Posted on February 12, 2011

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YAF Kicks Out Ron Paul: Politico 20:30:36
"Ron Paul’s growing following on the right could shake up the 2012 race," Grover Norquist predicts 19:34:51
Washington Post: Ron Paul opponent of the Fed and fan of the gold standard a lone wolf no more 17:01:01
Poll on Foxnews - CPAC - Vote Now! 13:44:01
Fox News' Ron Paul Problem - How Fox Spun Ron Paul's CPAC 2010 Straw Poll Win 12:52:32
Rand Paul's Book "The Tea Party Goes to Washington" Available NOW 11:17:19
Ron Paul on RT: US to blame for Egypt chaos 01:56:40
I got some good shots in on Trump and stumped for RP on talk radio today!! 21:44:32
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Strategy: Paul/Johnson 2012 23:50:31
Chairsatan Bernanke - Meet President Paul? 23:22:46
Ron Paul’s Statement on Winning CPAC Straw Poll 23:19:35
I Am America - Krista Branch 22:43:43
Great Individualists of the Past: Tocqueville and the Bland Leviathan 22:41:59
CNN Not Impressed with Ron Paul's CPAC Win 21:35:25
$20.12 Liberty PAC moneybomb Run Ron Run 21:17:51
Infowar countermeasures: Do not click the negative RP headlines 21:11:15
"Consent of the governed": a contradiction in terms (Larken Rose) 21:08:53
Is Ron Paul a member of DailyPaul? 20:59:02
Peter Schiff gets interupted by "Rent Is Too Damn High" guy 20:42:11
[Video] Ron Talks to Fox News about CPAC win. 20:24:24
Is 2 in the new #1 ? 20:11:35
Would my understanding of government be correct 19:59:41
CNN: Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll 19:58:50
LA Times: Ron Paul of Texas wins CPAC presidential straw poll 19:51:04
Theres alot of breaking news about CPAC 19:44:39
MSNBC News: Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll 19:39:22
Video: Fox News Poll adds up to 231% 19:38:35
Conservatism struggles to define itself at CPAC 2011 19:17:01
MINI-MONEY BOMB Weekend 19:15:14
Drudge Report puts Ron Paul Top Front & Center VOTE IN POLL IN LINKED WASH TIMES STORY 18:55:02
*It's all about securing the vote! 18:54:06
The Atlantic: Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll Again 18:49:25
The Fed's Losses Since The Start Of QE2: $76,814,152,246.00 18:47:38
CPAC winner Ron Paul by landslide!!! 18:36:06
How Big is the U.S. Debt? 18:04:43
800 lb elephant 18:03:48
Video: Guys on Camels and Horses - Egypt 17:42:34
Firm Tied to BoA Has Plan To Spread Propaganda 17:31:28
Senator Big Sis in AZ ? 17:31:19
John Embry on king world news. Talking gold and silver. 16:25:25
Protests in Algeria: Gov. Shuts Down Internet and Facebook 16:25:13
Can Someone Please Clear This Up for Me? 16:22:40
Why Bradley Manning Is a Patriot Not a Criminal 16:15:52
Ron Paul 2012! - What are YOU going to do? 16:06:12
Turk - Silver Backwardation for Years, Possible Hyperinflation 15:55:04
Something wrong with campaign for liberty ? 15:36:54
Please, DON'T let Trump be voted a "patriot" for dissing RP in this poll. 15:31:25
UPI Lies To Nationally Syndicated Audience w/Headline, "Paul Talks U.S. Isolationism At Conference" 15:30:56
Am I the only one? 15:03:33
Rep. Pence reintroduces bill to prevent the FCC from regulating political speech 14:50:30
Just Ask Your Doctor 14:32:37
Stiff the Fed 14:19:31
UK's Guardian: Tea Party declares war on military spending 14:10:19
S202: The Federal Reserve Transparency Act needs more cosponsors! 13:44:01
Strategic Faux News Poll 13:27:46
About that Butterfly that flaps its wings in the East 13:00:26
Email from Ron: I haven't heard from you 12:45:05
Harvey Organs blog. Silver, and Gold COT's MUST READ. 12:44:22
Vote for Ron Paul in Huffpost Poll 12:25:59
Politico: Gov. No distances self from Dr. No 12:09:08
Anglosphere Plots Color Revolutions Around the World? 11:36:56
Musharraf Accused In Bhutto Death - Arrest Warrant Issued 11:26:15
Ron Paul Under Attack in...Canada! 11:23:39
obama to meddle with your retirement accounts?? 11:15:15
Foreclosure Fraud - Guide to Looking up Public Records for Fraud 10:56:11
The Founding Fathers Would Be Proud of the People of Egypt... 10:45:09
The Politico Arena: Can Ron Paul Trump critics in 2012? 10:14:14
Peter Schiff: Fed Reserve Chairman Bernake is a Liar 10:04:57
RINOs falling like Snowe? 10:01:57
More Fed secrets: Bernanke's 2009 interview withheld by crisis panel 09:57:10
Congress investigates defunding Planned Parenthood 09:55:28
FEMA prepares kids for aliens and mega-earthquakes 09:52:11
Ayn Rand gives her thoughts on the Arab world 09:51:45
Mideast nations brace for Egypt spillover After Mubarak's departure, anti-government rallies in the works in nearby countries 09:25:32
In Ariz. Senate Race, Giffords is seen as shoo-in for Kyl’s seat 08:53:14
WSJ: Credit Scores: Why the Latest Fixes Fall Short 08:49:21
Feb. 12 Politico: In straw polls, smart money is on Ron Paul 08:40:10
Soros & Paulson Agree with Ron Paul: The Fed to Blame for Financial Crisis 08:34:19
Ron Paul: ‘Government is in the process of failing’ 08:20:00
Finally, the Courts are Going After the Lawyers in Foreclosure Fraud Cases. It's About Time 08:15:01
Bernanke's Free Ride Is Over by Gary North 08:08:22
Just Saying Helllllloooooo! (imagine the Seinfeld hello) 08:03:02
Mortgage Overhaul Plan May Pit Wall Street Against Real Estate Groups 07:46:48
Is Ben Bernanke A Liar, A Lunatic Or Is He Just Completely And Totally Incompetent? 07:42:38
Foreclosure Fraud Reaches Florida Supreme Court by DP Follower Max Gardner 07:24:40
Looks Like Ross Perot Was Right About The “Giant Sucking Sound” 07:21:08
Derivatives: The Real Reason Bernanke Funnels Trillions Into Wall Street Banks 07:14:36
CPAC 2011: Rand Paul @ C4L forum 06:58:50
Enormous Ammount of Police Present on the Streets of Algiers 06:36:55
Ron Paul being attacked... 06:35:34
CNN: Ron Paul at CPAC 2011 About Egypt, Foreign Aid, Trump 06:34:06
Should we be holding regular Protests and Sit-ins outside where Bradley Manning is being held? 04:34:55
Let the world remember the name: Asmaa Mahfouz 04:31:38
Thank You Egypt 04:22:13
M2 Grows By $40 Billion In One Week, Hits Fresh All Time High new 03:42:42
TPTB/NWO/Tyannical Bootlickers: Can you hear us NOW? 03:16:55
$2650 to each Family in Algeria .and $3500/Free food for Kuwait people to stay "Calm". 02:48:53
Peter Schiff: Like Mubarak, The Dollar Must Go 02:42:00
Freedom Watch official audio podcast of TV show now available! 02:38:46
Carpavel: This almost made me recant my faith LOL 02:29:39
Hmmm...Obamas high-speed rail & Rand movie? 02:24:43
Ron Paul: TRYING to get through the thick skulls of the establishment GOP... 02:10:00
Atlas Shrugged trilogy- see part one trailer- movie opens 15 April 2011 02:02:58
Defend LIBERTY! 01:11:34
Trump Pinhead or Patriot for his CPAC comments on Ron Paul (Poll) 01:04:15
Ron Paul will survive Donald Trump at CPAC 00:40:59
CNN: Paul Gets CPAC Crowd On Their Feet 00:30:29
Ron Paul slams Patriot Act - the Hill (Great comments) 00:21:53
How Long Did the Limits Last? 00:13:40
Ron Paul Not Included In Fox Telephone Poll - Trump the Fred Thompson of '12. 00:03:58