Posted on February 15, 2011

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Huge Ron Paul Win in Iowa Feared? 18:04:44
"Shoot a Paultard in the Face" (was said to me) 15:51:30
Update - Senate Passes 90-day Extension of Patriot Act to Allow Time For Debate! 13:44:54
Obama to give Medal of Freedom to George H.W. Bush 13:38:08
Daily Paul Mentioned in NPR Article on Ron Paul and CPAC 13:02:48
On Civil Liberties, War, Crony Capitalism: Ron Paul Is Saying Things Democrats Should Be Saying 08:27:54
The Grapes of Wrath, 2011 06:36:18
"Help Ron Paul find his marbles!" - CPAC Story 08:46:57
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Thomas Woods is on Jim Bohannon show (radio) 10 P.M. till 23:41:11
video..Rand on News Hour with Glen Eiffel 2-15-11 23:33:58
Bill O’Reilly Bets John Stossel That Ron Paul Cannot Win One Presidential Primary 23:02:41
Article of thoughts on Freedom 22:54:15
Make O'Reilly Pay Up to John Stossel! 22:45:25
Hijack! 22:35:10
Gulf of Mexico:blue crabs, oil, tar balls, chemicals in blood, etc 22:33:57
More Indicators of Physical Silver Supply Squeeze 22:32:36
Rand Paul: 'Our Whole Economy Equals Our Debt Now' PBS 2/15 22:32:02
WE HAVE AN OPT OUT!!! My experience with the TSA. 22:27:40
Is it time for a National DailyPaul Party? 22:05:22
Warning: Explicit Opinion 21:24:39
CBS says Lara Logan was brutally raped in Tahrir Square, except they forgot about this story filed days earlier: 21:18:56
Obama is a moderate Republican, and here is why: 21:18:29
Bill O’Reilly Bets John Stossel That Ron Paul Cannot Win One Presidential Primary 21:13:19
Reid Attacks Rand Paul's Proposed Cuts To FAA: Would "Terrorize" Air Safety 21:10:32
Talk radio host Jason Lewis gets the Egypt situation! 20:37:54
ETFs Too Expensive & Risky - Get Physical - Use Brink's or Via Mat Vault Storage 19:50:29
The Swiss Shoot Down Machine Gun Ban 19:48:08
Huffington Piece: The Tea Party Man 19:44:27
Panel Review Questions FBI Theory in Anthrax Attacks After 9/11 19:14:19
Was Jonestown a CIA Mind Control Experiment Gone Wrong? 18:49:28
Guess Who's on Letterman Next Week? 18:47:15 fundraising: SOS note from Raimondo 18:35:47
US Debt.....Very Scary 18:14:59
Things are getting rough: South Dakota moves to legalize killing abortion providers. 18:11:48
Foreign Intervention Gets People Killed and Hurts United States - Michael Sheuer, Fmr CIA Chief, Schools Fox News 18:10:31
SA@TAC - Conservatives Hijack CPAC 18:06:54
Run Ron Run -- Open Letter to Ron Paul 18:03:20
RINO hunting: John Ensign in trouble in Nevada 17:59:24
WANTED! JP Morgan. Insanely Perfect Trading 9 months straight. 17:39:42
Ron Paul: A Lifetime by LMurphy & TMirades 17:39:29
Help Rand Paul defeat the Global Gun Grab 17:35:29
Donald Trump falls flat on basic economics 17:34:35
Bahrain Protests Day 5: Home of Navy 5th Fleet at Strait of Hormuz 17:33:31
An answer to YAF 17:32:55
SSRI ,, psychotropic drugs 17:15:43
Will U support Rand's fight against the Patriot Act by contacting your Senator to support him? 17:09:12
Jacksonville Paint The Town Ron 2.0 16:29:15
Let's play: "Shut down the government" 16:04:40
WeAreChange Confronts ragged looking Cheney about Stand Down Order 16:02:55
Why Light Bulb Ban is Wrong 15:47:58
The Old Cons vs. The Patriots 15:39:27
Rand Paul, Clarence Thomas, & 10th Amendment Advocates Agree on Commerce Clause Abuse 15:03:13
Ron Paul's Views on Patents 14:48:40
World Bank: Food Prices at "Dangerous Levels" 14:48:10
Rand Paul’s Letter of Opposition to the Patriot Act 14:23:21
Silver is Approaching Stage Two of its Bull Market-James Turk 13:52:07
O.J. Simpson "beaten unconscious in a brutal prison yard attack" by Skinheads, says report 13:47:55
Walmart Can Fire Medical Marijuana Users 13:41:59
Congressman Ron Paul slams Obama: ‘He’s a Warmonger’ 13:33:06
Conservatives HiJack CPAC-Best Article yet !! 13:26:24
Obama cuts domestic funding so US may fund Egypt. ???? 13:10:49
14 Ways the Tea Party Is Restoring the Constitution with the 10th Amendment Nullification Movement. 13:09:12
Job Killing Pension premium increases on the way 13:02:18
Housewife scares Chuck Norris 12:46:50
Judge rules filming police as legal! Win! 12:45:16
Poll: Ron Paul 41% Obama 42% 12:25:14
Palin's IQ approximately 80 12:17:04
South Carolina Lawmaker Proposes Own Currency 12:04:52
Ron Paul on FOX ("what year is it?") News Feb 15, 2011 11:29:47
Ron Paul: Deception at the Fed 11:27:47
CPAC and the Future: Tom Woods 11:25:00
Rand Paul: Freedom Watch 02/14/11 11:04:07
Pain-for-profit industry booming 10:29:25
China has a new "carrier killer" missile 10:22:32
Argentina seized undeclared weapons and drugs on a US military aircraft 10:19:49
Total Onslaught 10:03:02
Is Rumsfeld truly a liar - Or was he being used? 10:03:01
Ron's Win + Complete CPAC Survey Results 09:48:36
The "Don't give money to repressive regimes" bill 09:31:35
Warren Buffett’s investment company Dumps its Bank of America Shares 09:29:15
Video: The Young Turks : Cenk happy with the CPAC results, says CPAC shows there are real conservatives out there! 09:10:13
Will Multiculturalism End Europe? By: Pat Buchanan 09:08:21
Video: Chris Matthews on Ron Paul winning CPAC! 08:53:58
Another poll needs our attention 08:53:54
Stossel on the Factor tonight to discuss if Ron Paul will run 08:48:43
US Out to get new Constitution? 08:13:33
Whats The Best Way??? 08:02:05
Neocons Target Ron Paul After CPAC Poll Win 07:58:28
Anti Ron Paul Propaganda and CPAC 07:53:30
Wisc. National Guard Preps For Worker Unrest After Governor Unveils Emergency Budget 07:36:17
'Biflation' Bernanke 07:10:38
Raw Video: Man Politely Robs Wash. Store 04:34:01
Judge Rules Cops CANNOT Make You Stop Filming Them 04:11:50
Foxnews Hit Piece On Libertarians At CPAC! 03:23:06
San Diego Port Officer Says Nukes Have Been Found In An American Port 03:11:41
Laughed my azz off - 03:05:48
1979 Wyeth internal correspondence halting large numbers of DTP vaccine lots being distributed to single areas due to SIDS cases 01:48:08
Republican oppositon to Patriot Act increases, Democrat opposition decreases 01:24:24
GM employees to receive bonuses? What is up with that, the company needs to pay... 01:09:27
Michael- link to Liberty PAC on front page sidebar? 00:27:32
Podcast of the Groundbreaking Chemtrail/ Geoengineering Radio Broadcast That hit the Central California Airwaves! 00:08:17
US influence on future Egyptian elections 00:02:11