Posted on February 20, 2011

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Iceland President Again Says "No" to Repay $5B Debt: "Let the People Decide!" 18:23:16
Atlas Shrugged Trailer - Over 702,000 YouTube Views Since Feb 8. 17:00:29
After Winning CPAC Congressman Ron Paul Looks To 2012 12:01:25
Robert Paul for US Senate in Texas 2012 09:47:48
I'm considering switching parties - A Progressive's Case for Ron Paul 18:26:38
Weekend Watching: CPAC 2011 Liberty Forum Videos 11:07:14
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President's Day fun. Uncle Jay explains 23:49:49
In an interview with FOX 26 News, Steve Degner says Kristen started having seizures after her second DPT vaccine, then retarded 23:47:00
Classic Ron Paul - Ron Paul on Washington Journal (1999) 22:58:47
Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED. BBC Confirms. 22:39:13
George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu): speech on Japanese internment & civil rights 2/20/'11 22:25:54
Presidents' Day to Remember - Email From Ron Paul 22:21:24
Ron Paul Keynote / Straw Poll / National Tea Party Summit Phoenix Feb 26 22:10:53
Ben Stein's bad news about Food Inflation CBS 20FEB11 21:52:59
RT: Ron Paul's New Haters 21:20:22
30 Ways You Are Being Spied On 21:11:37
Senator Orrin Hatch Fears Same Fate As Egypt's Hosni Mubarak & 3 Term Senator Robert Bennett; Tries To Hug Tea Party To Survive 21:05:51
Ron Paul Headed To Arizona For A Tea Party Policy Summit And Its Being Billed As The Largest Grassroots Organization 20:47:17
Robert Paul Needs A Wikipedia Page Because This Ain't Him.. Who Will Help? 20:32:20
Mirrors... 19:07:39
CNN/ABC: Protesters Have Benghazi, Libya, Tripoli Protests Start, Gaddafi Leaves? 18:48:17
The Role of Terrorism by John Spritzler 18:29:19
Jordan Page New Album: Liberty 18:18:57
Could the US go bankrupt? 18:17:37
Banks, stealing from the poor to give to the rich 18:10:34
Ron Paul Celebration 17:59:32
Is Bernanke To Blame For The Rising Global Revolutionary Wave? 17:55:41
Judge Andrew Napolitano's 'Freedom Watch' on FOX News Tonight 17:48:57
Get healthy for the 2012 run and Molds insidious effects. 17:44:52
E. German Army Officer, now Oathkeeper, Refused to Obey Unlawful Orders, Brought Berlin Wall Down! 17:41:56
The Alternative Market Project: A Sneak Preview 17:24:36
~How To Fake An Economic Recovery 17:19:51
Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead -- Surprise, surprise! 17:16:11
I just noticed a possible easy free way to get Ron Paul's name out more 16:58:01
The Onion Spotted This Trend Early: 86% of Americans Don't Want a Government Anymore 16:55:05
I just noticed a possible easy free way to get Ron Paul's name out more 16:53:10
High-speed Rail Poll 16:03:10
Peter Schiff debates Doug Henwood 16:02:51
ShalomLife: US Military Support at Debate 15:14:47
Georgia HOPE Scholarship 15:12:19
Bix Weir...After the Crash: Silver $6,000 14:52:40
Update #2: 100,000 Protesting in Wisconsin; I have questions, again?? 14:50:40
Classic Ron Paul: "Computer surveillance seems appropriate for 1984" 14:36:59
[Video] Quotable Quotes From the Chosen Ones 14:31:37
Diet Coke sponsors 'heart health' initiative as if aspartame were good for you 14:14:11
Ron Paul speaks the truth about the war on drugs. 14:05:54
Is this school nurse breaking the law by purposefully not informing parents of religious exemption to vaccinations? 13:54:12
New Video Ron Paul: One Chance 13:27:07
How about a protest of our own? 13:27:07
SLASHDOT: The Feds (Repeatedly) Pay Tens of Millions of Dollars for (the Same) Bogus Spy Software 13:26:47
9/11 Truth: Steel Beam Vaporizing 12:10:41
Look at what is being advertised on WorldNetDaily. 12:05:02
Ron Paul Book~The Case for Gold ~NEW 2011 ed. $5.00 12:01:08
Even CNBC is propping up Gold money?? 11:54:41
British Petroleum Kills Gulf. Can we be far behind? 11:46:08
Revolution U: What Egypt Learned From The Students Who Overthrew Milosevic 11:29:36
Anybody hunt morel mushrooms? 11:29:33
Splitting/Cracking tomatoes 11:25:46
Rand paul Interview on PBS 2-15-11 11:16:38
"Freedom VS Liberty" rough draft. 09:58:03
High School Suspension leads to suicide after taking JW-018 09:54:21
Do you live in or near Maryland? 09:49:50
List what you would like to see the Tea Party, or new Congress, address while they're in office 09:30:06
Bloomberg Article on Campaign for Liberty's Work at CPAC 07:53:36
Shocker: Paul Volcker admits he attended Bilderberg meetings 07:36:55
IRC plug in? 06:41:11
A manifesto for those who respect property rights 05:51:39
Rand's Budget Has Zero Co-Sponsors. Should we do anything about that? 04:09:18
Minute to Midnight video 03:39:06
Republican Facebook Poll including Ron Paul and others 02:59:42
Judge behind ‘cash for kids’ scheme confronted by mother of victim 02:54:11
Only one candidate 00:38:18
Video: Ron Paul on Stossel 2/17/11 00:31:07
Montana House votes 63-39 to nullify Endangered Species Act 00:19:18