Posted on January 1, 2011

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Antiwar Conservatives Make a Strong Case 15:38:07
Bradley Manning: One Soldier Who Really Did ‘Defend Our Freedom’ 13:40:13
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The First Big International News Story Of 2011 ! 22:28:38
The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed - Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend? 22:10:40
Nuclear Demolition of Skyscrapers. Did this "do" the Twin Towers? 22:06:06
Best news I've seen since 9-11. And from a Democrat! 21:44:25
Eric Hufschmid cannot be trusted. He thinks Ron Paul is a Zionist agent 19:15:15
Ron Paul tee shirts etc. 18:27:36
What Do Afghans Think of the War? Ask Them! 18:22:54
1-1-11 vs 2012 17:54:41
Aravoth Video: Who Is Racist? 17:27:59
Happy Anarchist , You by Lew Rockwell 16:46:17
The Truth About The Income Tax 16:15:32
This is interesting: Highland Park Is Without Water 15:45:06
Unbelievable 15:34:31
Weekend Watching 15:10:43
Vaccines and Autoimmune Diseases of the Adult (Discovery 15:10:19
Forever Stamps [Forever] Tell Us Much by Peter Schiff 14:29:25
Man protests screening at Richmond airport, is arrested 14:24:04
American Soldier Tribute Video 12:05:04
Towne East Mall Shoppers Maced at Chaotic Air Jordan Sneaker Sale 12:01:24
Mainstream Press Journalism of Appeasement, Corruption, Smoke and Mirrors 11:48:55
Its 2011. We're looking at you, journalists. 11:31:57
Demcad on Martial Law in America... 10:54:22
Could you do this? 10:44:28
The Joy Ride of a Lifetime 10:19:27
Chris Whalen: New Bank Bailouts Under Dodd-Frank For Bank Of America, Wells Fargo Within 12 Months 10:06:38
Peter Schiff: Here's Why Home Prices Have To Decline At Least 20% And Probably More 09:49:19
Only 21 Percent Of U.S. Voters Support Net Neutrality 09:46:31
Great News: A big step toward half of what is needed to halt the rot. 09:07:46
Fed Likely to Stop Easing Early, Housing and Jobs to Stay Dismal 08:28:08
Top 10 posts of 2010? Post in comments 07:42:35
Confused about 9/11 04:09:40
Egypt bombed 03:15:47
Hyperinflation will drive gold to unthinkable heights<<<Please read this article!! 02:33:28
This is groovy! We are officially in between 2010 & 2011 02:30:04
7 billion people by 2011 (Vid) 02:14:22
Vote for Rand in this poll ( 02:00:17
Mainstream Press Journalism of Appeasement, Corruption, Smoke and Mirrors 01:51:29
From Australia: The 911 / Israeli coverrup is crumbling... 01:49:48
National Review: Ron Paul Revisited 00:45:24
Do you religious people ever bring up Bohemian Grove at church? 00:39:10
Free market intelligence service at 00:24:01