Posted on September 9, 2010

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Recent Video Of House Fires In Detroit 20:26:56
The Web's Most Vocal Critic of LVRJ / Righthaven Copyright Troll Suits 19:03:03
The Nation: Rand Paul's Kentucky Derby - 9/09/10 14:31:30
'We Will Stop Printing The New York Times Sometime In The Future' says Publisher 11:34:13
A list of Taxes: They seem to forget this country started as a tax revolt! 07:20:36
Ron Paul on CNN Situation Room 9/8/10 08:35:25
Lady Gaga: Pop Star For The End Of America 18:13:41
Ron Paul on Quran Burning: “The Real Provocateurs” 20:29:56
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NO REAL FARMS, NO REAL FOOD: Farming Without a License is a Criminal Enterprise 23:39:13
are obamas kids american citizens? 23:26:16
Max Keiser tells us how he really feels... 23:07:24
Global Collapse of the Fiat Money System 23:03:12
Get out your flags!! 23:01:01
Sat 9/11: "The End of Poverty?" 22:58:35
9/11 Truth Interupts the Quran Burning Media Distraction 21:59:12
"Criminals With Badges": Denver's Militarized Police 20:50:28
fair tax info 20:35:54
r3VO_|ution 20:26:38
Constitutional Dead Letters 20:24:14
Sheriffs want lists of patients using painkillers 20:13:04
Muse - United States of Eurasia 20:07:57
Kitco Metals eConference w/ RON PAUL on Sunday 19:41:44
"Unknown Prophets", Great freedom hip hop band from Minneapolis, MN 18:08:38
Unknown Prophets, Great freedom hip hop band from Minneapolis, MN 18:00:50
Here is a wonderful youtube channel incase you missed it. 17:56:48
Unknown Prophets, Great freedom hip hop band from Minneapolis, MN 17:56:09
Pastor called off burning 17:27:49
For Those Americans Who Wish To Support The Constitution - UPDATED 17:27:04
Video of Beck's rally published by 17:19:35
Pat Buchanan Is Wrong About Islam by Fred Reed 17:13:41
INVESTIGATE Alan Reynolds of the CATO Insitute 16:56:29
Incumbent Republocrat Charlie Dent Terrified Of Debating Liberty Candidate Jake Towne 16:55:57
Appeals Court Blocks PA town's stance on illegals. Where are our rights? Why aren't immigrations laws upheld? 16:43:13
S. Korean ship NOT sunk by torpedo ???? 16:23:30
British MP's vote overwhelmingly to stay in Afghanistan 16:12:10
Psywar - An Incredibly Important documentary video 16:06:00
The Path to 9-11, CIA Builds a Credible Enemy For America 15:43:31
NRA Supports BATF Firearms Modernization Act 14:55:31
Borrowers Losing Their Homes are Staying in Them Longer for Free 14:38:48
Jack Conway has a big problem !!!! 14:13:47
Fidel Castro says Communism Doesn't Work 14:07:40
Rand Paul to hold “Repeal Obamacare” Press Conference 14:03:10
Vote for Rand in WaPo poll: Who will be star of Senate class of 2010? Rubio ahead 13:54:55
Worn Out Welcome: US Marines still a strain on Okinawa 13:48:06
Chairman admits IPCC just guesses the numbers 13:34:04
Court Sides With CIA On 'Extraordinary Rendition,' Grants President Broad 'State Secrets' Privilege 12:59:21
FDIC Chair Warns of Government "Exposure" in Mortgages 12:58:41
Shake up: The Tea Partiers are coming to the staid Senate 12:58:06
Obama Added More to National Debt in First 19 Months Than All Presidents from Washington Through Reagan Combined 12:57:22
Colo. Republicans come out for Tancredo over GOP nominee 12:49:14
Gradual devaluation of USD, China, Russia start pushing dollar out of trade 'within weeks' 12:47:27
Marc Faber: Markets May Go Down in Oct & Rally Towards Year-end 12:11:20
Don't know if this was ever posted here but everyone should see this. 11:59:47
CORBETT REPORT: 9/11 truth is STILL the issue !!! 11:05:56
Vote To Get Jake Towne On Freedom Watch 10:19:34
Philadelphia Becomes Police State Experiment 09:56:22
Keiser Report №76: Markets! Finance! Scandal! 09:51:50
4409 -- WE burn 9/11 Report 09:48:06
Washington Passes Secret Energy Tax 09:24:35
Paul 46 percent, Conway 46 percent. 09:13:29
Michigan may be 1st to adopt roadside drug testing 08:44:07
It`s funny that now our leaders accidently admit that blowback happens... 08:39:52
China's tycoons shun Gates-Buffett dinner invite 08:33:48
Arvada settles excessive force suit; incident videotaped 08:01:25
Burn a copy of the 911 Commission Report 07:52:19
SURREAL - serious discussion on Building 7 in my local newspaper!! 06:24:31
Suit dismissed against firm in CIA rendition case 04:39:17
Civic Madness: I am on the city enemy list for sure 03:07:16
CNN on Rand and the Tea Party 02:17:00
So the Republicans may win the Midterm Elections...So What? Who Cares? 01:59:59
Hey Columbus! 01:56:26
"Moving to Montana soon ...." 01:03:17
Heaven and Hell 00:23:00
Ron Paul iPhone App update released today 00:21:37