Posted on March 14, 2011

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SA@TAC - Peter King's Radical Ignorance 22:32:31
Wikileaks billboard going up in Los Angeles via supporters' pledges... 17:16:12
Ron Paul supporters already out in force for 2012 Republican nomination 15:39:20
Ron Paul: No-Fly Won't Fly Constitutionally 14:31:51
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Asian Markets Meltdown: Nikkei -11% Dow futures DOWN 250 23:10:02
Georgia GOP Chair talks about Ron Paul people and national politics 23:08:25
Alex Jones Show - Gerald Celente - Japan Nuke - 2011 03 14 22:55:18
How the Americans Saved Civilization. 22:48:48
Michigan bill to impose "financial martial law" 22:43:38
Update Surgeon General: Buying Iodine a "Precaution;" Potass. Iodide Runs Low 22:30:21
The Commercial Heritage and Contribution of Islam 22:15:50
Freest country in the world: Denmark (?) 21:53:28
They'll Put His Face Anywhere 21:29:03
If this is the future, I am not sure I am liking it 21:22:23
Banks force more credit on consumers 20:54:37
Ron Paul 2012 20:04:11
POLITICO: Ron Paul supporter files FEC complaint against Trump 19:42:23
'Tide is turning against raising debt limit' 18:58:03
Campaign for Liberty Raised $6.5 Million in 2010 18:57:16
We need to fight over there, so that they won't bring the fight here. 18:36:47
Poems Calling For Freedom - Love - Peace 18:32:41
Judicial Watch to testify on Hill about Obama transparency 18:31:40
Ron Paul's Liberty PAC Raised $1.1 Million in the Past Month 18:14:32
Economic Sugar Rush - BullionVault 17:33:55
Wikileaks billboard going up in Los Angeles via supporters' pledges... 17:17:06
Mass honeybee deaths now occurring worldwide 17:16:52
The Return of the Witch-Hunters, An old pattern reasserts itself, by Justin Raimondo, 17:00:28
Totalitarian State of America, by RP supporter Vox Day 16:49:04
Glenn Beck Advertisement on the top of Daily Paul! Cha-ching! :) 16:31:54
Retroactive Drug Monopoly Raises Rates From $10... To $1,500 per dose! 15:51:41
Japan - Three Nuclear Reactors In Meltdown 15:32:28
Save the planet? 14:53:40
*UPDATE* Oregon Democrats Attack Art Robinson’s Children. Please Help. 14:47:53
Live Conference Stream: Japanese/ English on current state of reactors 13:57:07
Amish Hoping Ill. changes Policy on Gun Rules 13:35:34
Compassion: The Elixir of Life? 13:13:45
Asteroid 2005 YU55 To Approach Earth Nov 8 2011 13:10:54
Japanese earthquake could be replicated in Washington State 13:07:18
Is The Big One About To Hit California? 13:05:04
Internet will soon be top choice to get news in America as it overtakes newspapers for first time 13:04:27
Kudlow on Japan Quake - "Be Grateful Human Toll Much Worse than Economic Toll" 12:56:55
Derry Brownfield Dies at 79 12:50:32
"Who represents the greatest threat to the US?" - Dumbfounded Senate Intelligence Committee 12:41:49
Add New Laws? 12:36:37
Frustrated Crowd To NY Fed Chief: 'I Can't Eat An iPad' 12:26:07
Daylight Savings Adjustment Increases Risk Of Heart Attacks 11:23:53
The Earth, Creation Itself, Longs to be Freed from the 'Curse'! 11:08:02
How is N.D. Banking system good? 10:43:56
Trying to understand how subsidies work 10:33:42, Japan earthquake video collection 09:59:11
Raymond Davis and why The US is trying to take over Pakistan so they can circumvent China and Russia in the global resource war 09:58:32
Forbes Mag: You Call It Inflation, I Call It Theft 09:55:28
BofA Offers to Help Fix Mortgages...If You're a State Legislator 09:49:32
The Silver Door is Closing 08:43:44
Read Them and Weep: Japan central bank feeds markets money after quake 08:43:26
The designer of the robot dragonfly 08:41:41
Hit the Ground Running 07:46:21
Several elements contribute to increasing price of oil and gas 03:35:57
mods a little help here! 03:07:51
Buying a 99¢ taco with 1 ounce gold coin (worth $1400) 02:59:03
Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a simple and accurate explanation 02:18:46
Japan in economic shutdown: Bank of Japan floods country w/$184B 02:08:38
Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan passes through Radioactive Cloud | NYT 3/13/11 01:13:41
Thoughtful Commentary on our Current Society 00:24:35
Round up Ready alfafla, and how to possibly stop it. 00:13:44
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/14/11: Stay Out of Libya! 00:05:44