Posted on February 22, 2011

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Grammy Winning Artist Ray Stevens BLASTS the TSA in new single. Very, very funny! 20:36:03
Oil Price Jumps 8.5% in One Day: War is a Racket 20:23:46
Rand Paul Urges Kentucky to Call for Constitutional Convention 16:06:19
Politico: Ron Paul Revolution is "Alive and Well" 10:11:44
Ron Paul vs. The Machine at 10:03:29
Dover - Ron Paul Headed To New Hampshire 09:00:13
How many people are struggling financially here on Daily Paul, and who has job openings available to help them? 16:14:32
Liberty PAC 2011 President's Day Money Bomb Raises Over $700K! 11:06:36
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Who would the world elect President Of the USA..... 23:49:29
How many of you believe we will see 23:43:26
7 Foods So Unsafe Even Farmers Won’t Eat Them 23:26:19
The age-old struggle against vaccination: A rebuttal by Jennifer Craig, PhD; Suzanne Humphries, MD; and Sherri Tenpenny, DO 23:09:05
The True Meaning Of Romans 13-Parts 1 - 2 - 3 by Chuck Baldwin 22:52:27
I believe this site is no race, creed, religion, or whatever the hell you are, you are welcome as long as you believe in liberty 22:51:49
Let The Corruption Roll On! 22:50:40
Alex Jones Guest: Oil $200.00 22:08:49
What about the Tea Party? 22:04:16
Teachers Send your resume's to the Governor of Wisconsin - Bust the Union 22:03:11
Was the Presence of Thermite Reported in the New York Times? 21:40:27
Why the Republican Party Elected Lincoln 21:29:18
Amazing Joe Rogan Video on the Machine of War 21:23:26
PBS Frontline: The Revolution in Cairo - 9pm ET 21:08:25
Want to hear what CRAZY Harry Reid said today? You'll laugh! 21:01:40
Ron Paul exposes Pelosi on Iran/Israel 21:00:12
TSA Scanners Repeatedly Fail To Detect Handguns In Testing 20:30:54
Dr. Paul on the Randi Rhodes Show (2/22/2011) 20:27:00
Burning Down the House 20:26:23
Anyone know how to find libertarian attorneys in your state? 20:25:16
A fantastic Ron Paul video, only 22,314 views 20:25:01
Supreme Court and Pharmaceutical Terrorism 20:24:07
Video: Christchurch in Ruins After Earthquake 19:34:04
The Neocons Couldn't Wait to Bring Democracy to Iraq By Jack Hunter 19:12:16
South Dakota Sen. John Thune Says He's Not Running For President In 2012 18:39:47
Senator Rand Paul speaks to Kentucky lawmakers 18:38:35
CUFI Calls Out 'Small Isolationist Fringe' of Anti-Israel Support 18:31:22
Charity and Voluntarism: Time to Walk the Talk 18:19:04
Philip Giraldi: AIPAC Vetos U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements U.S. Casts the Actual Ballot 17:56:16
Wisconsin Capitol blocks pro-union website 17:42:55
US Foreign Policy is creating a New generation of Terrorists in Middle East - Jeremy Scahill 17:18:25
US condemns 'appalling' violence in Libya 16:53:05
Police State Amerika: $31 of pot gave mom a 10-year-prison sentence 16:42:48
MSNBC - Ron Paul Raises $700,000.00 Dollars In 24 Hours! 16:42:00
Assume the Position: History is Pop Culture (Video) 15:59:48
Wisconsin Haiku 15:46:14
Ron Paul: The FCIC is Central Economic Planning at Its Worst 15:37:59
Constitution-Connected Youth Choose Ron Paul 15:36:00
Is Herman Cain VP material for Dr Paul? 15:34:03
Handlers' beliefs affect explosive- and drug-sniffing dog performance 15:27:18
Typical American Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Hasn't Paid Mortgage in 17 Months 15:19:46
Online Privacy Rules Being Developed by the FTC 14:52:10
Ron Paul Toolbar 14:43:40
Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi: I'd still choose Obama over Ron Paul in 2012 14:39:48 Undercounting Stats/Traffic To My Website -- I am Fed Up 14:35:37
It isn't just Wisconsin... 14:31:04
Supreme Court In Vaccine Case Rules In Favor Of Big Phama 13:52:33
Spike Reported In Number of Stillborn Dolphins On Coast 13:49:04
Make your Ron Paul Revolution videos here!! 13:48:23
Court rules against parents in drug vaccine case 13:44:01
9/11 Experiments: Eliminate the Impossible 13:25:59
Communist China Embraces the Gold Standard 13:23:07
Keiser Report: Fed's Reign of Terror 13:20:04
Petraeus Accuses Afghan Parents of Burning Kids to Make US Look Bad 13:16:54
What's Lindsey Williams' big announcement going to be? 13:08:30
Ron Paul: The Time Magazine Interview 2009 (Kevin Tuma gets question in) 13:05:31
Census: 25% of Counties in American are Dying 12:53:32
???'s about repealing the 17th amendment 12:51:07
Ron Paul Supporters Show Him the Money ! 12:33:50
Public Empoyee Collective Bargaining -- Yea Or Nay? 12:32:52
Salute To The Brave People of Libya! 12:32:38
GOP We Don't Need No Stinkin' GOP 12:29:49
National Weather Agency Refutes Gore's Claim Recent Snowstorms Caused By Global Warming 12:27:28
CNN:Paul to return to New Hampshire for first time since '08 12:23:38
Florida Toll Road Sued for Holding Motorists Hostage 12:18:48
What day was the 2008 huge money bomb and how much was raised? Because!!!! 11:47:25
The Presidency and Mythology by Andrew P. Napolitano 11:44:10
Ending the Afghanistan War 11:39:01
11 year old arrested for stick figure drawing 11:17:54
My dream ticket in 2012.... Ron Paul / Fred Reed 11:16:04
America's Unsustainable Empire 11:01:22
Huff Puff Post: What Conservatives Really Want 10:54:43
The Fed is Wrong...Inflation has Arrived 10:41:25
Time Magazine online interview with Ron Paul 10:35:14
Freedom Watch 2-21-11 Presidents day special Tom Woods on the whole hour. 10:22:03
RP signs are up on I-70 in Mid MO with pictures 4-30-11 10:08:14
Herdshare Bill Needs Support in Massachusetts 10:03:22
Libyan "Oath Keepers" pay ultimate price. 09:31:21 -- Time to take the fight to the 'too big to exist' banking fraud industry 08:57:42
Can the States Roll Back Government to Prevent a Default? by Pat Buchanan 08:33:47
Federal, state and local debt hits post-WWII levels 08:23:40
Michigan orders Detroit to Close Half of its Public Schools Due to Deficit 08:18:03
USA TODAY Reporting on the Money Bomb 07:08:00
Act of war? US warships box in Iranian flotilla, delay Suez passage 07:06:44
Wisconsin for Ron Paul 2012 06:50:57
Did raising huge one day sums of money win us the election last time? 05:54:04
Ron Paul to be guest speaker at Republican Committee dinner on March 25 in Dover 05:25:30
Ultradestructive Megawatt Power-Navy's Death Ray Laser Breaks Another Record 04:27:22
Qadhafi's Son: America plans Libya invasion 04:09:17
Want to help, looking for some direction. 02:28:40
"Real Money Bomb" Donate a Dollar Thomas Jefferson's Birthday April 13th 2011 01:23:40
Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi: I'd still choose Obama over Ron Paul in 2012 01:13:20
SanFran to ban circumcision? 00:46:34
YAL / YAF Dispute on The Daily Caller 00:02:46