Posted on January 12, 2011

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Municipal Defaults Loom Large on the Horizon 23:07:55
Prohibition Leads to Junk Food Black Market 22:49:45
Adam Kokesh vs. Russia Today 21:09:19
Shooting Witness Joe Zamudio Sets Ed Schultz Right On Owning A Pistol!! 13:42:38
China has launched trading in its currency in the U.S 13:23:42
CBS News: How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother 11:46:59
The American Public Strongly Opposes Debt Ceiling Increase 09:05:45
Sen. Sanders (I-Vt) Slams Letter that Bernanke sent him about lack of Fed Transparency 08:25:34
The Bill Daley Problem: 6 Banks Rule this Country 07:31:36
Emergency: Politicians Call for End of 1st & 2nd Amendments 10:45:12
Ron Paul: I Won't Vote To Raise The National Debt! 10:35:12
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An Austrian Overview of the Inflation Versus Deflation Debate 22:53:58
Polish Green Berets and BOA in Illinois 22:51:22
Another Win Against Global Warming (Video) 22:37:05
Tucson "Memorial" Event 22:32:39
NIA Economic News Update 22:14:50
Video: Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 01/12/11 21:37:56
Amazing Statement on Wisconsin Public Radio 21:23:45
Anyone here watched "Dark Skies?" 21:09:32
SFL's Historic Texas Road Trip to ISFLC 21:01:04
Peace poet Luke Nephew, Ray McGovern and others at. . . 20:07:40
Natural News - Mike Adams joins Robert Scott Bell in support of the Tenth Amendment Center 19:55:31
Looking for notary acceptors for registered mail receipts 19:31:12
Ron Paul Family Cookbook contains subtle hint... 18:29:07
Is Gaming the Next Scapegoat for Arizona Shooting? 17:35:55
The Fed has Spoken: No Bailout for Main Street 17:03:47
Ron Paul Will Run in 2012 16:57:53
The Tea Party Imposters 16:53:51
The Order of Constitution Defenders 16:28:06
Coolest Cartoon-Movie ever! 30 minutes, so Get the Popcorn! 16:10:44
Jewish groups respond to Palin’s use of ‘blood libel’ 15:46:07
Latest Dam level report from Australia 15:31:27
Giffords was subscribe to Loughner's YouTube! 15:25:36
Ron Paul will vote for House resolution condemning attack in Arizona 15:09:17 2012 presidential poll!!! 14:49:14
Gerald Celente on AJ - NOW! 14:10:33
16" of Dr. Seuss Snow at DP World Headquarters 13:58:16
Giffords Attack Spins Out of Control 13:49:13
(Video) Shooter Influenced by Zeitgeist - High on Salvia 13:13:52
Inside Job: Wall Street Documentary. Can't wait for this! 13:11:43
Currently a witch hunt. Gary Null on radio exposing vaccine frauds. 13:06:13
Biotech lobbying dollars have secured market for genetically modified foods, study suggests 12:14:59
Daily Finance Trash Article on Ron and Rand Paul Re:Arizona Shooting, End the Fed, Gun Rights 12:11:31
Jon Stewart: America’s leading journalist?; not funny for journalism 12:10:58
Breaking: Lebanon's Government Falls 12:02:34
Justin Raimondo: The Tea Party Foreign Policy and the Politics of Real Change 11:18:51
Obama Admin. Want For-Profit Colleges' Loan Eligibility to be Tied to Graduates’ Incomes and loan Repayment Rates 11:18:18
How the Food Safety Modernization Act will destroy American jobs farms and local foods 11:07:57
Illinois Raises Personal Income Tax by 66% 10:55:51
One Fed Official Warns that QE2 Could Backfire & Spur Inflation 10:51:32
HJR-192 Passed June 1933 10:40:25
United States Of America (foreign owned corporation formed 1871) 10:01:04
Jared Lee Loughner is yellow bastard 09:44:22
Fed Says It Earned $3.4B On AIG Investments In 2010 09:34:20
The Student Loan Debt Bubble, Curse of the First "Austerity Generation" 08:31:49
With a Printing Press, the Debt Ceiling’s No Problem at All 08:27:56
Bob Chapman: An Avalanche of Liquidity Threatens Us With Inflation 08:02:13
China Wants Assurances its Financial Assets in the United States are Safe 07:53:55
Why do banks persist with Securitizing and selling off their Loans? 07:42:18
Bernanke's 'Worst-Case Scenario': An Insolvent Fed 07:26:05
NYT: Judges Blame Lawyers in Foreclosure Cases 07:25:05
Breaking News: Federal Judge Strikes Down 103 Years of Washington State Law 05:06:55
Thomas Sowell agrees w/ Ron Paul on ending the Fed 02:54:30
Author Recruited By USGov To Attack Country 02:32:39
Father of 9 year old victim defends right to own guns and exposes media 02:27:13
Time Travel audio - what do you think?? 02:01:40
Two men riding horse, mule arrested for DWI 00:55:27
Officer Friendly's Safety Tips For Dealing With Child Protection Workers 00:54:55
Political lies fuel our growing unease 00:25:04
Light Your Home With Some Bottles of Water (Really) 00:08:23