Posted on March 18, 2011

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Creator of the Liberty Dollar Found Guilty 19:03:23
I will be speaking at the next Glenn Beck inspired 9/12 meeting... need topics! 19:10:02
Ron Paul: Libya Reaction: Where's the Authority? 16:16:29
Signs Mount that Huckabee Won’t Enter 2012 Race 07:15:38
We are going "to war" in Libya 07:59:53
U.S. House Floor: Ron Paul on Afghanistan 03/17/11 09:39:46
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What RIGHTS do you have? 23:58:39
Good article about why Ron Should be president in 2012 for masses 23:44:27
Bruce Fein: Libertarian or Socialist? 23:05:28
for aphrodite/heart attack/ cholesterol 22:06:14
Is the social security number a license to engage in interstate commerce? 21:19:51
Tea Party Nation is with us on this Libyan War 21:01:56
The Purposes of the United Nations are... 19:52:05
Update: Why you should always trust your doctor. 19:15:10
Dr. Ron Paul will appear on Huckabee 18:44:24
"Beware The Fake Fallout Map" 17:50:40
Liberty Dollar Founder Reportedly Found Guilty 17:48:48
Takeaction: Quick "Hi" from Costa Rica.......Dream Collapse 17:40:20
Ron Paul Says Kill Foreign Aid CIA 16:59:36
Detoxify or Die: Natural Radiation Protection Therapies 16:54:52
Government Solutions Are Anti-Intellectual 16:14:25
oh look a spin of what rand paul wants to do. nuclear. 15:52:16
Bernanke Gets to Them Before We Did 15:45:22
Jesse Ventura - American Conspiracies: Carroll Quigley, global feudalism, Bilderberg 15:33:58
Awesome Site on Food Storage & Preservation Techniques 15:03:06
Judge issues temporary restraining order for Wisc. law 14:55:10
South Carolina public school entry requires I.D. scan: I did not comply period! 14:44:25
Phil Moffett picks up support from Trevor Lyman! 14:31:02
Wall Street Tool Mitt Romney's Cold Blooded Response to 80 lb Medical Marijuana Patient 14:08:05
Nice Video Interview with Rand Paul by Reason 13:54:09
John Stossel: Save black America by ending the drug war 13:49:35
Lost cause?: Fukushima may be buried under concrete 13:40:23
The Goldstone Report: Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict 13:34:28
An Introduction to Ron Paul & the Media: Integrity vs. Corruption 13:18:19
The State of the Economy - jzneff's point of view 13:12:07
Potassium Iodide available at Infowars store online NOW! 12:57:10
Just a heads up 12:25:29
Northwestern University study claims by 2017 Oklahoma and Louisiana could be the first states to become insolvent 12:14:18
Evidence of Cover-up Mounts as Faked Safety Reports, Prior Accidents Come To Light- Japan 11:53:42
Hey Ron...what gives? 11:45:38
Which is Cheaper? Wars, or... Entitlements.... 11:45:09
CA City Worker Jumps to Death from being Laid Off 11:37:19
The Canada Bubble? 11:29:02
Trey Grayson interview RE: Rand Paul and Phil Moffett! 10:55:24
Communicating Liberty to Progressives and Liberals 10:38:47
Hit the streets on March 19 to Resist the War Machine 10:30:41
Kudlow On Japan: "The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that". 10:30:18
Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC): says Republicans should push to end the Afghan war 10:23:09
NY Fed confirms intervention in currency markets 3/18/11 AP 09:39:32
“Wake up Call” Rally and March 09:16:46
One Million Dead Iraqis Based on a Lie! 09:04:16
Phil Moffett: Name that Kentucky money pit 09:02:33
Newsmax: Ron Paul Renews Uphill Push to Abolish Fed 08:52:03
Can America prosper with different ethnic make-up? 08:49:10
Buy rice and beans. 07:47:31
Behind Administration Spin: Bailout Still $123 Billion in the Red 07:46:31
MOX plutonium fuel used in Fukushima's Unit 3 reactor two million times more deadly than enriched uranium 07:44:20
Geologist Predicts Major N. America Earthquake Imminent 07:41:45
Ex-Goldman Banker Behind 'Smear Campaign' Against Elizabeth Warren 07:19:16
As The Fed says There is No Inflation, the Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High 07:11:25
NH, RI, NJ buck trend, propose Cigarette Tax Cut 06:35:02
Our Enemy, the Fed by Ron Paul 06:21:47
The Rising Irrelevance of Obama by Patrick J. Buchanan 06:12:23
Project Gunrunner - The Criminality of the ATF 05:18:20
[Voluntary] Military Evac. from Japan [of dependent US citizens by US military] Confirmed! Women and children first! 3-17-2011 04:03:30
Robert Wenzel: Central Banks to manipulate currency market Today 01:23:19
i just got a Amazon Kindle and want some suggestions 01:21:24
Andrew Maguire a fraud? 00:25:31
Would the "Tea Party" Exist Without the Daily Paul? 00:22:16
Israel Boycotters Missed Important Info Here 00:19:45
End: Civ (Based on Endgame by Derrick Jensen) 00:04:25
Cashing in old 401K's 00:03:35
10 Things We Can Work Together On 00:02:26