Posted on March 12, 2011

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iPad price remark gets Fed's Dudley an earful 10:43:12
James Rickards defends Ron Paul against bureaucrat Fed official's "Pinhead" statement 06:10:16
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Anyone know what the loser Hank Paulson is up to, he has been off the hook for awhile, I think it would be nice to reintroduce 23:52:44
We all need to boycott Righthaven newspapers 23:10:57
Utah Signals Dollar Distress - Forbes 22:23:11
US Department of Justice Website Changes 22:11:14
Straw Poll 21:28:10
ICE Arrests Man for 'Linking' 20:32:44
Hillary involved in gold smuggling? 20:18:09
America: Freedom to Fascism (140,000 views since uploaded to youtube 1 year ago) 20:09:38
Opinion: It’s time to rein in the Fed and all its excesses 19:17:02
No Audit! - The Fed. Void Where Patriotic. 18:48:58
Challenge to Libertarians to oppose Scott Walker, Koch Bros. 18:36:25
Will the Fed play a key role in 2012 election cycle? 18:05:26
To Whom Is The World In Debt? 17:49:23
Urban Dictionary calls Rand Paul "racist" 16:00:59
PLEASE, vote in this poll, I need your votes! 15:02:33
Update - Arab League wants Libya no-fly zone at $300M/wk; Gates: "We can do it." 14:22:32
The world can't afford to keep paying for these disasters 13:06:52
Help me create a website for my business 12:45:36
Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst: “Major War” Coming End Of 2012 12:27:03
How does the Fukushima-Daiichi potentially compare to Chernobyl 12:12:08
Daniel Hannan: A European's Warning to America 11:35:33
Aid to Isreal won't be cut 11:27:04
Neocon Teaparty Prez Poll - Vote for RP 11:09:14
Austrian Scholars Conference *LIVE* from the Mises Institute 930am-6pm Central 11:05:06
Explosion at Japan Nuclear Plant, Disaster Toll Rises 10:46:06
King World News weekly metals wrap . Must listen 10:43:53
Daniel Ellsberg: This Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning 10:40:34
Was The Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake In Japan A Sign That The Ring Of Fire Is Coming To Life? 10:22:37
What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out? 10:12:56
Atlas Shrugged Movie Ranked #1 at Eventful 10:08:47
Substantial Budget Cuts Forcing Major Layoffs Throughout Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies In Houston /Harris County, Texas Area 09:39:28
Second Amendment in Iowa 07:58:18
Please Help Iowa! 07:49:34
Rep. Mica: TSA Inflated Cost of Private Screeners 07:05:32
GOP Seeks "Morning Joe" Scarborough to Run in Florida 06:46:09
ooma 06:33:22
Japan declares emergencies at 5 nuclear units 06:21:37
Japan Reactor Fuel Rods May Have Begun to Melt 06:19:28
Explosion at Japan nuke plant, disaster toll rises 06:16:13
If Ron Paul would be President, whould he help Bradley Manning? 05:24:23
How to Balance the Budget on a Cocktail Napkin 04:27:52
"Domestic Terrorist" popping up all over the news... 04:19:23
The LAST WORD on CCTV 02:48:03
Unconstitutional arrest made by montana troopers 01:56:26
Florida Toll booths asking for ID when you pay with $20 or more! 01:42:15
Set me straight ok. 01:01:12
Toilet Talk on Freedom Watch (and Sarah Palin says we need more Pauls in Congress) 00:41:27
World Disasters and God (and politics) 00:30:13
Mandatory Breathalyzer To Drive Your Car? 00:27:53
Hawaii, West Coast 36 Hrs From Radiation If Japan Nuke Melts 00:12:41
Sheriff’s Dept. Confirms Real ID Drivers Licenses Now Part Of Facial Recognition System 00:11:32