Posted on September 5, 2010

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Happy Labor Day Everyone 23:09:55
Despite Formal Combat End, US Joins Baghdad Battle 22:38:59
Rand Paul "wins 37% of the African-American vote, a surprisingly high number for a Republican candidate." 19:48:33
You don't have to hire a lawyer to lose 22:33:00
Rand Paul Pulling Far Ahead of Jack Conway in Kentucky Senate Race: 55-40 14:12:31
Jake Towne: Front Page Coverage in the Express Times!! 11:42:50
There's A Reckoning Coming! Rand Paul 01:20:12
Video: RP / John Dennis in San Francisco, September 4 01:20:13
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Where did it go? 23:45:30
Gimmie Some Truth music vid 22:02:26
I think it will be all right 20:44:49
Cop: "You can't audio record" 20:32:52
Copyright, freedom of speech and the Internet 19:47:34
Returning congress gets package of thousands of "Vote of No Confidence" 19:42:16
It's Easy Being Critical 19:22:24
Peter Schiff talks to President Obama! 17:58:16
Ron Paul picture 17:32:19
Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street. 17:04:06
Will Bloomberg L.P. vs Federal Reserve go to the Supreme Court? 15:39:38
Americans Drowning In Prescription Drugs 15:18:14
"A note of appreciation from the rich" 14:48:24
My Country My Ass (radio version) 14:48:08
Sovereign in court gets case dismissed and the judge bows to him (Must See Video) 14:26:09
Youtube: I voted for Alvin Greene 14:23:52
Lawmakers Challenge Fannie Mae's New Policy on Strategic Defaulters 14:01:14
Who Won the Iraq War? Not America, as Patrick Buchanan explains 13:48:53
Rasmussen: Obama daily tracking poll hits record -23% 13:00:55
Too Early to `Declare Victory' as Housing Revives, HUD secretary says 12:41:50
On the Outside Looking in .... 12:05:04
Is Wronghaven just one big distraction? 11:34:18
Never gonna Stand for This, great youtube song and video 10:53:58
LIBERTY -- Explained by Ron Paul -- 9/4/2010 - San Francisco Outdoor Rally 10:43:48
Firefox plug-in to block Righthaven LLC! 10:33:39
On the Edge with Max Keiser & J.S. Kim - Hamilton's ties with the Rothschilds, Death through debasement of currency 10:22:35
Anyone here design websites on the cheap? Small budget to start selling product 10:07:34
Jim Bunning calls Conway “a poor little rich boy [who] never worked a day in his life, except as a lawyer” 09:59:35
Republican New School Flexes Clout Ahead of November 09:56:10
Joe Friday Schools Eric Holder about Arizona 09:32:17
WA Police TASER Another Man To Death 09:21:56
NYT: Florida Courts Dash To Clear Foreclosure Backlog At Homeowners' Expense 08:45:23
Print Money and Be Damned! Bill Bonner 08:42:00
Obama lied about contacts with Brzezinski before OH primary 07:56:41
Rethink Afghanistan 07:53:36
Possible "Silver Lining" in Righthaven Situation...Must read! 07:15:52
Reports from Ron Paul, John Dennis live in San Francisco 01:35:01
CBS: America's Failing Infrastructure Isn't Getting Fixed 01:14:55
HITPIECE- The OathKeepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen (AlterNet, Sept.3, 2010) 01:14:46
The TORTURE PlayList, by Justine Sharrock- March 4, 2008 01:08:41
WA State: Police TASER Another Man To Death(5th death this week). 00:49:06
Rand Paul up by 15 % over Jack Conway in new WHAS11 / Fishwrap Bluegrass poll by SUSA 00:44:38
THE BEST, or Worst Gallows Humor? NYT: Punk’d, Iraqi-Style, at a Checkpoint (09/03/2010) 00:21:04
And the Plot Thickens on the Birther Issue- Elana Kagen 00:18:10