Posted on February 6, 2011

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Alex Jones Calls Homeland Security Hotline During Super Bowl; No One Answers 10:22:00
For Bernanke, No Escaping Politics Now 23:55:35
Dr. Ron Paul Interviewed on CBC Radio Discussing Egypt, Israel and Foreign Aid 17:32:15
Ron Paul: How Foreign Aid Creates Instability and Isolates America 15:50:32
Time: Why Rand Paul Was Right to Oppose Laser-Pointer Law 09:23:57
Rasmussen: Ron Paul vs. Obama 2012 Projection 09:06:25
Christians Guarding Muslims During Prayer 09:36:57
The Patriot Act was signed into law with NO debate the first time; now its coming up for renewal 09:33:57
Bernanke: The Fed is completely transparent. Completely. Totally. So no Fed audit is needed. Plus, it's a bad idea. (Video) 09:29:57
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The Exact Opposite Of A Bubble 23:57:58
Dailypauler in distress 23:18:44
E*Trade Baby Pushing Flu Shots 23:13:02
Federal Reserve Passes China, Now Biggest Holder of U.S. Debt 23:07:59
Maverick Gary Johnson is Always on the Trail as he Eyes the White House 2012 23:04:03
I would like to thank those of you that found the strength 22:35:53
Canadian Dollar stronger then $ 22:35:48
FCC to update phone subsidy program for broadband 22:05:59
Ken Lewis deposition highlights from zero-hedge 21:49:48
Facebook group 21:42:00
How Ronald Reagan Gutted The Middle Class With Free Trade 19:59:27
UPDATE!!#2! My love of cooking! Can I teach and learn from you? Needless to say I'm Not a football fan. LoL!! 19:52:26
"Obamacare calls for mandatory vaccination and proof of updates to vaccinations in order to get any healthcare.". 18:39:54
State-Owned Churches Are Killing America by Chuck Baldwin 17:39:02
Egypt's Social Crisis: Financial Bonanza for Wall Street Investors and Speculators 17:28:09
Has anyone thought about this? 17:20:13
Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms 17:19:07
Ron Paul will not run for president, but... 17:11:49
George W. Bush's Swiss visit off after complaints on torture 17:06:35
Jennifer Lopez, vaccine shill, should be ashamed as she cozies up to Obama on Superbowl Sunday 16:35:27
Sen. Rand Paul says tea party holds power on Hill 16:27:40
With Ron Paul Chairing Session on Feb. 9th, There is No Escaping Politics for Bernanke 16:22:21
The Rot in Values That is Causing America's Decline 16:17:25
First taste of a "Bank Run" in Egypt. Let's see how this works? 15:20:53
O'Reilly's Proof of God: "Tide goes in, tide comes out. Never a miscommunication." 15:11:02
James Turk: Silver has Begun Leading Gold-so Expect Another Rally in Precious Metals (AUDIO) 14:46:07
The Day After The Dollar Crashes 14:43:29
The Great Global Debt Prison & The Consequences Of Debt 14:16:44
For your health... Vid 14:07:25
How would Dr. Paul Handle the Current Crisis in EGYPT? 14:01:46
Question for DPers, regarding "free" roofs... 14:00:18
Absolutely shocking videos from Egypt 13:46:48
You Are Invited to the First Ron Paul Hearing 13:39:11
Peach borers 13:23:00
Ron Paul, the Real Republican? Yes!: From 2/20/2007 13:07:58
HELP! Attend Ron's First Monetary Policy Comm. Meeting....GOP Leadership is trying to sabotage him 13:01:24
Ron Paul 2012: The Excitement Builds 12:41:43
The teflon-mexi-con ... 11:04:24
WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets 10:40:23
Expert: Fluoride Linked to Stillbirths & Miscarriages. 10:38:11
Several Medications Linked to Violent Acts 10:35:10
I have high cholesterol, and I don’t care 10:32:26
Heart disease is a gut-immune-hormone disease 10:29:46
Why Obama voted AGAINST raising the Debt Ceiling (2006) 09:54:45
WikiLeaks: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets 09:52:13
GPS in Cameras/Phones Create Privacy Issues 09:49:08
9 Questions That Stump Every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and Their Claims 08:35:40
Bank of America Creates New Unit For Foreclosures 08:31:51
How Goldman Sachs Created 'Sh**y' CDOs, Sold Them To AIG, Forced AIG Into Bankruptcy... 08:17:54
25 countries hit hard by food price inflation 07:41:58
This is MURDER! 05:43:15
Malthus: originator of military Keynesianism? 05:08:24
awsome VID 01:57:02
Before She Was Corrupted by Money 01:51:52
Silver Round Table on FSN 01:35:05
End The Fed Video 01:26:00
Federal Reserve Bank Hand Signals 01:00:19
Question about current technology 00:54:54
Investing in seeds how to store them, and other non silver investments 00:48:55
AFTER 38 YEARS IN PRISON -- wrongly convicted Man released-- and still Stays Positive 00:32:34
TSA to unionize? Thought they were bad before? 00:29:16