Posted on February 26, 2011

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Ron Paul on Anti-War Radio 02/25/11 17:13:27
The Cartel-Fantastic Documentary about Education 04:22:32
Two videos: Harry Reid in 1995-1996 - I think we should audit the Federal Reserve! 11:52:06
Righthaven Shakesdown Alert: $150K from Autistic Blogger 13:19:00
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FIRST EVER! – Austinites outbid Police in gun buyback counter-program 23:23:38
Slashdot: US Justice Department Dug Up Reporter's Phone, Bank Records 23:11:46
Gaddafi 'losing grip' over Libya Demonstrators remain on the streets as leader's power may soon be confined only to the capital, 22:19:53
DEA to legalize marijuana only for ‘Big Pharma,’ NORML claims 22:17:39
Why Democracy? - by John Tyner 22:13:47
Has central banking been bad for the environment? 21:24:19
Run Ron Run!! 20:59:38
Michael Scheuer on C-SPAN2 Book TV now! 20:55:02
George W. Bush Nixes Denver Visit, Citing Invite To Assange 20:54:38
Turkey Slams US for Continued Use of Middle East as Pawns for Oil 20:45:09
Weare police the most abusive in New Hampshire? Attacks on journalists, abuse 20:21:52
Voting for Ron Paul at Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit 19:44:55
Go VOTE on the Virtual Poll for Ron!!!! 19:09:04
Italy fears up to 1.5 million North African migrants from North Africa 19:07:20
Max Keiser On the Edge: Global Insurrection w/Gerald Celente: 2-25 19:07:11
Journalist David Cronin attempts citizen's arrest on Israel's Foreign Minister 19:04:34
American Policy Summit: Blaming Fed, Ron Paul Predicts Deepening Economic Crisis in U.S. 18:55:29
Gingrich Talks Impeachment While Obama Defends Liberty By Nullifying DOMA. 18:23:45
From Washington to Reagan, adding $3.5 trillion to the debt took 200 years. Obama alone? 2 years 18:20:58
VIDEO: Rand Paul and Ron Paul mentioned on Jeopardy 2/25/11 17:27:48
extra brilliant sun 17:20:21
Measles Alert at Denver Airport 17:05:02
We Are All Patrick Henry! 16:51:41
The “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization J Street begins its annual conference 16:09:24
Even US Soldiers are Waking up to the New World Order 15:52:21
"Unplug the Signal" campaign 15:50:28
The Busking Project 15:43:42
Ann Coulter Tells Sarah Palin to Forget 2012 and Stick to Twitter 15:30:51
MY internet server or connection goes down regularly when I make a blast off comment. 15:24:06
Inside Job 15:06:44
Thank you von Mises 14:48:31
Escondido officer REFUSES to identify himself 14:32:47
King world news weekly metal wrap. 14:07:57
Excellent RT Interview: 'Gaddafi funds frozen, new dictators will be as corrupt as the old' 13:57:55
"Slavery and the rule of one person is finished – it's finished," 13:17:28
Video Washington Post - RP shares his vices 13:00:54
Yellowstone supervolcano about to blow? 12:44:01
Robert Fisk with the first dispatch from Tripoli - a city in the shadow of death 12:40:16
The Problem with Public Service Employee Unions 12:29:47
People are Angry, Unrest Spreading to the U.S. 12:27:51
Bernanke to Congress: We're Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think 11:57:40
SILVER... your once in a lifetime opportunity! 11:41:15
Devvy Kidd BLASTS Ron Paul 11:22:49
Mixture of CO2 and O2 Triggers Transformative Near- Death Experiences 10:37:11
Girl Scouts couldn't sell cookies without a permit 09:51:59
My Ron Paul 2012 Dream 09:36:40
War Über Alles by Paul Craig Roberts 08:22:13
Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers 07:45:51
Google and 'Secret' NSA Relationship 07:39:53
Did the Supreme Court Err in Holding the Legal Tender Laws Constitutional? 05:35:00
What's the story with SKF 04:22:37
Sheeple 03:27:34
So tell us... What exactly is a Con-Con, Who's In Charge, Who Attends, By Who's Authority Are Attendees Appointed? 03:23:57
Turk - Silver 03:19:12
Breaking: Iraq's largest oil refinery bombed and shutdown 03:00:34
Obama + Bush = 0 01:23:20
Video: A Must See On Corruption 01:13:42
Evolving Christian Attitudes Towards Personal and National Self-Defense - David Kopel 01:06:04
Death Certs 00:58:17
where have all the Bobby Prechter dollar bulls gone? 00:02:25