Posted on March 13, 2011

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Amazing interactive before & after pictures of the tsunami effects in Japan 15:04:03
WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning 14:53:05
Judge Andrew Napolitano: Revolution is Duty of the People 14:49:57
Ron Paul in the Garden with Family 13:44:07
Breaking: Hacker To Release Documents Monday Proving Bank Of America Committed Fraud 12:06:21
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Alaska militia "leader" arrested. $3 million bail set. NEW update Mar.15! 23:50:57
VIDEO: another reactor (#3) BLOWS 23:48:11
The Story of A Little Girl (True) 22:17:47
Put a national debt clock on the Senate and House floors. 21:27:06
Passing along upcoming money bomb dates 20:56:52
So should we be surprised ? 20:43:46
Ron Paul: "The war is on" Libya no fly zone 20:02:03
Why the "Tea Party" was necessary 19:37:56
Why Obama's Policies are Worse than Bush 19:14:02
Justice Department Investigating Foreclosures On Military Families 18:43:26
Michael- Why do I keep getting logged out when I do a forum search? 18:03:41
Sarah Palin - a "big fan" of the Ron and Rand Paul family? (Freedom Watch w/ Judge Nap) 18:03:07
Continuing NEWS on Japan's MELT DOWNS - Sunday and Monday w/Alex Jones 18:02:11
Humanity is doomed ! 17:04:01
Please! Ron Paul 2012! Spread This Video! 17:00:51
Hacker Group Anonymous Brings Peaceful Revolution To America: Will Engage In Civil Disobedience Until Bernanke Steps Down 16:32:36
Earthquake Newsgasm Tsunami... - FKN Newz 16:23:43
Ron Paul on Unions and Collective Bargaining 16:16:21
Free Bradley Manning NOW! 16:09:04
Print Media = Garbage 15:56:50
No Wonder the Media Hates Charlie Sheen - He's Been Exposing Their Lies on 9/11. 15:22:33
Weekend Reading People born in the States are NOT "citizens of the United States" 14:48:44
Saturday Protest In Portugal 14:13:20 - time to take the fight to the to big to exist banking fraud industry 14:07:22
Weekend Watchers Blog 13:53:53
End the Fed - American Dream Vid (Simply Awesome!) 13:52:46
Holy grail of solar hot water heating on the cheap - UPDATED 12:40:45
Here's your future 12:14:54
Organic weed control? 11:17:13
The Silver Door Is Closing 11:05:43
New Energy Technology 10:44:09
U.S. Government Wins Access to Twitter Accounts of WikiLeaks Supporters 09:04:08
Donald Trump about to get Paul-verized 08:57:36
Ron Paul - Wildest Dreams... 05:59:23
And more domestic terrorists! 05:49:19
A Progressive-Libertarian is a Contradiction 03:11:53
The Street/Radio Interview - Ron Paul Predicts Hyper-Inflation: "Dollar Will Be Rejected..." 01:25:56
Channeling God, The Founding Fathers, and Ron Paul on November 2nd, 2010 01:25:03
Michelle Bachmann is a LOOOOOSER... 01:16:43
National Fusion Center Conference March 15-17 Denver 00:38:05
Anonymous calls for Ben Bernake to resign!! 00:36:22