Posted on January 25, 2011

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Video: Sen. Rand Paul gives a State of the Union response 23:49:57
Tribute to Oathkeeper Adam Kokesh 21:55:55
Thanks For The Bailout Suckers; GM to invest extra $540 million in Mexico to build motors 21:46:05
Ron Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer 1/25/11 23:55:57
State of the Union Speech Thread 23:50:57
Ron Paul 2012 Billboards in Nevada 18:15:01
Massive Protests Rock Egypt 10:35:44
CNN Jan. 25: Sen. Rand Paul: U.S. Tax Burden means 'our companies can't compete' 10:25:43
Ron Paul & Walter Jones Invite GOP Congressmen to Meet with the CFR About Ways to End Afghan War 07:59:59
Ron Paul "The Federal Reserve Is Responsible For Inflation, The Business Cycle, Unemployment!" 21:56:05
Jesse Ventura sues DHS, TSA over body scans, pat-downs 10:35:43
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Michelle Bachmann 23:59:49
The Fed and the Bankster's Next Move 23:24:55
‘Too big to fail’ a Recipe for Disaster, TARP Watchdog says 22:00:46
Free State Project - Free Pete! 22:00:33
Adam Kokesh, Cindy Sheehan, & Tom Woods live Q&A @ ** 21:45:02
Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain 21:39:10
"Your Interview With The President" 21:23:00
Moneylenders are back in the temple: US Churches face foreclosure crisis 21:21:18
Bankrupt Property Management Company Ran An Accounting Scheme 21:13:17
DP Follower & Pioneer of Fighting Foreclosures to hold Free Webinar on Recent Mass. Lawsuit that Gives Hope to Homeowners 21:09:13
EUSSR - Nigel Farage and Daniel Hannan speak out 21:05:25
Karl Case: US Home Prices Have Hit Bottom, May Rebound 21:02:34
V For Victory! 20:17:29
CPAC & GOPROUD: Cenk Vs Barron Round II 20:13:41
Ron Paul 2012 19:41:22
Moscow bombings 19:39:49
The American people are the primary target of its lies. 19:37:44
Senator Paul Introduces $500 Billion in Spending Cuts 19:12:28
Only CNN to Broadcast Bachmann State Of Union Response: Fox NBC, CBS, ABC Blackout 19:11:39
Rand Paul Will Soon Introduce Bills to Abolish the Unconstitutional Dept. of Energy and Audit the Fed 19:02:26
Wall Street Partying in Davos as Bank CEOs Overcome `Angst' After Crisis 18:44:01
I'm Not Anti-Gov.! I'm Anti-Corrupt Government! 18:42:00
Naked Body Scanner Blamed For Woman’s Death 18:41:16
Federal Reserve Attacks Ron Paul 18:25:38
Bradley Manning Committed No Crime 18:08:06
Cantor offers to sit with Pelosi. She turns him down. 17:26:45
Bummer for Freedom Watch... 17:18:10
Max is back (Keiser) 17:16:28
Sen. Rand Paul's Weekly Address 01/25/11 16:46:20
Emanuel on the Ballot: IL Supreme Grants Emergency Stay! 16:16:51
Anti-war activists say they won't testify today 16:08:13
Taco Bell’s "meat mixture" contains less that 35 percent beef 16:01:12
Understanding GMOs and Tragedies 15:38:21
Texting While You Walk Will Be Illegal 15:21:12
New "V for Victory" Poster Campaign. 15:08:41
GMO lies: Deliberate misuse of the term "genetically modified" designed to mislead people 14:55:44
Justice Scalia to Congress: Mind your Constitutional Ps and Qs 14:52:05
He's Baaaaack: Illinois Supr. Ct. Orders that Rahm be placed on Ballots 14:45:13
Obama 'believes Rahm eligible' to run in Chicago 14:37:05
GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data 14:33:27
Food Speculation: 'People Die From Hunger While Banks Make a Killing on Food' 14:26:49
CFTC Delays 60-Day Notification To Assist Manipulators 14:14:08
Please Vote for My Question to Obama 14:08:44
Cong. West: Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison represents the ‘antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established’ 14:00:31
Carnegie Touts Green Credentials Of Genghis Khan For Slaughtering 40 Million People 13:54:26
House at scene of police shooting demolished 13:23:58
The Next Robo-Signing Crisis? Non-Foreclosure States Like Idaho 13:11:35
Salute To The Heroic People of Egypt! 12:45:09
Vote for LEAP question to Obama regarding pot legalization! GO VOTE 12:39:21
Make anti-vaccine parents pay higher premiums 12:37:32
Paul Ryan's Roadmap 12:17:36
Giuliani more tempted to run for president if Sarah Palin does, too 12:08:26
Man Arrested for Wearing a Hat While Sitting in Court 12:00:21
State of the Union? Not So Good. 11:59:51
"No State Bankruptcy" says House Majority Leader Eric Cantor 11:57:56
What Does this Mean? Gov't wants ~ 13 million gallons of fuel in New Madrid area 11:39:25
Scientists fear MMR link to autism 11:38:32
Report: Bank-Owned Properties and Short Sales Make up 47% of All Home Sales 11:18:30
Anderson Cooper interviews Doctor Wakefield - (my latest animated movie) 10:59:26
Monsanto launches deceptive ad campaign in desperate attempt to improve image 10:37:19
Utah / Salt Lake Tribune Aligns With Copyright Troll Righthaven 10:33:37
California dispensaries may soon carry marijuana soft drinks 10:33:13
Jesse Ventura is suing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its secretary, Janet Napolitano, as well as the Transp 10:18:18
IMF says that US Tax Cuts Should Boost World Growth Despite Risks 10:16:13
Internet 'Kill Switch' Bill will Return; Sen. Lieberman says No Need to Worry 09:54:11
Does anyone have a clip from the 2008 debates of the question 09:12:52
Commend the Carroll County Commissioners for leaving ICLEI 09:09:41
Fed Likely to Press On With QE Even as Business Lending Rises 08:52:53
And the Debt Bomb Ticks On by Pat Buchanan 08:36:06
In Military Towns, High-Interest Lenders Prey On Soldier; I Was Debt-Free 'Until I Joined The Army' 08:14:02
Jon Stewart: "Goldman Sachs Will Still F**K You Over, But They'll Call It Making Sweet, Sweet Love" 08:07:04
JPMorgan Admits To Illegally Overcharging Thousands of Troops on Mortgages, And Wrongful Military Foreclosures 08:04:46
Fighting the Government…The Real Battle in Fraudclosuregate 07:52:00
Shiller: Rising Inequality is one of the main Causes of the Economic Crisis. 07:49:24
First GOP Presidential Debate, In May, Could Lack Huckabee, but include Ron Paul 07:46:19
Robert Murphy's Retort To Paul Krugman On Austrian Business-Cycle Theory 07:33:17
Here Comes Another $25 Billion In Excess Weekly Liquidity To Ramp Up Stocks 07:30:38
Insurers Sue BofA, Find 91% Of Securitized Loans Are Misrepresented 07:27:57
Government To Pretend It Will Prosecute Wall Street 07:26:40
The Sky Is Falling! Odds of Devastating Asteroid Strike this Century One in Ten. 06:53:18
NBC: U.S. can't link accused Army private to Assange 06:47:29
IMF: Europe poses the key risk to global economy 05:22:00
Action Required: Tell Congress to Cut Body Scanners 02:23:23
The Federal Reserve Act 01:44:47
Scotia-Mocatta Sells Out Of 1 Kilo Silver Bars 01:31:21
Silver will be worth more than Gold! Adrian Douglas 00:59:37
Saving for Ron Paul 2012 00:12:43
$6,000/oz Silver and One Bank 00:01:17