Posted on February 9, 2011

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Rand Paul's CPAC 2011 Speech 22:35:35
MarketWatch: Possible Presidential contender Ron Paul slams Fed’s bond-buying program 14:38:59
Ron Paul to Fed: Where Are the Jobs? 15:18:02
Politico: At CPAC, the race for Second Place as Ron Paul goes all out 11:51:02
Young Americans for Liberty Head to CPAC 11:12:57
Ron Paul on Kudlow: Dollar Collapse Will Bring Down U.S. Empire 08:10:52
Ron Paul's Subcommittee Hearing On The Federal Reserve’s Impact on Unemployment 13:18:02
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*Alert - Food Storage Thread - Prices at LDS canneries show inflation for food up between 11 and 49%!! 23:32:04
Is it Live or Is It Livery? 22:58:21
Need Advice For a Paper I'm writing 22:32:10
Jordan Page in the Patriot chat room now taking your questions 21:59:20
Good Show 21:38:18
Greenwald: Patriot Act vote extremely important!! Puts Ron and Rand on a pedestal 21:34:26
The Washington Post just issued a hit piece on Ron..."Ron Paul's economic Rx: a Southern secessionist" 21:30:16
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Jobs (in the U.S.) 21:24:07
Independent Palin 2012 Website Closing & Endorsing Ron Paul For Pres in 2012 21:15:51
So, how is the job going? 21:09:49
NY Rep. Christopher Lee abruptly resigns 21:07:33
Ron Paul on Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Mideast Policy 20:59:52
Ron Paul Android App Released! 20:53:17
Feb. 14th MoneyBomb! Ron Paul's Liberty PAC! 20:44:35
Economists Attack Fed in Ron Paul's Panel 20:36:22
G7 Banana Republics ON the Road to ZIMBABWE! 20:34:13
Ron Paul's Liberty PAC Message 20:05:06
RP, Tom Woods, and Gary Johnson on Freedom Watch Tonight 19:51:15
Rep. Paul Ryan - Another Reagan... 18:11:33
Industrial Farming: Immorality, Subsidized "Great Article by Great young writer" 18:07:50
Ron Paul 'Strongly Considering' Another Run for White House 17:08:30
Americans Hoarding Light Bulbs Ahead Of “Outrageous” Government Ban 17:06:00
Bank of America using Private Intel Firms to Attack Wikileaks 16:59:20
Homeland Security Campaign Questioned 16:57:58
New Drilling Method Opens Vast Oil Fields in US 16:36:17
Higher Food Prices Ahead After Corn Reserves Sink 16:28:18
Video: Ron Paul on CNBC 02/09/11 16:12:29
Barbour: Iran biggest threat to global security 15:59:27
House having emergency Patriot Act Meeting today (Wednesday) 15:44:13
Silver Fundamentals vs Hype and Conspiracy Theories. 15:38:30
PPP: Linsay Graham facing trouble in 2014 re-election bid 15:25:35
JP Morgan Races to Construct Defenses Against the Dodd-Frank Law 15:25:01
Take a Glimpse into Our Future: Man Politely Robs Convenience Store (VIDEO) 15:22:48
Obama Announces New Electric Car Rebate--$7500...courtesy you and me. 15:21:27
Obama DOJ Colluded with ACLU to Attack Arizona’s Immigration Law 15:06:07
The FBI's Infraguard Program: Does anyone have an experience? 15:04:13
The American Dream film producer Tad Lumpkin Interviewed by Jake Towne 14:57:45
CPAC: Go to the Straw Poll room early so the boos are cheers this year 14:00:49
Virginia Democratic Sen. Webb to Retire from Senate After One Term 13:56:47
Vote for Ron Paul on PPP 13:55:25
RP Position on START Treaty? 13:50:06
Just in Time for CPAC Travel: Terror Threat 'Most Heightened' Since 9/11 13:49:17
U.N. Food Agency Issues Warning on China Drought 13:41:05
WTF? Have we been betrayed? 13:40:32
Will Florida Finally Punish Banks and Lawyers for Foreclosure Document Fraud? 13:38:39
(Audio) AJ calls DHS Big Sis Hotline & White House to Report Government Terror 13:05:15
GATA credited for exposing gold, silver market manipulation 13:01:44
Israeli Espionage in America, A National Security Scandal 12:48:25
Breaking: Senator Jim Webb [D-VA] will not seek reelection. Open seat 2012 12:47:50
Since when is filming Cops a crime? 12:46:56
The Great Super Bowl Fumble 12:32:56
DP Poster Contest For Ron Paul 2012? 12:14:00
Think your freedoms are being eroded? Look at this new law attempt!! Never ends! 12:10:04
UK Court Bans man from having Sex because of Low IQ 11:40:25
Outline for a Managed Economy 11:15:06
20 Facts That Will Make You Really Mad If You Stop And Think About Them 11:00:08
Scratch 'Harry Baals' off list of names for government center 10:55:26
Calgary removing fluoride from water supply 10:51:17
Monsanto nation: Exposing Monsanto's minions 10:25:03
Mom's Yellow Fever Jab Transmits Virus to Infant 10:18:42
Washington Post Article on 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates Ignores Ron Paul 10:07:17
12 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is Very Different From Most Of The Other Contenders For The Republican Presidential Nomination In 2012 09:49:39
we must end the fed 09:42:57
The Daily Caller says: Put the Federal Reserve on a budget - 09:29:09
Check out these amazing pics of Blizzaster 2011 09:03:43
China prepares for 'severe, long-lasting drought' & Jesse Ventura's Blue Gold 08:55:58
Michael Scheuer: "Dump the Israelis" at Politics and Prose 08:45:51
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac phase-out plan due from Obama 08:42:27
Anger over feds deporting immigrants to Haiti; Repatriation resume despite cholera and civil unrest... 08:39:26
Real Science. The truth about climate change. 08:23:33
Rachel Maddow Show: Patriot Act Renewal Did NOT Pass Congress! (Must See!) 08:14:53
Bush-Era Bankruptcy Law Fueled Over 200,000 Foreclosures 08:07:25
Tom Woods: How the War Machine Destroys the Economy 08:03:10
Buying Silver While It’s Still Relatively Cheap 08:02:03
The Federal Reserve vs. Widows by Gary North 08:01:02
The $20-Trillion War Costs Bankrupting US 07:48:09
Credit Bureau Will Begin Tracking Rental Payment History 07:35:59
WikiLeaks: ACLU & EFF challenge subpoena for Twitter records 07:05:18
Court rules that a cell phone a "computer" in order to uphold underage sex sentence 07:03:54
44/52 'Tea Party Caucus' members voted to renew Patriot Act 05:48:29
Ron Paul: Dollar collapse will bring down U.S. Empire 04:17:25
My son's birthday candles were made in China 03:54:56
Patriot Act is exactly what it says... 03:47:38
Coming Soon: 300% Increase in Foreclosures. This is very bad!! 03:30:23
26 Repubs who supported liberty & rejected the Patriot Act: Who are they? 03:16:16
Glenn Beck Debates Ron Paul and Linday Graham! 02:52:23
Libs, SPLC in Tizzy Over Montana Plan for State Militia 01:32:46
Obama's Multiple Social Security Numbers go to Court 00:13:19