Posted on March 17, 2011

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Rand Paul Introduces Five-Year Balanced Budget 14:17:27
Bloomberg: Bernanke in Testimony Can Show Ron Paul How QE2 Works 08:03:27
White House wants new Copyright Law Crackdown 06:46:51
4/7/2011 Wave of Love is in motion! 15:24:16
Righthaven vs. Michael Nystrom / Daily Paul DISMISSED by Federal Judge 14:30:30
Dr. Paul Hearing on CPI and Inflation March 17, 2011 12:21:14
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Video of abrupt chemtrails today. 23:42:23
Libyan rebels in Benghazi celebrate UN's historic no-fly zone 23:03:31
Brian Hill being gagged to the teeth because of lawsuit 21:35:35
Good Movie 20:43:20
WTP propose starting a Constitution Lobby 20:21:26
CBS News: Signs mount that Huckabee won't enter 2012 race 20:07:58
UN Authorizes Strikes on Libya 19:26:52
Ron Paul renews uphill push to abolish Fed 19:21:50
When the Crackdown Comes, Jump Straight to 911 Truth in the Streets 19:03:01
Saint Patrick's Battalion 18:44:22
A Very Enlightening Read: "Cultural Marxism: The Doom of Language" 18:35:10
On Saturn's Largest Moon, It's Raining Methane 18:22:24
* Rep. Paul renews uphill push to abolish Fed 18:18:29
I am not good at making videos, but I made one, because this is important. 17:40:11
‘They're leaving us to die': Mayor of town near stricken Japanese nuclear plant claims his people have been ‘abandoned’ 17:34:59
Hacktivist group known as 'Anonymous' puts Fed on notice, calls for Bernanke to resign. 16:44:35
California quake imminent? 16:35:59
Gonzalo Lira:I Think Today Is The Day The Dollar Breaks Down 16:16:14
Financial Sense Newshour interview with Tom Woods 3-16-2011 16:10:52
TSA agent caught stealing. Gee, what a surprise! 16:07:57
Keiser Report: Mad Mob vs Midwest Mubaraks (E130) 16:01:26
Pence: Boehner will 'denounce' Tea Party critics in GOP 16:00:20
Need a good JET STREAM link to find out where it is going (can't find any good sites) 15:31:16
Dollar tipping point in a few weeks - Jim Rogers 14:48:08
POLL: Do you approve of the job Gov. Walker is doing? 14:42:57
Video: Montanans Speak Out Against DEA Raids of State Medical Marijuana Providers 14:37:02
Sarah Palin to Visit Israel Next Week 13:58:08
Alex Jones Show has been covering the Japan Nuclear Meltdown story all week! 13:56:46
Operation: Keep the Change 13:36:48
Apple IPhone Software Loses Speed Test to Google’s Android 12:59:22
Live Now - Senate debating spending bill 12:27:07
Ben Bernanke To Teach Economics To Ron Paul 12:23:19
Santa Monica CA radiation monitor readings 11:47:07
The Wayseer Manifesto - Are You a Wayseer? 11:22:55
Phil Moffett talks FDA Nullification on the Robert Scott Bell Show 11:21:58
Bradley Manning’s visitor: ‘I have watched my friend degrade over time’ 11:18:15
I just did an iodine test on myself 11:05:09
Kucinich Demands Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Afghanistan by End of Year 11:05:01
Guest Post: How the NY Fed Gifted An Extra $15.7 Million To Wall Street Yesterday 10:56:11
Video: Marijuana Legalization Hearing in Washington State 10:52:23
U.S. Drone Strike Kills 38 in Pakistan 10:48:21
Ohio Town Sees Public Job as Only Route to Middle Class 10:39:18
World food supply threatened by Japan nuclear radiation 10:21:06
Japan's Broken Window 10:13:51
Natural Iodine Sources Radiation Detox Superfoods 10:11:27
Obama Pressing for a “Shock and Awe” Mortgage Mod Program, 3 Million in 6 Months 09:59:53
Welcome to Debtors' Prison, 2011 Edition 09:15:02
Two Michigan Democrats were charged for allegedly forging paperwork in their attempts to get fake Tea Party candidates on ballot 08:37:21
Washington is "quite open" to the gradual development of a global reserve currency run by the IMF 08:35:50
Do you have a right to threaten George? 08:23:48
House Votes to Rescind $1 Billion in Neighborhood Stabilization Grants 08:22:15
Julian Assange: the Internet was the "greatest spying machine the world has ever seen" and an obstacle to free speech. 08:20:38
Walter E. Williams defends Rand Paul from Maddow mischaracterization... 07:58:26
Trump Ready to Spend $600 Million on 2012 Run 07:51:50
SIGTARP Special Agent Contacts ANONYMOUS: Plans to Investigate Bank of America for HAMP Fraud 07:17:48
Another Ron Paul Critic at the Fed: "I Know Some Powerful People" 07:03:41
Rep. Bartlett (R-MD) says Americans Should Abandon City Life as Civil Unrest is Imminent 07:00:27
Poll 06:40:15
LA Times: Small amounts of radiation will hit California on Friday 03:48:57
Real ID: They never stop 03:18:36
Rand interviewed by African American Conservatives (audio) 03:05:26
Are you kidding me?! Bloomberg: Bernanke in Testimony Can Show Paul How QE2 Works in Markets 02:50:45
Silver - backwardation eases, yield curve still inverted 02:38:54
Ron Paul comes in second in WorldnetDaily poll. 01:43:36
Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty 01:41:11
Rep. Conyers (D) confirms Obamacare is path to socialized healthcare (Peter Schiff show) 01:27:05
It's the "end times" for sure... 01:23:58
Credit and Debit Cards are not accepted at our County offices 00:38:35