Posted on February 17, 2011

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Number of Prisoners: 1st place is U S: 2,019,234 & 2nd place is China 1,549,000 21:35:23
Exposure to fabricated footage can "dramatically alter" individuals' version of events 19:04:58
Cairo in Wisconsin 17:53:16
Ron Paul on John Stossel show February 17, 2011 15:45:39
UK's Guardian: Fox News forced to hit pause after rewinding to 2010. 12:17:12
11 FOX "Mistakes" regarding Ron Paul 10:41:06
Daily Paul National Talk Radio Call In Contest: Win Some Silver!! 00:13:52
Fox News Lies Exposed: Ron Paul CPAC 2011 Video 02:08:22
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new vortex energy invention video 23:47:21
New bill eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen 22:54:49
R3VOLution/LOVElution to Egypt and Mideast 22:54:38
Russian guy talks about hyperinflation and "Ron Paul" He gets it. 22:39:57
Yeeeehah...guess who is coming to Portland tomorrow. Our good friend Barry. 22:27:51
Ron Paul: Congress Won't Stop Spending until the Dollar Fails 22:06:48
Brian Frank's Victory Garden 2011 - GROW YOURS! 21:48:12
2012: you can have more Obama or... 21:26:46
Colin Powell demands answers for false Iraq intel. 20:57:29
Bump this response on Yahoo About Fox's deceptive practices 20:49:13
Idaho Needs Your Help! 20:47:52
Rand is the man! 20:40:36
James Turk - Short Squeeze in Silver Could Be the Big One-KWN 20:27:03
I like the New Black and Green Money Bomb Design 20:25:19
3 Top Recent Topics on Same Yahoo Article? 20:09:12
New ACU chief Al Cardenas puts Ron Paul on notice 20:05:52
Keiser Report: Welcome to Fakeville 19:58:42
CSPAN: Live House voting on the 2011 spending bill 19:48:17
Intellectual Grandfather of Peaceful Revolutionaries 18:48:36
LIBERTARIAN PUNK RAP - My new album for free download 18:15:42
Another victim of DPDS 17:41:41
Borders Books Goes Belly Up 17:32:23
Pay me my Silver now 17:29:28
Keiser Report: Welcome to Fakeville 17:12:30
Ron Paul on Yahoo Front Page piece on Fox News Misleading its Audience 17:11:53
WikiLeaks: China Flexed Its Muscles Using U.S. Treasuries 17:05:48
Adam Kokesh Chat Tonight 8pm EST 16:55:30
Thomas Sowell doubts ‘the entrepreneurial spirit’ will win out over ‘big government’ in America 16:42:45
Have You Seen This Straw Poll? 16:34:27
Geithner lets one slip... lol.. 16:31:31
Wisconsin Democrat lawmakers fled the state? 16:25:36
New ACU chief Al Cardenas puts Ron Paul on notice 16:20:36
March 29th, 2011: Stand for Deliver - 267 Silver Vigilantes 3M Troy Oz of Silver 16:01:51
Community Anti Terrorism Training Institute aka C.A.T. Eyes 16:01:29
Why is the Mainstream Media Scared of This Man? 15:56:29
*ALERT * Dr. Oz Today - Andrew Wakefield/Alex Jones? 15:54:41
RonFest 2011 15:52:39
Fox faces fallout over misleading footage before Ron Paul interview 15:48:45
Please empower me 15:33:05
AlJazeera: Pax Americana, Seymore Hersch - Middle East uprising against America colonialism 15:31:59
NO USA TODAY story on CPAC and it gets worse... 15:07:31
Wa BAM! Damn We're Good. On Yahoo Already "Fox faces fallout over misleading footage before Ron Paul interview" 15:06:15
Idaho House steps between federal mandates and constituents 14:59:51
RP & Perception Management 14:38:22
It's high time for "High Tide" 14:36:34
SHTF in Libya right now. Must See! Also Yemin, Iran, Bahrain... 14:28:53
Inside an Abortion Clinic-PBS Frontline (Video) 14:17:28
Freedom Law School's 2011 Freedom Conference Feb 18-21 2011 13:53:25
Haley Barbour Supports Amnesty 13:51:12
The cost of Liberation. (Reuters) - Iraq's capital wants the United States to apologize and pay $1 billion for the damage done 13:50:11
Helen Thomas - "You Can Call The President Anything You Want But You Can't Say Anything Against Israel" 13:42:37
Faux News CPAC lies are getting some press 13:41:33
99% Of Republicans In House Voted Against The Constitution 13:41:28
GOP Lawmaker Mike Beard Claims God Will Provide Unlimited Natural Resources 13:17:06
Banks come out swinging against new federal regulations on swipe-card fees 13:14:39
Reports of Silver Demise are an Exaggeration. 13:07:18
Congress APPROVES extension of Patriot Act provisions (279-143) 13:05:35
Breaking Video: Dennis Miller on Bill O'Reilly agrees w/Ron Paul on foreign policy. 12:59:05
Silver way up and it is options expiration. Very interesting 12:52:33
Breaking AOL News: Fox News Caught Running Old CPAC Footage After Ron Paul's Straw Poll Win? 12:37:08
Revolution Brewing in Wisconsin has Easy Solution 12:34:22
Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? 12:31:39
Helen Thomas - Obama Lacks Courage & He's NOT A Liberal! 12:17:44
Bernanke LIVE NOW! 12:13:08
Grassroots Foreclosure Fighting Seminars are Coming Your Way in Mass, Cali, Fla, NJ and Wash. 12:09:46
Reports of deaths and injuries surface in spreading Libyan protests 11:55:07
Helen Thomas Interview: I don't Have to Kowtow to a President 11:48:07
David Horowitz Confronted by We Are Change at CPAC 11:37:43
Tea Party Crashes: The Most Unpatriotic Act 11:35:29
Paul Craig Roberts: The Shame of Being an American 11:31:39
Libertarians Changing Conservative Landscape 11:25:37
National debt is new hot issue for evangelicals 11:04:48
Police in Bahrain Refuse Ambulances Access to Injured Protesters 10:54:39
Rep. Nugent Defends of PATRIOT Act Vote; 1787 Contributor John Baeza Responds 10:52:41
After surviving war in Iraq U.S. troops now being killed by Big Pharma 10:45:38
Alex Jones: Milestones of the impending Police State in The United States 10:43:08
Rand Paul book on sale 10:33:24
CPAC 2011: Tom Woods - Rollback 10:32:48
Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel and the Slow Death of Money 09:52:20
Breaking Gallup Poll: Unnamed Republican Tied at 45% with Obama 2012 09:47:16
If Dr. Paul Does NOT Get The Nomination 09:28:50
O'Reilly poll results thus far : Does Ron Paul have a chance to be President. Ron Paul now winning. 09:14:51
In major reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council 09:11:34
new money system to replace fed backed by silver 08:57:07
RT VIDEO: Pentagon Almighty- Defense Budget FAT, While Sick Economy Starving 08:45:42
Restoring Economic Sovereignty: The Push for State-Owned Banks 08:11:59
Getting Off Easy: Banks Could Escape Serious Punishment For Abusive Mortgage Practices 08:04:16
Family of autistic son speaks out (Mainstream video news report) 07:45:30
Bank of America Preys on Elderly Depositors 07:28:20
U.S. Agrees to Rebuke Israel 07:14:13
Some Fed Members Considered Cutting Easing on Inflation Fears 07:07:53
Liberal Justice Breyer: Other Side ‘Out to Lunch’ 07:04:52
Geithner: New York Will Remain at Center of Global Finance 07:01:20
Krugman: Stimulus Didn't Fail Because 'It Never Happened' 06:54:09
Colin Powell wants answers over Curveball's WMD lies 05:34:56
Question...elections 04:47:31
Why is Glenn Beck trying to take down Google now, and now I am totally confused 03:49:09
CNN: Iraqi informant admits to blatantly lying about Iraqi chemical weapons to get US to invade. 03:17:35
Ask John Stewart to Expose Fox News 02:49:35
Push-back Against RP on Reddit is Accelerating 02:46:05
Libertarian Punk Rap - Mason Moore Album for free download! 02:27:09
Jack Hunter and Thomas Woods at CPAC 2011 02:00:51
London Source - Asians Buying SLV to Take Delivery of Silver 01:25:12
Turk - Massive Short Squeeze in Silver, Gold to Hit New Highs 01:07:31
New Presidential Poll - Dr. Paul is in 3rd - Push him to the top! 00:36:48
Breaking News: Ray McGovern Brutalized & Left Bleeding by Hillary Clinton Police, “So this is America!” 00:27:52
Ron Paul, a Plane, a Pilot and Liberty pushing it thru the Air 00:12:51
"Shark Tank" web site accuses Ron Paul of busing in supporters to CPAC -- Leave a comment. 00:01:56