Posted on January 2, 2011

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George Soros Openly Discusses the coming New World Order 02:31:25
Ron Paul 2012? The Stars are Finally in Alignment! 19:22:26
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Is the Liberty Movement to cliquey? 23:15:36
1943 Disney - Pay your Income Taxes 22:34:42
Sam Harris: Can Science Determine Human Values? 21:22:14
So what is money? The Real Thruth About Money 21:05:07
DPers, I Need Some Help for Tennis Elbow (Tendonitis) 20:39:40
A TSA Romance Novel? 20:27:42
Wife who filmed arrest is targeted by police after crossbow melee 20:24:34
Insane Navy video 18:49:57
People are sooo gullible... 18:24:29
India to drop US buck in Iran oil dealing 18:05:25
North Carolina Liberty Movement Needs YOU! 15:20:45
I Hate Lindsey Graham! 15:02:22
Iran Downs Two Spy Drones! 14:14:37
Winter’s fun is summer’s hangover: Understanding the costs of empire 13:50:42
Obama's underage, gay affair 12:47:30
Great Song for this Forum 11:46:59
Update: Dead Fish, Dead Birds & Earthquakes. What is going on in Arkansas ? 11:11:21
Terrorist Watch List May Exceed US Population by 2019 10:55:09
Holocaust survivors warn of stirrings of neo-fascism in Israel. 09:59:28
The Shadow Banking System: A Third Of All The Wealth In The World Is Held In Offshore Banks 09:55:29
Must see. Howard Davidowitz debunks Recovery and Bernanke 09:52:39
As frustration grows, airports consider ditching TSA 09:31:36
BREAKING! Gaza Flotilla Under Attack 08:51:22
African Buffalo *smarter* than We-The-Slaves of America... 07:55:49
Why the Rich Are Getting Richer ( Foreign Affairs ) 07:22:18
JD Wells Tea Party Conservative, Loves The Federal Reserve & Hates Ron Paul? 06:10:42
Big news about student loan corruption 04:45:34
Brian Aitken requests commutation over pardon, NJ gun law 03:12:37
Amazing Armless Gunslinger 01:50:33
Philadelphia center city silent death walk 00:38:47