Posted on March 7, 2011

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Rand Paul and Mike Lee on the Glenn Beck Show w/ Judge Nap 20:18:22
Dick Morris on the Peter Schiff Show: Ron Paul "horrific," drug tests for all high school students - LOL! 13:11:34
Ron Paul on Lew Rockwell Podcast: Is Ron Running in 2012? 11:34:32
New Video: "Got Liberty?" 01:53:54
CBS News: ATF Agent Admits he was Ordered to Allow Weapons into Mexico 12:09:35
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That the Founding Fathers didn't envision today's society when writing the 2nd Amendment 23:50:45
Listen to what I have to say for an hour and I will give you a hundred dollars. 23:38:39
Young Americans for Liberty at UCF Feed the Politically Homeless 22:37:52
Just had to :-) 22:31:39
The Southern Avenger was just on "The Judge".. 21:23:50
Alex Jones defends Jews against Anti-Semetic caller. 21:18:21
Should America be a Christian Nation ? 20:51:35
Fox considering cutting Glenn Beck loose? 20:31:19
Bradley Manning Now "Catatonic"; Obama ENOUGH! 20:27:59
Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d'Etat in Libya? 20:17:48
NEED HELP! Need logo or graphic for 4x4 Metal Sign 20:04:38
Rolling Stone: "Everything's f***** up, and nobody goes to jail" - Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? 19:49:51
NYPD Helicopter 17-min video of 9/11 attack surfaces (graphic content) 19:15:06
Obama: Military Options in Libya Being Considered 18:56:41
Paul leads off busy day in Iowa caucus politics 18:29:40
Google: We are not a US foreign policy tool 18:26:45
Letter To Bradley Manning & The Whole Human Race 18:22:33
General Petraeus And Secretary Gates Joke About Attacking Libya 18:09:21
Snow Keeps Rep. Ron Paul from Delivering Dordt Lecture 17:42:57
Dick Morris Calls Ron Paul 'Horrific,' Peter Schiff Show 17:17:28
Is Ron Paul Running for President in 2012? Lew Rockwell Show 3/6/11 16:44:40
Ultimate Gardening System? 15:53:58
Silver Shocker - By: Theodore Butler 15:52:22
Labor dispute turns voters against Wisconsin governor. 15:36:05
Judge Nap covering for GB all week, plus Freedom Watch 15:29:25
Ron Paul 2012: Congressman Drops Biggest Hint Yet That Presidential Campaign Is Likely 15:28:42
U.S. Aid to Libya Grows by $15M More; Total $25M 15:25:55
Message to Ron: Stop Calling US an Empire! 14:54:06
UK's Guardian: Don't Forget Bradley Manning 13:59:01
Does The False History Matrix Have You Under It's Power? 13:53:46
Save lives! Walk away from mortgage! 13:50:07
It's Time For Sensible Marijuana Laws 13:35:11
Why the Corporate Income Tax (or just revenue) needs to go up: simple math 13:24:45
NRO/Gallup: 'No GOP Frontrunner Yet" Lies! 13:23:03
Ron at Dordt College, Iowa - Cancelled 13:14:42
Supreme Court Rejects Birther Case 13:09:49
Peter DeFazio's Oregon Democratic party machine, out to destroy careers and research works of Art Robinson's children 13:03:44
The Torture of Bradley Manning 12:52:15
Liberty & Production Radio - Tom Woods Interview 12:38:26
Dick Morris on Peter Schiff show - Ron Paul bad b/c he wants to end war on drugs and terror 12:31:45
One More Jobs Mirage - Paul Craig Roberts 12:27:42
US Mint reducing silver bullion to dealers due to lack of inventory 12:24:47
Fox News should remove Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin 12:19:54
Politico subjects blantant bias against Ron Paul- fails to mention that he's attending the Faith and Freedom Coalition event 11:48:34
Watch Ron At Dordt College in Iowa at 10A Central Today 11:38:11
U.S. Wavers on 'Regime Change' . 11:22:03
Phil Moffett: Nullification to Help Kentucky Farmers, Hemp Freedom 11:03:11
Making the Chicken Run by Doug Casey 10:58:13
Glenn Beck has become the tip of the spear for Muslim hatred. 10:54:28
Thanks Lenny & Thomas 10:45:47
America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels 10:31:30
Freedom and Liberty From a Different Angle.. 10:02:20
My Letter To The Editor 10:01:50
Banks Receive Proposal That Could Make Principal Write-Downs Mandatory 09:32:10
Michael Moore in Wisconsin: America is Not Broke 08:23:14
Circumcision 07:53:43
Beautiful observation by Judge Napolitano: "War, peace and the struggle for freedom." 06:39:27
Uh oh, now they've gone and done it; the Fed has upset Mom. 06:15:36
Clinton Obama Sit On Hands As U.N. Sneaks Into (America's) Backdoor To Pass The UN Small Arms Treaty; Rand Paul Says Hell No! 04:16:26
Chinese Government to Allow Marketplace to Set Their Interest Rates! 03:58:33
Scary surveillance potential, still amazingly cool technology. 01:55:49
Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a swipe at Ron 01:26:40
Is Ron Paul Running for President in 2012? 01:05:23
Anonymous whistleblower exposes Righthaven ethics violations 00:15:59