Posted on February 16, 2011

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Slashdot: US Gov./DHS Mistakenly Shutsdown 84,000 Websites & Domain Names! 23:43:47
Alex Jones Video Segment on The FOX CPAC Video Deception Scandal 14:44:07
Matt Taibbi: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? 18:25:05
VIDEO: Will Ron Paul destroy the Republican party? John Stossel vs Bill O'Reilly 18:03:23
More Spin from Fox News Re CPAC: "We made a mistake." 18:48:42
WTSHTF from Steve Dore 18:38:42
Beautiful Ron Paul 2012 Presidents Day Money Bomb Graphic! 11:22:05 fundraising week: Time to flex our spontaneous 10:07:52
Social Bookmarking on the Daily Paul 09:52:21
Ron Paul and the Moment of Truth for the Tea Party 14:08:40
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch: The Desire For A Warfare State & The Military Industrial Complex Is Bipartisan (Video) 13:35:21
Harvard Political Review on Ron Paul: In Defense of a Man and a Movement 07:29:11
Sen Rand Paul "There Are A Couple Of Things That Bother Me About The Patriot Act" 12:18:03
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Ron Paul/National Television/Abortion 23:41:36
CBS exposé on federal fishing regulators - Fined Fisherman $19,000 for Catching 20 fish (txt + vid) 23:09:13
Karl Rove on Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty, Birthers, Truthers, John Birch Society and more! 22:46:08
The push for State-Owned Banks 22:14:09
The Second American Revolution 21:32:58
Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil 21:27:02
2/16/11 - Bill O'Reilly & Carl Rove trashing Ron Paul, tying him to truthers and birthers 21:24:45
Congress Is A ShopAlcoholic 20:55:47
‘Fox News Caught’ at #1 Google Trend After Ron Paul Hoax 20:54:07
Ding Dong the Wicked Witch of Silver is DEAD. 20:34:44
FOX CPAC retraction? 20:12:16
The US Federal Budget: What you won’t hear from politicians… 20:04:12
Mike Huckabee says abortion is the "most important issue in the country". Not the economy. Not the two wars.. 19:55:12
Paul Ryan Tops "Tea Party" Poll as Presidential Favorite - 19:50:46
Ron Paul Seeks Vote to End Foreign Aid to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Pakistan 19:40:08
Fox-Obama Issues Government Shutdown Threat: "ultra hawks like Sen. Rand Paul" 19:38:40
Protests in Middle East are faked. Film footage deception is in full tilt. 19:38:36
$300,000 Income Tax Reward 19:35:18
Bill O’Reilly vs. Ron Paul by John Stossel 19:22:17
2000 - 2008: the oil and gas industry invested more in alternative energy sources than government and private industry combined 19:10:24
Fresh CIA scandal in Argentina 18:55:17
Killing hope. A super realistic article. 18:52:58
Easier for Dr. Paul to win the Presidency than the GOP nomination 18:49:55
Setting the Government's Agenda by Gary North 17:59:42
Iraqi: I'm proud my WMD lies led to war in Iraq 17:57:27
What Is Wrong With The U.S. Economy? 17:48:35
Colorado Chair Change -- Follow-up regarding Ryan Call 17:41:18
14 Veterans File Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld and Gates for Rape/Military Sexual Trauma 17:20:43
Ron & Rand Paul Look to Chase the Moneychangers from The Temple known as The Fed 17:18:12
The Shame of Being an American by Paul Craig Roberts 16:47:53
Silver Backwardation and the Fall of the Bankers 16:42:34
RT Video: US Food Inflation Fears 16:35:39
R3VOLution Shirts 16:29:40
Big Smile On My Face 16:17:02
State Nullification: HB117 16:05:27
Uncovered: Fox News deceptively used old CPAC footage to smear Ron Paul 15:58:02
♪♫ Bob Marley - Top Rankin' ♫♪♫ 15:40:15
Peter King: Al-Qaida Recruiting Killers Inside USA 15:20:15
Use John Stewart 15:07:41
Off Topic - Funny / Awesome 14:48:08
Chem Trail activist Anthony J. Hilder on Misfits singer MICHALE GRAVES radio show tonight! 14:35:12
The Fed's Policy of Creating Inflation: A Massive Wealth Transfer 14:21:12
The Takedown of Hosni Mubarak 14:02:53
CPAC 2011: All-Access Pass 14:01:46
Jordan Page New Album: Liberty 14:01:08
"CPAC Audience Member Calls Dick Cheney A War Criminal " 13:58:29
Something's going down! 13:57:01
Iraq was a lie by Iraqis 13:56:11
New Parody-* Statist Community*- For (Washington DC) on Renewal of the Patriot Act 13:56:10
Donald Trump @ CPAC 2011 13:50:09
Sarah Palin @ CPAC 2011 13:47:32
Ron Paul didn't do too well in this poll 13:45:57
Ron Paul didn't do too well in this poll 13:45:55
Mike Huckabee Compares Abortion To Slavery 13:41:32
Ron Paul Speech @ CPAC 2011 (Full High Quality) 13:31:27
Why Chinese Inflation Must Be Reined in 13:25:59
Above Top Secret Says This Ron Paul ABC Interview "Banned," Anyone Know What They Are Talking About? 13:25:43
Inflation in Britain Roaring: Policy Changes to Come for Us? 13:24:10
HIPPA forms - what do you do? 13:22:46
The Stock Market: Where it Has Been, Where it Is Headed 13:21:31
Subsidies, Aid and Entropy 13:19:51
Got the blues? Feeling S.A.D.? Here are some tips 13:16:32
Donald Trump @ CPAC 2011 13:13:49
Senator Rand Paul @ CPAC 2011 13:02:32
VIDEO: Rand educates Fox & Friends hosts on why we don't need the PATRIOT Act 13:01:18
Rumsfeld's Goons: Wanna lose your F***kin teeth pal? 12:53:01
Owning a house no longer part of the American dream? 12:47:11
Catholics rethink celibacy rule 12:45:21
Wave of Freedom *Update* 12:40:00
The Sumerians Were Right! Nibiru has been Found! 9th Planet Discovered by Astrophysicist 12:34:03
Companies Raise Prices as Commodity Costs Jump 12:24:10
02/15/11: Sen. Rand Paul on PBS NewsHour with Gwen Ifill 11:41:13
Demand Fox Apology for CPAC Deception @Billhemmer @marthamaccallum 12:26:19 On The Ropes 10:49:17
NEW : O'Reilly Poll: Donald Trump created a stir when he claimed that libertarian Congressman Ron Paul has 0 chance. 10:39:14
Ron & Rand 2012??? 10:35:23
If you had any doubt that Marco Rubio is a neocon... 10:32:18
BOA-Countrywide Sued in Massive California Fraud Case 10:12:16
How do we reach different generations with Ron Paul's message? 10:05:21
Sued by a Debt Buyer? Fight Back-You Get Could the Case Dismissed 09:53:43
Goldman Sachs should give back $2.9 billion to taxpayers 09:42:04
Let's give Ron Paul a shot 09:30:27
The Egyptian Revolution is connected to the Prophecies of the Mayan Calendar through the Twelfth Insight 08:49:13
Tea Party Crashes: The Most UnPatriotic Act 08:44:13
Walter Williams: Self-Inflicted Poverty 08:29:08
public 50 state banking will end the fed 08:26:38
public 50 state banking will end the fed 08:26:38
Florida: Major Medicaid reforms could save taxpayers billions 08:18:08
Ron Paul and the Moment of Truth for the Tea Party 08:14:02
HeadDrama: 2/16- Defending your Workplace 08:10:59
Rand Paul to be on Fox and Friends sometime between 8 AM EST Wedneday Feb. 16th 08:10:34
China Follows America and Redefines Inflation Index to Ignore Rising Food Prices 07:59:10
From Prison, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’ of Fraud 07:52:47
Ron Paul's "Dangerous Pacifism"? 07:38:10
Mubarak ordered Tiananmen-style massacre of demonstrators, Army refused 07:36:38
IMF warns that Rising Food & Fuel Prices and Joblessness Could Lead to Social Unrest 07:35:23
Iraqi man lied about biological weapons Saddam 05:58:35
Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war 05:46:08
Freedom Box - Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You 05:10:03
Is this real? 04:34:55
Tea Party Patriots Investigated 03:57:00
It Is What It Is 03:45:43
High-Capacity Ammo Clips for Guns Save Lives 03:21:34
Sen. Rand Paul on FAA Amendment 03:16:51
Righthaven appealing fair-use ruling on copyright infringement 03:14:12
Police (Federal Agent) Harasses Photographer 02:52:26
Ron Paul "Let the Revolution Begin" 2012 02:37:21
Tonight on C2C (Tue Feb 15th) - Economy and the NWO. 02:13:51
Southern Liberty Walk 02:06:29
CPAC 2011 Results you might not have been aware of! 01:42:15
Santa Fe Police Confront Man for Open Carrying Legally 01:09:55
Google Trends Show RAND PAUL and Mitt Flip-Flopp'n Romney Neck And Neck in Search Volume with RAND Leading in New Hampshire 01:07:00
O'Reilly Poll: Does Ron Paul Have a Chance? 00:46:19
If I could only visit one website... 00:44:32
Amazing Anti Ron Paul Video 00:34:33
Opinion of Marc Stevens? Surprised I haven't heard more about him... 00:02:35