Posted on January 21, 2011

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Silver - hi-yo or whoa? 23:06:45
Keith Olbermann "I've Just Been Told This Is The Last Edition Of This Show" 22:30:06
The freedom to express your LOVE for. . . 20:24:19
Southern Avenger: Conservatives' Military-Industrial Complex 00:09:53
Video Update: Ron Paul on AJ - 1/21/11 10:48:49
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NC Congresswoman Rep. Ellmers will Carry Handgun 23:55:19
Embrace the Awakened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:41:24
Wisdom of George Carlin (explicit content) 22:38:47
Classic Ron Paul [old Ron Paul videos] 21:59:23
Montana - The Elected County Sheriff 21:40:42
Thank Goodness He's Not in the Senate! Jack Conway Reflects on Aqua Buddha 21:40:04
China owns 1/14th of America's debt 21:30:10
A MUST READ -Don't worry, Now the FED cannot incur losses 21:21:09
(Video) Rev. James Manning on apparent Hawaii BC Fraud 21:09:48
Mexico to pioneer iris technology on ID cards 20:35:41
California court strikes down law that would restrict handgun ammo sales 19:31:25
National Inflation Association: physical silver shortage, Inflation update. 19:25:45
Accounting Tweak Could Save Fed From Losses 19:17:30
The 8th Deadly Sin 19:12:27
PPP Poll: Sarah Palin Leads Barack Obama by One Texas 19:04:59
Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film? 18:59:26
Back to Destroying Villages 18:57:08
Romney keeps away from Tea Party, Possible presidential contender isn’t courting activists 18:53:49
The faces of evil & Brian Williams 18:38:39
G20 officer: ‘This ain’t Canada right now’ - Video 18:11:12
FBI really do NOT like this video ( 3rd time uploaded due to 2nd privacy complaint) 17:43:35
USDA found to be poisoning bird populations causing mass die-offs 17:37:02
U.S. State Bankruptcy Weighed by Republicans Blocking Aid 17:27:57
The debt free money solution 17:24:22
Rep, Kingston considering de-funding Food Safety Modernization Act 17:23:40
Feds Probing Post Flu Shot Seizures in Kids 17:07:11
SPLC Admits Defining ‘Hate’ Is Purely Subjective 16:59:12
Fed insight 16:56:46
Path Is Sought for States to Declare Bankruptcy 16:55:48
Rudy Giuliani Definitely Running... Unfortunately, For President 16:26:18
Obama plans $42 billion cut in war costs 15:52:49
GE's Immelt picked for Job Creation board 15:45:49
Cutting "Defense" Spending; a proposal 15:32:33
Does Joe Lieberman's Resignation Signal Imminent Collapse? 15:24:59
Anti-Federalist 3 14:54:01
Wikileaks: US Plans to Give Europe "pain" Over GMOs 14:50:34
Dump Dupnik! Tucson Sherrif Dupnik faces recall. 14:26:36
235 foot rocket launches from west coast carrying spy satellite 13:57:57
Silver Investors: Pick Your Poison 13:42:12
Policy makers are working behind the scenes to come up with a way to let states declare bankruptcy 13:38:25
Ron Paul on Gay Marriage 13:17:45
Gold and silver default scenarios 13:07:06
Bob Barr and Baby doc?? 12:52:33
U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void 12:16:46
Tony Blair: Bush wanted regime change 12:13:23
Our own LegalizeLiberty is on Twitter 11:57:23
Obama to Push Congress to Curb Debt, Boost Competitiveness 11:37:07
A senators farewell to his colleagues in the senate , January 21, 1861 11:27:51
Big News In Idaho, Nullification by Tom Woods 11:11:11
Ron Paul: "Where do we get the authority to be the policeman of the world?" 10:59:24
Funny Animal Humor 10:47:02
Which Of The Currencies Of The World Is Going To Crash First? 10:41:54
Articles of Confederation 2--The First American Constitution 10:33:10
Government Citigroup Report - Barofsky 10:18:00
Bin Laden threatens France 10:08:50
Bob Chapman: Debt Continues To Accumulate As The Economic Climate Worsens 10:08:19
i911 and an iPatriot Act 09:49:48
Wake Forest Vaccine Study Could Exonerate Wakefield 09:39:50
Breaking: Hawaiian Gov. can't find Obama BC 09:21:49
Anti-Federalist Papers 09:21:11
Townhall Email: Rand Paul: Sign the petition Obama fears 09:18:07
The Big Inflation Warning Hidden In This Morning's Philly Fed Release 09:14:48
HUD accommodates LBGTs with better access to FHA loans 08:52:47
Now this is brilliant! 08:44:46
Is WikiLeaks Driving Bank of America to Seize Ugly Web Domains? 08:19:17
Will We Have US State Bankruptcies? 08:03:42
Supreme Court Justice Breyer: Founding Fathers Would Have Allowed Restrictions on Guns 07:46:37
The Fed Abandons Plans to Limit Homeowners' Right to Invalidate Loans based on Flawed Documents. 07:34:57
Thomas Sowell: Fed Trapped in Endless Easing Cycle 07:32:41
How the Chinese Must See Us by Pat Buchanan 07:30:48
JIm DeMint, Jordan, Garrett Unveil Spending Reduction Act 07:27:12
The Fourth American Revolution by Jim Quinn 07:24:12
La Raza targets lawmakers who voted against the DREAM Act 07:18:00
Glenn Greenwald: Obama Officials Caught Deceiving About WikiLeaks 07:13:34
Fourth Turning Our Doorstep 04:46:27
Just thinking... 04:44:22
Idaho Set to Nullify Obama's Health Care Law 02:41:54
GOOD NEWS! Local gun group responds to Gardena accident! 02:20:23
Popular Ron Paul Supporter Dr. Mercola visits Dr. Oz (Video) 02:14:35
Wikileaks, Mercola, Democracy Now...U.S. sought to punish Europe for not taking Monsato GM Seed 02:13:32
Rand Paul to push for a Constitutional Convention to force Balancing the Federal Budget! 01:53:29
SCOTUS: Constitution is Void. Must read! 01:43:43
Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012 01:12:58
Holy Crap 00:16:06