Posted on February 11, 2011

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WSJ/CBS News - Ron Paul on Egypt: ‘People Don’t Like Us Propping Up Puppet Dictators’ 23:02:54
Your Life According to the Government 21:24:21
CNN: Ron Paul not a fan of foreign aid 20:06:27
Ron Paul Fans Making CPAC Their Own 14:09:05
CPAC Day 2: Ron Paul Expected To Outshine Other Conservative Luminaries 11:56:49
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Rented some space to some folks wanting to camp out for a fews days.... 23:59:39
The War on Terror in Perspective: A Graphical Representation of Deaths 23:18:20
Silver Bears part 4. Silver and gold manipulation. 22:59:45
Strategic movement 22:54:25
Where is Thomas Woods Video from CPAC? 22:41:14
Revolution in Egypt: Walk Like an Egyptian 22:35:24
Flashback: Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, etc.. on the Night of 911 22:33:23
Bill O'Reilly Pinhead and Patriots Poll: Donald Trump on Ron Paul 22:03:35
2008 - The beginning of the end.... 21:59:12
The Elite’s 10 Pronged Attack on Freedom 21:48:57
Ron Paul: ‘Government is in the process of failing’ 21:35:02
We Won 21:12:45
Slate: Two Pauls Are Better Than One: Father and son Ron and Rand Paul wow the crowd at CPAC. 21:08:06
A slogan for 2012 20:48:00
April Fools! Volcker Rule -Reign MMXI 20:06:31
Ron Paul Not Yet Pleased With GOP: 'Big Government Is Alive And Well' 19:49:34
FOX News: Ron Paul Brings Down the House at CPAC 19:36:01
Cheney called war criminal @ CPAC 19:19:35
Ron Paul "I'm Sure Our CIA Is Looking Around To See Who's The Next Guy We Can Support" 19:15:09
RedState: the youth coming up today have their own hero, and his name is Ron Paul. 19:10:12
I like Newt Gingrich 19:09:29
Atlas Shrugged movie trailer now available 19:07:47
Fox News Poll finally includes Ron Paul. 18:58:53
CBS News: Ron Paul Blasts U.S. for "Propping Up Puppet Dictator" in Egypt 18:53:38
I Confess I Gave All Those Thumbs Down 18:46:38
George W. Bush fighting extradition for war crimes. 18:39:48
Google Manager Credits the Internet for Egypt's Revolution 18:15:25
Ron Pauls Full Speech at CPAC 18:02:49
Ron Paul at CPAC Video 18:02:09
Tweet good things about Ron's speech, people seem to have been waiting to dump on Ron on twitter 18:00:35
Ron Paul's CPAC 2011 Speech 17:56:23
Ron Paul Packs the House at CPAC! The wires are buzzing! 17:50:28
Ron Paul I will decide to run for president within the next few months" on 2012 on CNN 02/11/11 4:24 PM 17:25:20
So who will we install as the new dictator in Egypt now that Mubarak is stepping down? 17:02:56
Radio host in Central California to talk Militarized Weather - Chemtrails today (Friday) 16:42:05
White House backs standard for mortgage servicers 16:35:49
My standard letter to Neocons... Any revisions needed? 16:24:38
T- 15 minutes and counting..... 16:15:13
CNN: Ron Paul takes another step towards '12 bid 16:06:02
Bill would change vaccine opt out 16:05:27
Content Voting FAQ 15:46:29
Get out of the way! Here comes Ron Paul 15:34:08
Andrew Maguire Ready to Release Bombshell Information 15:32:38
CNN: Ron Paul's PAC raises $100,000 in first 48 hours 15:23:19
The Sleeping Giant is Awakening... 15:00:46
The Atlantic: Is Gary Johnson the Next Ron Paul? 15:00:43
TIME: Before His Arrival, Ron Paul Is Everywhere At CPAC 14:59:55
Video-Abolish the Mass. Governor's Council? 14:58:31
Gary Johnson's CPAC 2011 Speech 14:58:15
Vermont Proposes Single-Payer State Health Care 14:47:07
If Romney wins straw poll "It could mean something"... 14:32:19
Fed Intruder 14:26:10
Hillary Clinton calls historic meeting of Ambassadors 14:16:28
Globalists Push SDRs as World Reserve Currency 13:59:59
Mark to market fraud 13:32:57
So I see the new "Vote" counter...what does it do? 13:24:58
CPAC Iphone APP straw poll will be announced at CPAC --vote for Ron!! 13:09:40
Obama wants the power to veto future top-level domain names 13:01:51
Awkward Moment for Gov. Johnson at CPAC - Neo-Cons Rush Him Off-Stage in The Middle Of His Speech 12:42:08
Mexico Rejects Monsanto's GMO Corn 12:38:18
We are voting for Ron Paul in 2012! 12:37:25
Mubarak is OUT 12:35:24
Facebook Nation Wins in Egypt But It All Began With Ron Paul in 2008 12:34:50
Breaking: Hosni Mubarak Resigns As President! 12:14:49
I <3 the new Vote Button!!! 12:14:44
A Fiscally Sound Constitutional Republic — or Slavery? 12:09:33
MUBARAK OUT!!! 12:07:02
Murray Rothbard's Book "The Origins of the Federal Reserve" is online for FREE 11:58:08
Sign the "Run Ron Run!" petition 11:42:44
DeMint Phone Bomb..Anyone? 11:37:08
Update it is on now, but not on index -- Rand's video not on CPAC website Trumps and Rumsfield's are 11:27:47
DiLorenzo's Response to Con.William Clay: My Associations with Liars, Bigots, and Murderers 05:28:56
The Daily Caller: Gary Johnson talks Ron Paul, and future presidential plans at CPAC 05:21:16
Donald (RINO) Trump gave money to Rahm Emanuel's campaign 04:57:17
Krugman Attacks Paul and DiLorenzo 01:41:47
Information on Iraqi Dinar 01:07:27
Here are the congressmen who voted FOR Patriot Act, They're Trying Again Please Call! 01:04:50
Federal Reserve: Infinate Cash! HELP WANTED! 01:02:13