Posted on February 23, 2011

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Fake Silver Morgans Coming from China 23:22:46
Monsanto's Roundup Ready Crops Contain Organism Causing Animal Miscarriages, Scientist Says 20:20:06
AUDIO: Rand Paul on Hannity radio show 2/23/11 17:59:18
A Modest Proposal for Interposition 22:39:16
Video: KY Con-Con Hearings w/Rand Paul; Res. 134 Passed 7-4 11:55:56
British Cut Off Foreign Aid to 20 Countries. 10:40:01
ABC News: Rand Paul's 'The Tea Party Goes to Washington' 12:13:14
FDIC Said to be Considering $1B Lawsuit Against Former WaMu Execs 09:28:46
Ron Paul Interview w/Robert Scott Bell Today 08:52:44
After Spending on Dubious Technology, U.S. Invokes State Secrets to Keep Details Hushed 00:58:50
Providence, R.I. - All 1,926 teachers getting Pink Slip 00:56:07
Ron Paul's Bid to End Afghan War Funding Blocked by Tea Party Backed GOP Reps. 09:06:01
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Noreena Hertz: How to use experts -- and when not to 23:31:02
MSNBC: We Don't Serve Your Kind Here! Seattle Cafe Refuses To Serve TSA Agents 23:12:37
There are some people who still think the Tea Party is racist! 23:09:52
Thomas Sowell on Peter Schiff Radio 23:07:00
MSNBC: Hate Groups Across America 23:03:52
Joe Rogan's American War 22:23:32
WOW! How the Mid East Implosion is Going to Push Rand Paul to to Center of Everything? 22:06:32
Rand Paul: "I will vote to institute term limits" 21:46:33
I might need a loan, but what do you think? 20:44:24
Grand jury foreman removed - is Obama next? 20:36:41
"Southern Avenger" Jack Hunter LIVE online Q&A tonight 8pm 20:12:33
Chuck Baldwin's Latest Letter 20:08:04
We're not afraid anymore, Eminem Feat David Icke & Bill Hicks 19:01:55
Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies 17:50:06
Detroit Suburb to lay off entire fire department. 17:46:10
Yahoo News-"CIA spy" Davis was giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda, says report 17:39:16
CIA, "False Flags", Intrigue....! 17:38:13
The Federal Reserve - Ron Paul asks the question 17:27:58
Fast Way To Wake Up People! 16:57:15
Question about asparagus 16:45:44
Aid To Israel Needed: Gary Bauer 16:43:08
Ind. official draws fire for 'Use live ammunition' comment on Wis. protesters 16:36:42
I just published a book [IRL-RPG: Player's Guide] to teach other (nerds) how to manage their lives and finances 16:36:09
America Wake Up -- F** The Machine 16:28:08
Indiana official draws fire for 'Use live ammunition' comment on Wis. protesters 16:25:50
Eric Sprott: The Government Lied... There is No More Silver! 16:10:47
Mossad Operations Chief Admitted Planning 9/11 15:58:39
CNN: Ron Paul headlining major speech in New Hampshire 15:58:15
Democracy Versus Liberty 15:56:46
Two Term Indiana State Treasurer And Tea Party Candidate To Challenge Liberal US Senator Dick Lugar (RINO) In Indiana 15:48:54
Denninger: Bernanke, You Stupid Bastard 15:33:23
20¢ Oil/Liter from Recycle Plastic. "Made-in-USA" 20¢ oil 15:32:17
WI Senate Republicans to withhold Democrats' pay. Must return to pick up paychecks. 15:30:36
Hemp War Conspiracy - UFO TV Full Feature 15:24:09
David Koch Imposter calls/records chat with Wisconsin Gov. Walker 15:13:33
Libya's Gaddafi 15:09:04
Q&A Chat With Jack Hunter "Southern Avenger" Tonight 8 pm EST 15:08:30
Farmers Alert! (New Monsanto Contract) 14:59:37
Max Keiser Report : Chinese Law To Ban Reincarnation 14:57:12
Town Hall in Winter Garden, Fl with Rep. Daniel Webster 14:56:05
Libertarians & Local Government in 2012 14:35:39
Houston, We Just Hit $100 a Barrel 14:20:07
We Have The Power To Change America & The World 14:10:40
Colorado school district proposes vouchers for next school year 14:07:13
New Bretton Woods Summit for Global Monetary Architecture 13:57:51
It's time to get Mad as Hell! 13:52:22
The Police State Knows No Limits 13:51:10
Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi 13:33:41
Roughly 1/5 of Bahrain's Population Out in Protests 13:31:56
Seattle Business Refuses To Serve TSA Agents 13:29:29
"Strange?" 10th Amendment case heads to Supreme Court 13:00:45
Leave My Child Alone 12:45:08
Gadhafi Ordered Lockerbie Bombing, Ex-Minister Claims 12:37:26
Supreme Court Clears Way for Seat-Belt Lawsuits 12:35:55
Canadian Truckers - Thousands of violations in the US 12:25:58
Fannie, Freddie to collect mortgage firm penalties 12:24:05
Courage to Resist Organizes Rally for Bradley 12:17:49
What happened to Wikileaks & their Bank of America 'to be released' info? 12:00:04
Supreme Court hears greatest 10th Amendment case of all time, possible prelude to Obamacare 11:55:12
An idea & a video camera 11:51:31
Food stamps big money for JP Morgan Chase 11:47:41
An Idea & A Video Camera 11:45:16
Dem lawmaker on labor protests: 'Get a little bloody when necessary' 11:30:41
Sparking the revolution Rally-Up 11:30:22
Debate topic: destruction of the current governmental system 11:12:56
Can someone help me find the money bomb graph? 11:11:36
Eric Sprott: The Government Lied... There is No More Silver! 10:52:19
Crews of 2 Libyan warships mutiny. 10:37:54
Gates Foundation Controls Media Through Massive Journalism Grants 10:24:58
Senator Rand Paul's 'Tea Party Goes to Washington' Media Schedule 10:17:57
♪♫ This Must Be the Place (DP?) Talking Heads ♫♪♫ 10:07:49
Some Men Find Religion in Prison; Brian Aitken Found Liberty 09:40:09
Every Congress member to get Rand Paul's book 08:26:53
Implementation of state banks will end the Fed. 07:01:34
Tax Money for Fake Profiles 04:53:36
A late night/early morning message to all the protestors in Wisconsin 04:17:45
Why You Should Donate To MOX News 03:57:03
Full Reserve Banking 03:38:09
Sweden's shift from socialism - privatized Soc. Security, killed estate tax, school choice vouchers 03:15:09
RightHaven Causes Truth Website To Be Shut Down Using Frivolous Lawsuit 03:14:14
Anybody else concerned about gas prices? 02:27:20
Its the Patriot Act stupid... 02:08:34
Steve Jobs: Greatest President Ever! 01:36:58
Veterans Finding New Life In Organic Farming 01:11:33
The Path We Are On As A Nation 10:07:24
As Rahm Emanuel basked in election night glory late Tuesday, the mayor-elect of Chicago didn't need to reprise Robert Redford's 00:40:28
Ron Paul Can Dance!!! 00:15:08
Lindsey Williams and Alex Jones on Food and Gas Prices Sky Rocketing 00:13:07
Some thoughts I had on event organization and media attention. 20:00:26