Posted on January 7, 2011

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Anyone notice any DP Site Irregularities? 23:09:57
f.lux sets the light to daytime or nightime on your computer. 20:33:47
Magnetic Poles are Shifting!? 19:04:18
Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy 10:25:16
Breaking: First NH GOP Primary Poll Results Are In & includes Ron Paul. 07:58:51
Bernanke Faces Senate Skeptical of Fed Policy, Friday 01/07/11 - 10:45:03
Argentina: Surviving Without Money 11:21:34
House of Representatives -The Reading of The United States Constitution 13:57:28
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Mitt Romney Leads Republicans in NH Primary a Year from Now... 23:26:21
Approved Obamacare Waiver Applications 23:04:41
World War III started a long time ago!! 22:46:57
Is new registration here down? 21:29:26
Someone sent Janet Napolitano a smokin' message 21:28:34
We must act NOW! 21:03:10
Cultural Conservative Organizations Abandon CPAC: So What? 20:55:10
New Mexico's New Gov. Martinez FIRED all environmental board, halted all cap- and-trade schemes!!! 20:48:07
Please read this and know who Archibald Macleish was. 20:43:10
The War on Drugs: Stossel v Coulter 20:32:22
The Arkansas Bird Phenomenon Plot Thickens? "Mysterious Turbulence" Caught by Radar 20:27:47
Symbolic change in the Constitution? 20:09:58
Thanks to 2 bumbling R's, the House may have to start all over 19:50:10
Richard Gage and David Long Launch Canadian Petition for 9/11 Investigation 19:46:05
AP EXCLUSIVE: US says too much fluoride in water 18:55:47
Fans to picket Don Cherry for stance on Afghan war 18:32:17
Newsreel: New Hampshire vs. U.S. 18:26:50
What is "voting"? 18:04:01
Russia Today: 'A militarization of US police' 17:59:50
Uh Ohes... Squab Anyone? Now 80 Pigeons Keel Over On Quebec Farm 17:42:49
Well, I just got called by a polling firm for the 2012 Presidential Race...... 17:40:58
Government recommends lowering fluoride levels in U.S. drinking water 16:40:04
Convincing Loud Mouth Atheists will be the hardest thing this election 16:38:04
Federal government will announce Friday it plans to lower the recommended levels for fluoride in water supplies 16:08:16
CIVIL WAR Brewing? Government Hijacked by NWO Mafia Criminals Fed vs States -Support OathKeepers 15:48:57
Food Inflation has Obviously Begun and We Are All Getting Poorer! Food Portion Sizes Shrinking Rapidly 15:45:34
Ron Paul is Hiring!!! (keynesians need NOT apply) 15:44:38
Convincing Mormons and Evangelicals will be the hardest to convince 14:36:45
Simplistic knowledge of magenitism and how it effects animals. Pole Shift = Dying Animals 14:28:44
Homeowners Ass'n sues Marine Vet for Flying American Flag 14:23:27
Drudge: Large-scale Exodus from Democratic Party of Whites... 14:11:12
Question. Why does the stock market matter? 14:10:49
Where Is the Tea Party Revolution on Foreign Policy? 14:05:46
Investment Of The Century: U.S. Minted Nickels 14:02:36
Happy Birthday Rand Paul! 13:47:32
Wells Fargo Loses Pivotal Massachusetts Foreclosure Case; Bank Stocks Drop because of this loss 13:42:02
HHS and EPA plans to lower the recommended limit for fluoride in water supplies 12:20:55
The Double-Barreled Silver Issue 12:20:05
Gold ATM hits Las Vegas 12:05:42
WANTED: Austro-Monetary Economist for Ron Paul 12:05:37
∞ Me asking for your ROMAN book recommendations 11:52:50
The GOP Should Dump The Neocons 11:46:34
Investing by betting against bonds? 11:13:50
Why Rising Rates are Super-Bullish for Gold and Silver 11:04:26
Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Prepping For 2012 Presidential Run 10:37:50
“Planned-opolis” Cities Already Being Tested in South Korea 10:34:00
When RP says he is going to run (an idea) 10:00:13
♪♫Peace Train♪♫ 09:27:36
The FED as cartoon - An American Dream 08:58:01
Ron Paul Taking on Chemtrails Hoax ? 08:55:08
Bloomberg - U.S. Proposes Reopening Highways to Mexican Trucks 08:48:06
WaPo Lauds Obama's Wall St Insider Chief of Staff Pick 08:45:09
Doug Casey: Prepare for Social Upheaval in America 08:19:32
Devvy Kidd on Brownfield Yesterday 08:13:06
White House tells federal agencies: Watch 'insiders' to prevent new WikiLeaks 07:48:19
The Fed Owns You 07:46:40
New Congress & A New Ally For Gun Owners in Senator Rand Paul 07:41:13
Are the Deficits Forever? By Patrick J. Buchanan 07:38:49
Food Riots Commence As The Fed's Loose Money Policy Leads To First Violence Of 2011 07:33:07
Obama Appoints Ultimate Wall Street Insiders to Top Posts ... Again 07:23:18
The Banks Finally Reply… 03:10:11
Do You Realize that This is the Fruit of 2007? 02:23:49
1,400 More Troops Headed for Afghanistan 02:19:21
State Against Blacks - Conservative Dr. Walter Williams (Ron Paul supporter) 01:58:34
Bugs in the Paul Condo? 01:30:52
How much do we really pay in taxes? 01:21:01
Campaign For Liberty Is Already Winning! Anti-Liberty Conservative Groups Pulling Out of CPAC. 00:57:35
WND: Progress on Obama birth certificate 00:57:12
National Review: "Anything Ron Paul and Barney Frank both support should give the rest of us pause." 00:18:07