 2010. 15:54:52
Wary of tea party, GOP attacks Senate candidate 15:45:34
Will the good people of North Carolina remember to reward their governor at the next election? 15:45:20
Nation's economic woes jeopardize Dems' prospects 15:40:39
Blackwater formed shell companies to obtain contracts 15:36:38
Zogby Poll includes Ron Paul 15:18:13
Lindsey Graham Explains Neoconservatism to the Southern Avenger 15:17:52
WSJ: New Obama Plan will Reduce Mortgage Balances for homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth 15:12:33
"Spilling the Beans" Jeffrey Smith Exposes GMOs on TV | September 4, 14:39:47
How Ruthless Banks Gutted the Black Middle Class and Got Away With It 14:14:13
FCC delays net neutrality battle at least another month 13:56:24
Obama claims that Bush policies hurt middle class, new policies help Main St. 13:54:59
EPIC - Another security force putting Americans at risk. 13:38:53
US Fed Gains Power, Loses Credibility? 13:24:18
Angle sued by Righthaven; Harry Reid should be too.. 13:04:19
America's Faltering Search for Peace in the Middle East 12:19:29
Father Plans To Sue CIA After Son Put On 'Kill' List 12:03:14
Math Makes Their Heads Hurt 11:53:21
Speaking of GMO connections... 11:43:31
Big Brother: Mexican City Edition 11:08:57
AP Issues Standards Memo: 'Combat In Iraq Is Not Over' 10:53:28
CNBC Rick Santelli, " Who Created the Federal Reserve?" - mentions Jekyll Island 10:35:37
Wyoming Wyo. Man Donates $1.5M to Defend Ariz. Immigration Law 10:32:40
Harnessing the Power of God 10:08:28
Obama plans Next Stimulus 10:00:46
Economy’s Message to Washington: ‘Just Get Out Of The Way!’ 09:58:45
Video of Peter Schiff : The Goverment Has To Stop Creating The Problems! 09:55:44
The crisis of middle-class America 09:43:24
Obama’s Next Vote Fraud Drive? 09:32:34
Organic Farms and Gardens Destroyed by HR 875: The Food Safety Modernization Act. Glenn Beck 09:32:05
Goldman Sachs Said to Be Shutting Proprietary-Trading Division 09:27:59
SHOCKER! MILITARY JUDGE says evidence could be an "EMBARRASSMENT" to Obama! 09:17:14
Florida Senate Debate Canceled 08:07:57
Another 9-11 song that tells it all, Must SEE 05:33:29
Ruby Ridge Documentary RON PAUL popped up on my screen. 03:57:54
Raw Full Video: Cops Taser Senior Citizen WHILE HANDCUFFED in His Own Home 03:54:46
Scientist found with suspicious item at Miami airport did prison time for plague sample flap 03:42:48
Great Awakening Video 03:41:04
Jewish Militia Groups Mis-intrerpret 2nd Amendment 03:36:24
wartime nickels $23.10/roll 02:47:32
Louisiana Tea Party shows true colors - endorses neo-con Villere 02:25:59
OK I don't pretend to know a lot about Christine O'Donnell, but... 02:12:19
Weekend watching: The Gatewood Galbraith Movie 01:14:26